Best Custom ROMs for your Android in 2021

The most loveable thing about Android is that it is an open source project. That’s means it’s inviting many developers in their Android community. Its Android developer community is very big, or also it has the ability to develop custom ROMs. This custom ROM based on the Android source code given by Google. The main reason behind why mostly people love custom ROMs is that when any company lunch its devices its drop its support after two years. In other words, the custom ROM keeps your device active and refresh in the Android world.

Mostly people want to use their smartphone for many years. They can only up-to-date their Android with Custom ROMs. Custom ROMs also gives you opportunity to find brand new designs and many offer brilliant features.

Best Custom ROMs for your Android

Keep in your mind one thing for installing a custom ROM; you have to an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery, which is present on Google Play store as well. You firstly make sure about to create a backup before proceeding futher. 

Searching for a good custom ROMs for your Android, you need to know its manufacturer codename; you can also get it through GSM Arena or Wikipedia.

So, here are five Best Custom ROMs for your Android.


LineageOS came in place of CyanogenMod ROMs; CyanogenMod ROMs dominate the Android hacking, which is built similar principles of security, and customizability.

LineageOS ships with Privacy Guard tool to control what applications can be getting. Customization tools also help to increase LineageOS productivity, with ROMs which are available for your phones or tablets. In LineageOS more than 20 manufacturer’s devices are support here, such as Sony, LG, Asus, and Samsung.

Note one thing LineageOS versions not sync with Android and AOSP. So, LineageOS 17 is good for Android 10.

 Resurrection Remix

An Android ROM Resurrection Remix pushes customizability towards stability, fastness, and security. Resurrection Remix provides the air updates and more friendly optimized with your Android’s battery.

Resurrection Remix supports support of more than 80 devices for Android 10. In simple words, you’re almost going to find a Resurrection Remix version that runs on Android or tablet.


 crDROID is the most famous Android ROMs. While others ROMs in the list based on AOSP, while crDROID based on LineageOS ROMs. However, many customizations are added to differentiate crDROID.

Four various versions are available; crDROID 4, 5, 6, or 7, these versions are equivalent for Android 8, 9, 10, or 11. You can discontinue old versions; or you can install new version crDROID 6 on more than 85 devices, and crDROID 7 on more than 30 devices.

crDROID is an incredibly customizable Android ROM, with interface navigation elements, status bar, and so more.


OmniROM is a solid or stable ROM that has many tweak packages. Just like LineageOS, it is a CyanogenMod fork, and its main focus on privacy.

Selecting OmniROM results in a de Googled Android experience, although many Google Applications packages can be easily installed. The old versions official device list of OmniROM is very long, with more than 10 devices under recent development. Some of them are OnePlus 7 Pro, ASUS ROG Phone 3, and Zenfone 6.

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience supports more than 10 manufacturer’s phones, Pixel Experience promises to deliver a Pixel like experience to non-Pixel handsets.

It’s based on AOSP; the ROM has all the Pixel features such as icons, fonts, launcher, and wallpapers and so more with maximum security. Code can be seeing on GitHub, and its development team also takes donations by PayPal.

Pixel Experience is present with all new and old versions of Android. There is also an extra edition that is limited to some certain devices. This boost up additional features such as new default camera and hidden screen recorder.

From which place you can find Custom ROMs?

Mostly ROMs are released on many various models; more work goes on them to ensure its compatibility.

This needs a group of developers to take part in each project. Very Small money is involved beside ads in these websites or donations also added in the XDA-Developers forums.

This is the point to get ROMs to your device, which has a dedicated page. Check all the features before downloading any ROM go now and enjoy your good Android experience!

Feel your Android New by a Custom ROM

We discuss five best Android ROMs, but there are many more. You need to try more than one to find the suitable for you. Check different videos, feature lists, and screenshots before selecting. You also talk with the corresponding Developers for your phones ROM.

Custom ROMs that you pick up should be having great features and take you’re Android into a new world. And if you need to upgrade your Android more quickly than your device manufacturers refresh roadmap.

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