Best Accessories for your MacBook Pro

Today The Apple MacBook Pro is the most useful laptops. This is especially for iPhone users, who want the seamless integration between their iOS and macOS. While the hardware has Apple’s trademark user centric design, there’s still space for more improvement.

If you need to take your MacBook Pro to the next level, then you should invest in the best MacBook Pro accessories available below.

Apple IPad Air (4th Generation)

The Apple iPad Air is the best MacBook Pro accessory.  Advanced iPads also support the Sidecar function, which permit its user to use iPad as a second screen for MacBook Pro. If you sign into an iPad by your Apple ID, then you can keep iPad with your laptop and transfer applications between these two displays.

It’s not only improving your productivity, you can also use company’s Handoff function. You can use this Handoff feature when you are working on your laptop and need to continue this work while out pick up it where you left off on your iPad. The reverse permitting you to start your task on a mobile and then seamlessly transition it over to your MacBook Pro.

Main features

  • It also Support second generation Apple Pencil
  • Has Compatibility with Apple’s Smart Keyboard
  • The Sidecar feature permits iPad Air to work as a second MacBook screen

Apple AirPods Pro

If you using MacBook Pro for entertaining, to watch videos, to listen your favorite music, then you need a set of headphones. The Apple AirPods Pro is the best headphones set for your Mac or iPhone. AirPods Pro are a set of wireless headphones its mean there are no cables present, and you can use each bud separately and it also has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), making them a good step up from the standard Apple AirPods.

For the best fit in your ears the buds have in ear silicone tips, blocking external noises from entering in your ear. If you need to disable this ANC temporarily, then you can swutch on Transparency Mode by grip the bud’s arm. The headphones can be used up to 4.5 hours, the charging case increase this usage to 24 hours. The charging case also has wireless charging. 

Main features

  • Siri Integration 
  • Case gives you up to 24 hours of battery
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Has Apple’s H1 chip
  • Noise cancellation feature

Anker USB-C Hub

The MacBook Pro is the best laptops out there but it has no ports. Its recent 2020 edition has two Thunderbolt 3 ports and two USB 4 ports. If you want more or great variety, then you should use Anker USB-C Hub. You can even use this hub to connect two external screens, one by HDMI and another by USB-C.

This Hub has a multi feature USB-C port, two USB-C connections, an SD card reader with support of microSD card and an HDMI port. This hub works with all MacBook Pro editions that released after 2016.

Main features

  • HDMI output supports for 4K monitors at 30Hz
  • Seven connections or ports only with a single device
  • Great way to increase your MacBook Pro’s connections
  • One of the USB-C ports permits its users to data transfer and power delivery

Nulaxy C1

Mostly people now working remotely, it’s very difficult to have a practical space to work from. The Nulaxy C1 Laptop Stand is the best choice for setting your MacBook Pro according your comfortable level and preventing you unnecessary hunching which may be lead to you long term pain.

It has a Z-type hinge, which permits its user to adjust the height and angle of the stand. You can also lift up your MacBook Pro’s up to 10 inches from the surface. Although it’s a great MacBook Pro accessory, you can use this Nulaxy C1 accessory with any laptop which has up to 17 inches height or weight 44 pounds. You can also flatten the stand to its lowest height according your comfortable level.

Main features

  • Adjustable stand with various heights and angles
  • Present in Silver or Space Gray
  • You can Adjust its height from 3.15 to 10 inches
  • You can Adjust its angles for the best viewing experience
  • Can hold with weight of up to 44 pounds

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Your MacBook Pro already has trackpad. This works as standard mouse functions the trackpad operating system are well integrated, so you have easy control over your laptop. However, but not everyone finds this trackpad comfortable. In this case, then you may need the wireless Apple Magic Mouse 2 to your MacBook Pro.

 Magic Mouse 2 is an official product also which is integrated with your computer and software. It is designed same like a traditional mouse, but has smoother body and no scroll wheel. Instead, the Magic Mouse 2 responds to gestures, as the trackpad does. You can also customize the gesture based controls according your MacBook’s System requirements.

Main Features

  • Present in Space Gray or Silver
  • Fast connect to macOS 
  • Supports multi touch gestures present in your MacBook Pro’s touchpad
  • One month battery life

Inateck MacBook Pro Sleeve

The MacBook Pro is a weighty device because its body is made of aluminum. However, like other Apple products, the MacBook Pro can be easily scratch or damage the display. To shield your laptop, you can use Inateck MacBook Pro Sleeve. The Inateck MacBook Pro Sleeve is present in many sizes and it is compatible with that MacBooks which released after 2016.

The Inateck MacBook Pro Sleeve inner lining is worn resisting, that’s mean it always gives your laptop protection. Its main room holds your MacBook, and there is also a small inner pocket present for keeping your phone, notebook etc. It also has an extra sleeve for your MacBook’s charger. 

Main Features

  • Present  in different five sizes
  • Very Lightweight  design
  • inner lining is worn resisting 
  • Two extra pockets and a concealed internal pocket

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch 2TB

If you’re MacBook damaged accidently or you delete some files by mistake that you want to get back, then you should need backup of your MacBook Pro. The most convenient way to recovery of your laptop is Apple’s Time Machine for automatic backups. Seagate Backup with Ultra Touch 2TB is the best drive for Time Machine backups. Due to its large capacity you should have no issue storing many backups of your important files.

It’s stylish, fabric based drive, keeps it powered on and transferring files simultaneously. The Backup with Ultra Touch can get speeds about 120MB/s, and you can easily shield all of your important data with a password. The drive also has two month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and a one year subscription for Mylio Create.

Main features

  • Available in Black or White colour
  • Two month subscription for Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Has one year subscription to Mylio Create
  • Also Supports Time Machine backups
  • Speeds more than  120MB/s

Final thoughts

In this article, we provide you best accessories for your MacBook Pro. These above mentioned accessories will ensure you by using these accessories you will take your laptop into next advanced level. Before you start searching for your MacBook accessories, we suggest you that you think more about the features that you want in accessories that you want to buy. So, go now and buy your favorite accessory for your MacBook Pro!

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