Best Spreadsheet App 2023 [Top 10]

Many company owners, team captains, and project managers look for spreadsheet software examples to improve their work processes. Every internet business is built on data, but without meaningful organization, that data is useless. Today, spreadsheet software is used by the majority of organizations because of this. You can use a spreadsheet to understand the facts better and make decisions.

Online spreadsheet applications are replacing more traditional spreadsheet programs nowadays. These programs enable remote access to your data and streamline team collaboration across several workflows on a single platform. Here are the top spreadsheet programs to try in 2023.

Best Spreadsheet App

1: Microsoft Excel

Very likely, the first spreadsheet program ever created is Microsoft Excel. Both novices and beginners can use this program.

Microsoft Excel supports charts, shapes, clipart, SmartArt, and images. Additionally, it has database functionality, including slicers, pivot tables, data validations, grouping, sorting, and filtering. More than 40 templates and more than 300 built-in functions are available to help you get started managing your data.

2: Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets if you don’t want to spend any money on spreadsheet software. All you need to get started is a Google account. Perhaps for this reason, 2 billion people use Google Sheets each month!

You can send an email as you remark on a row in Google Sheets, apply a color scale to highlight significant data, add filters to the sheet to examine specific rows, and use data validation to ensure that the cells only contain the desired data.

In addition, you can lock data in specific cells to stop accidental changes from being made. Moreover, you can link Google Forms and Sheets to analyze and visualize your data effortlessly.

3: Zoho Sheet

Another free spreadsheet application for Android is Zoho Sheet. This program makes importing spreadsheets, making your own, changing existing spreadsheets, and sharing them simple. Additionally, it has several built-in functions for calculations. Logging into your Zoho account allows you to access your spreadsheets from anywhere because all the spreadsheet data is stored in the cloud. The primary features of this app are now listed below.

4: Total Spreadsheet 

Another free spreadsheet software for Android on this list is Complete Spreadsheet. This straightforward spreadsheet tool allows you to make spreadsheets in two columns. It cannot import existing spreadsheets in any format, unlike other programs of a similar nature. It is primarily intended to execute fundamental SUM operations on values from a spreadsheet. Check out its main tools below.

5: Total Spreadsheet

Another example of spreadsheet software is Quip, which mixes chat, documents, and spreadsheets all in one location. As you work, you can switch between the document and spreadsheet layouts. You may use Quip to convert your data into decisions by embedding spreadsheets into documents. In Quip, you can build documents where your entire team may work together in one location. Quip documents can be accessed offline and also support permissions and version history.

Quip also has chat rooms and 1:1 messaging, which you may use to organize all of your operations. Start using templates from Quip, such as the Account Plan and Sales Playbook. More than 400 built-in features make Quip a powerful productivity tool. It also supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

6: Total Spreadsheet

EtherCalc may be the answer if you’re looking for less complicated spreadsheet software. EtherCalc is a free, open-source spreadsheet program similar to Google Sheets that enables you to build spreadsheets with only one click. You can import a.csv,.ods, or.xlsx file, add collaborators to collaborate with your team in real-time, construct forms, format cells, and use functions. You can also import a.csv,ods, or.xlsx file.

To use EtherCalc, you don’t even need to create an account or provide your email. Regardless of how simple it is to utilize this spreadsheet program, some people might find its interface to be a little dated.

7: Total Spreadsheet

LibreOffice is a free, potent office suite that competes with Microsoft Office in its ability to manage massive data volumes. It is a set of office programs that contains Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and Math, among other tools.

LibreOffice’s Calc spreadsheet program includes all necessary professional functionality, including cell formatting, backgrounds, borders, and sophisticated built-in features. It makes extracting raw data from business databases simple, cross-tabulating, compiling, and transforming it into useful information using cutting-edge DataPilot technology. Real-time collaboration is one feature of this spreadsheet program that is lacking.

8: Total Spreadsheet

If you own a MacBook, you may be familiar with the spreadsheet program Numbers that is pre-installed on it. Because of Numbers’ ease of use and flexibility, many users transfer from Google Spreadsheets. It has built-in templates that can help you get started with basic data organization activities. It cannot be applied to larger datasets, though.

Recent additions to Apple Numbers include pivot tables, radar charts, and fast filters, which make it simple to show and hide data and summarise, organize, and rearrange data. Together with flexible participant cooperation, Apple numbers now offer real-time translation.

9: Total Spreadsheet

Your company’s workflows can be streamlined and managed using Airtable, a workflow management tool. With Airtable, you can synchronize anything across your business and put all of your data at your fingertips.

10: Total Spreadsheet

SmartSheet is a dynamic workspace that enables organizations to automate and streamline their activities. It’s an intelligent approach to managing your business data and advancing. This program allows you to design your own company workflows and keep track of tasks.

SmartSheet provides Gantt charts, Kanban views, and forms to assist with the organization of your data. To complete tasks without switching between apps, you may automate repetitive tasks, use dashboards to provide real-time reports, and link with numerous third-party applications.

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