Best SpreadSheet Apps for Android and iOS users in 2021

The Spreadsheet is the most famous tool which is helpful in everyday life. It assists you with effectively adding your daily agendas, bill updates, set your objectives, and others. In simple words, we can say that we will be able to organize our data with these Spreadsheet apps. In the 80s Spreadsheet is just accessible for main computers. It was difficult to utilize it in our typical life. The Spreadsheet is utilized in just huge workplaces to deal with their information. Now, it is so easy to get a Spreadsheet on our cell phone. 

The Spreadsheet is the most ideal approach to deal with our data. We get that data from our gadget whenever, anyplace. If you are looking for Spreadsheet apps for your android or iOS gadget then these apps are accessible on PlayStore and AppStore. As we know there are a great number of Spreadsheet apps so it tends to be hard to pick the best one from them. In this article, we are posting the top 8 best Spreadsheet apps for android and iOS gadgets. You can simply visit this article and pick one from them as per your utilization and interest.

Google Sheets

Seeing as this one comes stacked on most Android devices and synchronizes with Google Drive, which numerous Android users additionally use, it bodes well to begin here. Google Sheets has its own file format, however, has improved an incredible deal at changing spreadsheets from significant configurations like .xls and the open-source .ods design. 

It’s incredible how rapidly and effectively Sheets matches up with your Google account, allowing you effectively to keep working at spreadsheets between your Android and PC. It has the standard highlights expected of spreadsheets including filters, graphs, rotate tables, conditional formatting, and the remainder of it, the ability to work offline as well.

For a Google app, its design maybe isn’t great; with the menus in some cases demonstrating fiddly to explore, yet in general, this is an incredible default choice for the vast majority.

Zoho Sheet

One of the lesser-known spreadsheet apps is still perfectly equipped for standing its ground against the greater names. Zoho Sheet inspired by the Google Sheets configuration, making an effort not to over-burden you with such numerous on-screen components at once. 

It has the typical array of dynamic charts and standard formulae and is viable with Microsoft’s well-known .xls design, which implies you shouldn’t experience difficulty opening most spreadsheet apps that others send your direction. It has fantastic sharing and coordinated options, as well, with the capacity to call individuals from inside the app utilizing a committed VOIP stage. 

Regarding its unique highlights, our top picks are presumably the home-screen gadget which allows you to hop straight into your latest or favorite spreadsheets, and the split-screen function which allows you to see two spreadsheets at once.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel on Android can stack pretty much any spreadsheet design without losing design or formatting integrity. It likewise underpins all Excel formats, tables, charts, and even Sparklines. For what reason is Microsoft Excel so great? It’s most likely the slickest and best-designed spreadsheet app out there, continuing a significant part of the functionality of the PC form into a touch-accommodating interface that simply feels right.

Indeed, even file sharing is made simpler and you can impart your documents to any other individual progressively. You can utilize this app for data analysis, keeping up your accounts, or in whatever territory that you need to. You can make diagrams, tables, feature any individual of the worksheet, make shapes, and has a lot more helpful highlights.

It’s a major app contrasted with others in this rundown, and its functionality is confined to later Android versions, however, these realities don’t divert from a high watermark of the app design.

WPS Office

One would imagine that either Google or Microsoft takes the name of the #1 most downloaded office app on Android, however here’s the bizarre thing: that title has a place with WPS Office, which has near 100 million active installs. 

This app is 100% free with no ads, which is extraordinary enough on its own, however, what’s really great is that WPS Office has the quality of premium software. It’s quick, it looks incredible, it’s not difficult to learn, and everything simply works. 

It just supports s Google Drive and Dropbox yet can create, open, and edit all spreadsheet formats. It has some functions and formulas abilities, however not all that you’d find in Excel. Could it be better? Sure. Is it enough for the normal user? Yes absolutely 

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is a marvelous set-up of tools that functions admirably as a discount swap for the entirety of the office apps offered by Google and Microsoft. It very well may be a lot for certain people, yet for regular in hurry laborers, its ideal. 

Not exclusively would it be able to make, open, and edit any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, yet it likewise has upheld for 300+ formulas, 20+ diagram types, and a wide range of filters, formats, and drawing shapes. New accounts get 10GB of free cloud storage on their servers. 

At the point when saved, documents are automatically transferred to the cloud, yet will likewise be stored locally on your gadget for offline editing. Polaris Office additionally incorporates Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. 

Yet, maybe the coolest component of Polaris Office is its help for Google Chromecast, which permits you to broadcast all files and presentations to any display that additionally underpins Chromecast. So it’s helpful when you need to show a specific spreadsheet to a group of individuals. 

Polaris Office likewise offers a top-notch membership at $4 each month or $40 each year. This membership opens the ability to export all formats as PDFs, password secures your documents, find files with a substance search, and get a cloud storage lift to 100GB.


OfficeSuite is an assortment of office-related apps, so if you’re simply searching for an independent spreadsheet controller, at that point, this will presumably convey more than you’re requesting. That being said, OfficeSuite doesn’t feel enlarged by any stretch of the imagination. 

Truth be told, the great thing about OfficeSuite is is the manner by which cleaned it looks and how quickly it performs. The interface figures out how to pack a great deal of valuable data without taking up an excessive amount of screen estate. 

OfficeSuite was recently refreshed to build responsiveness across the whole app, and it shows. As yet utilizing a few year-old gadgets? No concerns. On the other hand, in case you’re now on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you’ll be glad to realize that OfficeSuite has a few highlights explicitly intended for Marshmallow gadgets. 

There’s a lot of help for a wide range of cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon Cloud Drive. It’s likewise accessible in 56 unique languages. It is free but it likewise has a premium version with loads of extra highlights for $15.

Simple Spreadsheet

If you are searching for a basic spreadsheets app, which is not difficult to utilize and for nothing out of pocket, attempt Simple Spreadsheet. It doesn’t contain any unique capacities, just the most basic ones – making spreadsheets, editing, and sharing them with other people. The chances for designing are likewise restricted. Still, you can pick colors and add some basic shapes. 

Its interface is very simple in any event, for untalented clients. There are some guides for individuals who manage spreadsheets for the first time.

The lone thing you should endure is ads. In Google Play and App Store there are two unique variants of this app. We need to concede that the iPhone form is further developed and simple to-utilize. Still, you can make simple spreadsheets on Android. The elements of the apps are comparable.


Airtable isn’t such a lot of spreadsheets software as it is data-based software utilizing a spreadsheets interface. Airtable gives you some idea of the product’s expected use. There’s some basic spreadsheets usefulness in there, yet it’s not got to in a typical manner. 

There are a ton of formats included with Airtable to assist you with envisioning what the item is able to do. It’s somewhat similar to Smartsheet in that it’s focused on the wide range of various things individuals use for spreadsheets. 

You can in any case do many very similar things you would utilize a spreadsheet for, such as utilizing formulas, making diagrams and pivot tables, looking into records in your base, and summing up qualities. However, you can likewise effectively do things like install content from another website page into a dashboard you have made or deal with an editorial workflow.

Try not to come to Airtable searching for simply one more spreadsheet app. instead, utilizing Airtable as a springboard for acknowledging a large number of the undertakings you wish your other spreadsheet app could do.

Last thoughts- which one app is best for you

There are numerous options for you for Android-based spreadsheet apps to utilize. Keep in mind a ton of these have various designs for the cell phone and tablet adaptations, so perhaps you find a little variety depending on which one you go for. 

Excel is the powerhouse in the world of the spreadsheet; however, it very well may be pointless excess for some common tasks. If you need a choice for Excel, use Zoho Sheet or Google Sheets. Airtable and Smartsheet, on the other side, are very surprising monsters, allowing you to do things most spreadsheet applications can’t. Whichever you pick, try to investigate it inside and out so you don’t pass up any of the highlights.

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