Best Truecaller Alternatives in 2021 – Get Better Caller ID info

If you are using a smartphone phone, then you must be familiar with the true caller app. With the expanding day by day popularity of Truecaller, many apps have been dispatched, which are like the Truecaller app. If you are also exhausted by utilizing Truecaller or searching for something different, at that point this is the right spot for you. Today in this article, we will discuss the 10 best Truecaller alternatives which are being utilized right now by the majority of smartphone users. In this segment, we will also cover some essential questions, which mostly being looked at by smartphone users.

What is the Truecaller app?

Truecaller is a most utilized app by smartphone users because it assists those in thinking about unknown calls. It is additionally fit for blocking useless calls. The most awesome aspect of the app is, it helps in finding the name and location of the unknown caller. 

Utilizing this, you find out whether you know the individual. In the event that you are getting bunches of spam calls and SMS, Truecaller will help you in impeding every single such call and SMS so you will not get upset while at work.

Is the Truecaller app is safe?

It is the most posed inquiry by many people whether the app is safe or not. Overall, Truecaller is perhaps the most reliable caller ID app accessible on Google Play Store. With loads of fascinating highlights, it permits you to impede spam calls, search unnecessary numbers, identify unknown calls, block spam messages, and so on 

Thus, this was the fundamental data with the Truecaller app. Now, we will discuss the best alternatives for Truecaller, which are accessible for Smartphone users.

Best Truecaller Alternatives

There are lots of alternatives to Truecaller, but here we discuss a handful of the best apps. Those are:


Whoscall is the best Truecaller Alternative app out there and thus it is extraordinary compared to other apps that you can use on your Android phone. Being the data set of just about 700,000,000 mobile and cell numbers all through the globe, WhosCall is focused on the technique for reverse number query and identification.

The app has been downloaded in excess of 70 million times. Whoscall is an exceptionally respected phone app with caller information and Block ability. Whoscall rewarded as Google in the years 2013, 2015, and 2016 as the best app. probably the best component of this app is its online information base which permits you to identify calls in any event, when you are not connected with the web. It is a product for identifying out those numbers whose personality interminably showed on the cell screen as a private number, unknown, or set up on two to 3 digit code phrases.


TrapCall is an app for the reason for getting caller information and exposing unnecessary calls. It is a strategy for getting the identity of those numbers that consistently appeared as private numbers or unknown. Through easily using the TrapCall, that you would have the option to get the purposes of blocking and recommending the calls, getting the no caller identification calls and observing who is calling you, and considerably more.


Hiya which was some time ago known as Whitepages Caller ID is an entirely fit caller info app that recognizes the calls you need to take and blocks the numbers and messages you need to stay away from. Like Truecaller, the app recognizes unknown numbers, permits you to look for block numbers, and consequently block unwanted calls. A great component of Hiya separated from its intended functions is the fact that the app is totally free from cost and doesn’t have any ads. 

The vast majorities of the other apps pay a premium price or show ads. Hiya does neither and consequently has the best user experience of all the apps. If you would prefer not to see ads and still need to appreciate the full caller ID experience, Hiya is the perfect app for you.


Showcaller is a free blocker or caller info app and it gives you the name and identity of unknown calls without any problem. This app is broadly utilized everywhere in the world due to its extraordinary highlights, this app accompanies highlights like spam avoid, block calls from spam organizations, evade robocalls, and additionally avoids selling calls.

In excess of 50 Million individuals using this app. Perhaps the best element of this app is its caller identifying still functions in offline mode. This app accompanies the element of call recording means it can auto-record all types of calls with clear HD quality.


Callblock is a basic call blocking apps for iOS gadgets with its highlight to block unwanted calls. Do take note that this is anything but not a caller info app which implies that it can’t identify block numbers. Well, its call blocking component is the heartiest component in any app, and thus, it made the rundown. 

With the world’s greatest catalog of telemarketers(in excess of 3,000,000 characterized entries) traversing more than 100 nations, the app gloats of blocking more than 86.7 percent of telemarketing calls which is probably the best number in the business. If you get a huge load of spam calls, you ought to introduce this app.

Mr. Number

This app works really hard in identifying unnecessary numbers and spam calls. Perhaps the best element of this app is that you can predefine conditions that permit you to block calls from explicit individuals, areas, or even a whole country. 

Mr. Number-Block’s name Blocks us numerous identifying programming that is utilized for blocking unnecessary calls and SMS. It is the agreeable and complete technique to build up and discontinue the garbage mail calls, rip-offs, and fakes.

Caller ID

As its name recommends, the app can recognize calls and show you photographs and names of block callers. The greatest element of this app is its function to match up with social media profiles. This app even syncs with Facebook and other social media filters to distinguish your contact’s actual photographs to make a photograph-based location book and dialer. That implies you will get significantly more data on block numbers utilizing this app than either Truecaller or some other caller ID app on this rundown. 

The app has a more modest data set than Truecaller which implies it will not function as reliably as last mentioned. I suggest that you utilize this app as a backup, you can get better data. Different highlights of the app incorporate the ability to block spam calls, accessibility checkers, and so more.


This Eyecon app can identify calls and show you pictures and names of unnecessary calls. This app blocks unnecessary calls and it shows you the location of the unknown caller. The best component of this app is its ability to match up with social media profiles. The app sync with various social media filters to recognize your contact’s actual photographs to make a photograph-based location book and dialer, which implies you will get significantly more data on block numbers utilizing this app than either Truecaller or some other app on this rundown.

Calls Blacklist PRO

Calls Blacklist Pro is professed to be basically the most elegant calls and SMS blocker utility to ready you to adequately block those numbers who are ceaselessly intruding on you by utilizing sending SMS or settling on item promoting calls. 

The great thing about Calls Blacklist pro is that it even utilized for blocking the garbage mail messages also and makes the mobile lifetime of the clients most straightforward.


Truecaller Alternatives Apps “WhoWho” is caller info and call blocking app that outfits the response for picking the caller identity, barring the unfortunate calls, dealing with the enrolled numbers, picking the spam calls sooner than reacting to the callers. WhoWho will advise you which calls are real ones and which can be being made from the bogus numbers.

Last words – picking up the best Truecaller Alternative

In the market, there are lots of apps to get information about the caller. Truecaller is an excellent app for this purpose. All the alternatives apps mentioned above work great and can replace Truecaller. It’s depending on which apps you want to use. But it will better for you to know more about picking up the best app to get a better experience!

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