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A Review of CheckPeople’s Background Check Software

CheckPeople is suitable for use by individuals as well as small and medium-size enterprises. It saves time, improves compliance, and assists team management. The software generates a full, detailed list of results on queries. It can help you find the right person even if your search target has a common name. The intuitive platform is good at narrowing searches down to avoid costly mistakes. This CheckPeople review will fill in any information gaps about the service’s software. 

Capacity and Reputation

It’s possible to check a prospective employee’s identity and verify employment and education history very quickly. The site loads pages in no time and lists results by relevance, age, or alphabetical order -as you choose. CheckPeople has been on the market for five years, in which time it has become well-established in the background check industry. Their many satisfied customers will testify to this.

Information Quality and Quantity

Searches are completed at lightning speed. Results are sourced from publicly accessible databases. The provider generates in-depth reports, which are very impressive. They can save you days or weeks of additional research. Duplicate entries are eliminated. 

To access your full report, you need to enter your name and an email address as well as credit card details. The last stage of the query includes the previous and current addresses of a search target. 

Access to Public Records

This provider combs millions of publicly available records, which would be impossible to go through on your own unless you had all the free time in the world. The results are neatly and impeccably organized so you don’t need to struggle at all with determining what’s what. 

Easy to Use Menu

You need to access your account settings to get the link to your background check report, which is possible via the Home tab at the top. You can change your user name and password here as well.  

How Accurate are the Results?  

I found the results were almost completely accurate. To test the system, I entered a few phone numbers of people I knew. CheckPeople linked most of them to the actual user. A few were linked to a former user. 

You can do a sex offender search using this software if you want to know whether there’s one living in your neighborhood. Know that it will check within a mile of the address you enter, in this case, your house or apartment. If there is a registered sex offender who lives more than a mile away from you, the system won’t pick their details up. 

Helpful and Competent Customer Service

CheckPeople is careful with all customer privacy issues, and users can rest assured all of their searches will always be anonymous and private. Customer service representatives are available around the clock to help with any problems or questions or if you simply need help navigating the platform. This is a big convenience, particularly if you need to do a lot of searches. The helpful staff will make it easier for you to focus on what’s really important: evaluating your background check report. 

Final Thoughts

CheckPeople’s background check software is user-friendly and the service is affordable. The platform’s cutting edge technology delivers updated and relevant data. What’s more, the site is verified by Visa and reliably secured by Norton and McAfee. 

All in all, my experience with this software led me to include CheckPeople on my list of the most reliable and trustworthy background check services. It processes queries fast and with a very high degree of accuracy. It offers a free trial with many symbolically priced searches, which is a great option if you just need one or a few reports. 

If you need more, you can opt for a monthly subscription, which is quite well-priced. CheckPeople adheres to the Act on Children’s Online Privacy Protection as well as FCRA requirements, making it clear it doesn’t have the status of a reporting agency. This means you can’t use their findings to make an employment decision.

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