Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

People are less likely to be able to succeed in the world without technology in this digital age. Part of current technology is being able to type on a computer.

In this piece, we’ll compare and review the top 10 BEST Typing Software based on price, features, and what others have said about them.

Software for Learning to type

The world is now going from books to eBooks, notes in textbooks to digitalized notes, and so on. If you want to learn to type quickly and accurately, you need a Typing Learning Software that can act as a tutor for you.

Best Typing Software

#1) KAZ Type

Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

The best way to teach kids how to type quickly and correctly.

With KAZ, you get a complete online typing tool that works well for kids and adults. KAZ uses a training method that has won awards and has been tried on more than 18,000 students in 300 private training centers in the UK. The program aims to help people learn how to touch type quickly and correctly.

This typing program was made by the same people who made the 55 RSA/NVQ level computer courses. It will teach you how to use a keyboard like a pro in no time.


  • Programs for children and adults are created just for them.
  • SEN Enabled
  • Mobile friendly
  • Open University has tried it out and accepted it.

Verdict: KAZ gives you a typing program approved by more than 300 private centers in the UK. This is an excellent way for kids and adults to improve their typing speed and learn how to type without making mistakes or looking at the keyboard all the time. We can’t say enough good things about this type of software made using science.

Price: An online plan for one year costs $24.99, and a version for both Windows and Mac costs $39.99.

#2) TypingMaster

Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

Best for people who want to learn and have fun at the same time.

TypingMaster is an online training program for people who want to type faster and more accurately. This software helps you learn to type by giving you several great games that make learning fun.


  • The best games for typing
  • Seven days for free
  • Check how fast and how well you can type.
  • Online word-per-minute testing tools can be changed to help with the hiring process.
  • TypingMaster is a popular software for learning to type, and its features and good reviews from users make it a great choice.

Price: You can try the program for free for seven days. After that, you have to pay.


Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

Best for children who want to learn how to type while playing games. is a learning software that helps teach and learn several essential skills in today’s technology world. It’s free typing software that helps kids prepare for the future by teaching them basic computer skills, how to code, and how to type on a keyboard through fun lessons, tests, and games.


  • Keyboarding in its entirety
  • Computer basics and how to use technology
  • Online Behaviour & Safety
  • Coding Fundamentals
  • Preparing for a Career and Being a Professional
  • English and Spanish are both spoken.
  • Taking classes, tests, and playing games
  • Strong Reporting
  • Complete Tools for Running Schools and Districts
  • SSO and syncing with Google, Clever, and ClassLink
  • Customizable lessons
  • Preparation for standardized tests

Verdict: Users think that is a one-stop shop for those who want to learn to type while playing games and has material and instructions in more than one language.

Price: $3.79 a month per student. (There is also a free version).

#4) TypingClub

Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

Best for people who want to learn to type quickly and satisfactorily.

TypingClub is a Google for Education partner and a perfect type of program that runs on the web. This means it is a customized Google product that is free for people and schools. There is also a paid school version that you can choose to use. The software for typing covers many different languages, including English, German, French, and many more.


  • How to hold your hands right
  • Stars, Badges, and Levels
  • Interacting with something
  • Voice Over: As you type, each word in this function is read out loud.

Verdict: This is one of the best typing tutors available today because it lets students learn in a fun and involved way. But some users say that the goals are easier to reach with cheating, which makes them lose interest in the game.

Price: $99.75 – Yearly (Free version also available).

#5) Typesy

Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

This is the best for people of all ages.

Typesy is one of the best programs to learn how to type. It’s fun for kids and full of mind-stimulating jobs that will help them think more critically and creatively.


  • Online program
  • One place to go from being a newbie to an expert
  • Follows the growth of each person
  • Auto changes to your skills and how fast you’re doing it.
  • Kids friendly
  • Games and goals based on a story that is right for their age
  • It makes you think about things

Typesy is free typing software that is good for people of all ages. It lets you learn to type from scratch and get good at everything on one platform.

Price: You can try it for free for seven days, and then you have to pay:

  • $9 a month if you learn on your own.
  • Home School costs $19 monthly, and each student can have an account.
  • For $27 a month, you can have ten student accounts at a home school.
  • For $69.95 a month, you can have 30 student accounts at a home school.
  • *Prices for use by businesses, schools, and school districts are sent to the organization when they ask for them.

#6) KeyBlaze

Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

Best for people who want an easy and effective way to learn.

The KeyBlaze free typing program is a teacher that will help you become a master typist. This typing software helps you improve your typing speed by giving you fun tasks. It has exciting lessons and games to help you learn.


  • Typing games
  • Dictation tasks
  • At the start, a skills test is given to see if there are any changes.
  • Set words per minute goals
  • Simple to use
  • A certificate that can be used again
  • How to place your fingers correctly
  • Users can look at graphs and scores to see how they are doing.

Verdict: KeyBlaze is one of the best typing teachers because it is easy to use. However, some users think it is too expensive because it has fewer features than its competitors.

Price: $12.99 for home use, $14.99 for business use. There is also a free version.

#7) RataType

Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

Best for people who want accessible, easy-to-use tools to type on.

RataType is one of the best free typing programs for people who want to learn to type quickly and easily. The typing program lets you take a free typing test to see how fast you type and gives you a certificate when you reach your goals.


  • Multilingual
  • Short quizzes
  • Uncomplicated
  • No limits
  • Results recorded
  • Certificate when goals are met

Verdict: Although RataType doesn’t have as many features as some of its competitors, most of its users have said it’s a great choice because it’s so easy to use.

A user says that the tests to check skills are too short, which means that a typist’s skills and accuracy can only be checked briefly.

Price: Software for typing is free

#8) NCHSoftware

Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

This is one of the best typing tutors on the market today. It has all the tools you need to learn to type in a fun way. After finishing the course, learners can also get a license that can help them get a job.


  • Practice exercises
  • Typing games
  • Dictation audio lessons
  • The first test of skills to find out the present level
  • The number of net and total words per minute is shown.
  • Highlighting on the keyboard shows where to put your fingers.
  • Find difficult words and letters that need more practice.
  • Set your own word-per-minute goals.
  • Printable course completion badges
  • Easy to use and quick

Verdict: NCHSoftware is one of the best typing programs because it has everything you need to learn in a fun way. Some users say the software has problems with bugs or viruses. Program managers say that these problems exist outside the new version.

Price: The website has a free version that can be downloaded and a paid version that costs money.

#9) Typing Instructor

Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

Best for people who want to learn in a fun and effective way.

Typing Instructor is web-based typing software that doesn’t need to be installed, so you can use it on any computer. It is one of the best programs for learning to type, and its goal is to make learning fun and interesting.


  • Runs online
  • Interesting and instructive
  • Based on your skills, you can choose from 20 typing classes.
  • Typing games with many levels and good quality
  • Lessons in typing with comments in real-time
  • Exciting ways to practice keyboarding
  • Certificates for typing

Verdict: This is one of the top 10 best typing-learning programs. It has won awards for having the most sales, having the best reviews, and so on. So, it’s safe to say that you should go for.

Price: Here’s how the prices are set up:

  • $3.95–7 days
  • $6.95–monthly
  • $14.95 over 3 months
  • $29.95–Annual

#10) Rapid Typing Tutor

Top 10 Best Typing Applications [Typing Tutor For 2023]

Best for people who want a free typing teacher that is fun and helpful.

Rapid Typing Tutor is free typing software with unique features like touch typing, typing tests, and fun typing games. It gives lessons based on how good a person is at English. It also shows graphs of the user’s skills (words per minute and accuracy levels).


  • Typing tutor
  • Type by touching the keys
  • Typing games
  • Typing test
  • Simple to use

Verdict: Users have complained about grammar mistakes and typos in the Advanced levels of the software, where typists are meant to rewrite the already written paragraphs.

Price: Free


In this piece, we looked at the top 10 programs for teaching typing. One can choose the best software for their needs based on their features, comparisons, opinions, reviews, and prices.

If a person wants to learn excitingly, they should use Typing Instructor or Typesy is a good choice if you want a learning teacher for school or homeschool. Typesy can also be used to test people at the district level.

Rapid Typing Tutor and are accessible to people who don’t want to spend a lot. People who work in a particular field and want to learn how to type based on that field should try The Typing Cat.

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