Best Video Hosting Sites 2023

Any marketing approach must include video marketing. Video is an effective tool for raising awareness and engagement, regardless of your goal promoting your brand, expanding your audience, or increasing sales.

Yet finding a platform to store your movies without going over budget in terms of bandwidth and storage space can be challenging if you’re new to making videos. We will review the Best Video Hosting Sites in this article so you can start using them immediately.

Best Video Hosting Sites

1: YouTube

YouTube’s ubiquity makes it a go-to option in terms of free video-sharing sites for many internet businesses that generate and distribute video. The most significant advantage of YouTube video hosting? It’s entirely free to use, regardless of how many clips you publish or how many people watch them. Anyone can start a YouTube channel, increase their subscriber base, and try to gain exposure to YouTube’s vast user base.

The most significant disadvantage of YouTube is its advertisements in exchange for free hosting, YouTube will place advertisements before and during your videos, which distracts from your content and interrupts the users’ browsing flow, especially if they’re watching an embedded video on your website.

2: VimeoVideo Sharing Sites

While being similar to Youtube in many ways, Vimeo receives considerably less traffic. But traffic isn’t everything. When it comes to making videos for your business, it’s not always about the volume of viewers, it’s about the quality of those views. You want views from people interested in potentially purchasing your product or service, not views from people looking for ‘funny fail’ videos.

Vimeo does have a free plan called ‘Vimeo Basic’, but if you want access to better features like unlimited bandwidth and customer support then you should probably sign up for one of their plans. Plans start from $6/month for 250GB of yearly storage and increase to $70/month for the premium package that includes 7TB of total storage.

3: Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a video-sharing website launched in 2005 by France Telecom and based in Paris, France. The site offers users the ability to upload, view and share videos.

You can use it to store any file and there is no limit on what you can upload. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to use. File sizes are restricted to 2GB and movies are limited to 60 minutes. Analytics are also restricted, even for paying accounts.

Ads are not removed from videos, although they are placed at the end by default, as compared to YouTube’s more intrusive strategy. If posted on this video hosting site, clips may be easily embedded on any other website.

4: Wistia

Wistia is a platform for hosting videos that is designed exclusively for companies. Although it does not publicly display your films, hosting them on your website is simple. If you copy and paste an embed code, your video will play in a customized player without adverts.

There are three different plans, one free for new video adopters in business. With a three-video maximum and Wistia branding on every video, the free plan is extremely minimal. You can remove the Wistia logo from your videos and upload as many videos as you like with the “Pro” subscription, which costs $99 monthly.

5: Twitch

Amazon owns the gaming video streaming service Twitch. You can share your gameplay with other players by streaming it. While PC gamers are the majority of Twitch’s users, several games are also available on consoles and portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Even on Twitch, there are channels where users may watch others play particular games in addition to actually playing them. Twitch is a fantastic location to make new gaming buddies and meet new players because of its strong sense of community.

Recently, Twitch began providing free hosting services to its users, and the number of pre-recorded films on the website has surpassed that of live broadcasts. Affiliates of Twitch are free to post videos. Previous live streams and videos that were entirely shot offline and then published after editing are examples of video content. You are limited to a maximum of 100 uploads per day and 5 simultaneous uploads per user.

6: VidyardVideo Sharing Sites

Vidyard focuses more on the commercial side of video hosting. Hosting is merely one of their numerous functions, in actuality. Their primary goal is to maximize the value of your video, whatever that entails for you in terms of conversions, engagement, and other factors.

Vidyard enables you to share and save unlimited assets to get the most views. They provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee and already support formats like 4K and 360-degree videos.

You will have to contact Vidyard to discuss your needs because they don’t currently offer their pricing online. All of the designs appear to be created in a “pick and mix” fashion, letting you choose the elements you need and excluding the ones you don’t. This way, you only pay for what you use.

7: Tiktok

The second free video hosting service we will discuss is TikTok, which you have probably heard of in recent years due to its explosive growth during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Chinese company ByteDance is the owner of the microblogging platform TikTok. It contains a selection of user clips in brief form, ranging in length from 15 seconds to ten minutes. Although it is a social media platform rather than a video hosting service, it does offer the ability to promote or share videos with millions of users.

If those under 25 are your target market, you know where to go because TikTok is hugely popular among this demographic. Every video is brief and may be made on a phone before being uploaded.

8: Facebook

Facebook does host videos, that much is true. Facebook allows you to upload video content that is directly hosted on the service. Facebook has a big advantage over its rivals thanks to the 240-minute limit on the length of videos that can be uploaded.

Facebook has limitations because it is a free platform, but you can still use it because it has so many users and is one of the most popular video-sharing websites online. Facebook groups are so common that finding specific communities where your target audience might congregate and discuss your movies is easy.

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