Costco Gas Hours: Everything You Need To Know In 2024

Costco Gas is one of the greatest options if you’re looking for a cheap gas station. Costco is renowned for its amazing bulk pricing, affordable gas prices, and premium fuel. Since Costco receives little to no revenue from its gas stations, they are not open around-the-clock. Depending on the area, location, and season, Costco Gas hours change.

However, the majority of Costco Gas locations are open daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Some places might open a little later on weekends. To find out when a specific Costco Gas outlet opens or closes, utilize the store locating tool and touch on the gas pump icon for the area you have chosen.  This post will provide you with more information about the exact Costco gas hours, saving you the hassle of having to wait in line.

Regarding the Business: Costco Fuel Costco’s driving hours

Founded in the US, Costco is a well-known American wholesale enterprise. This multinational American company mostly uses chain membership to conduct business. Costco is the second-biggest wholesale company in the world, behind Walmart. To provide customers with the best possible fuelling experience, Costco employs highly skilled workers. There are Costco gas stations all around the nation. All big and small cities, including Las Vegas, Kansas, New York, and Boston, have them available.

costco gas hours

How Are Costco Gas Station Hours Tracked

Gas location tool available from Costco. Enter your city name or pin code into our tool to find a Costco gas station nearby. You will receive information from the program regarding the closest gas stations and their hours. Such information is also available on the official website. Additionally, you may download their official app on Apple and Android smartphones. It will help you to understand the official program.


  • According to a poll by the Oil Price Information Service, Costco consistently offers cheaper gas prices than its competitors.
  • There is an added incentive for members who own the Costco Anywhere Visa by Citi credit card to purchase gasoline. They receive 4% cash back on eligible gas purchases, which includes Costco purchases.
  • Gas from Costco is frequently excellent quality at a low cost. Because Kirkland Signature gasoline satisfies high criteria, it is likely equipped with deposit control chemicals to maintain the health and efficiency of your car’s engine.


  • Cash payments are not accepted from customers. At Costco, you have to use a credit card to buy gas. Visa, MasterCard, and other PIN-based debit cards are accepted at Costco. A Costco Shop Card was also provided by the business.
  • A Costco membership or a Costco Shop Card are needed to purchase petrol at Costco gas stations.
  • At Costco gas stations, lineups are usually longer. The main cause of this is that Costco stores are completely self-serve.

Is 87 or 91 used in Costco gas?

Costco’s Regular gas usually has an octane of 87, however this varies by state. There is also Premium gasoline with 97 octane available. Diesel is also sold in certain places; renewable biomass diesel is mostly found in California.

Image of Costco Gas Hours Is the gas at Costco good

Major local gasoline distributors and refineries supply Costco with its gas. The quality is on par with other well-known brands, even though the price is always lower. So how do they turn a profit while selling gas at a reduced price? They don’t because the lower price is offset by the volume of gas sold and the more money that customers spend at the warehouse. Since only members are permitted to benefit from the lower gas costs, the membership program accounts for a larger portion of its earnings.

When are the hours of the Costco gas station

The Costco warehouses are open along with their fueling stations. But not every warehouse has a petrol station, and the hours change depending on the time of year and the location. On the other hand, the gas stations normally open from 6 to 8 am and close from 7 to 10 pm. Most remain open a little bit later than the warehouse next door. The Costco gas hours on weekends may differ from those on weekdays.

How to locate a gas station owned by Costco?

To locate warehouse locations nearby, utilize the store locator available on the Costco app or website. Remember that not every Costco store has a fueling station. However, if you enter your zip code or city/state, the store location typically provides a number of results for that area. Remember to select “Gas Station” from the search filters for precise results.

You may also find information about current gas prices, impending holiday closures, and operating hours by clicking on a shop location in the search results. There will also be directions to the location of the petrol station.

When is the ideal time to go there

Avoid the busiest days, which are the weekends. On weekdays, drive in between 10 am and noon to avoid long lineups. On weekdays, the majority of people typically pull up during their lunch periods and in the evening. All Costco gas stations have one-way traffic exclusively to keep things flowing swiftly. However, it can be slow moving during busy times. The extra-long hoses at these gas stations make it easier to fill up your car from either side, so you don’t have to worry about which lane to drive in.

What is the gas price at Costco?

The price of gas is continuously updated and varies daily. Petrol costs are also influenced by the location. To find the closest gas station and view the most recent prices for regular or premium petrol, use the Costco Store Locator. The exact gas costs can only be found on-site, though, as this may vary when you get to the pump.

Which payment methods is Costco Gas accepting?

The majority of debit cards, Visa credit cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay. But for your digital payment app to work, you need to have a Visa card connected to it. To start transactions, you also need a gift card or a Costco membership card. The majority of stations have pay-at-the-pump technology and are completely self-serve for members. The machine verifies that your membership is active and permits payment when you insert your membership card. However, a gas station worker will have to approve your purchase if all you have is a gift card.

costco gas hours

Can you purchase gas using the Costco app

The Costco app isn’t compatible with paying for petrol. The Costco app allows you to locate neighboring warehouses, view their operating hours, and check the gas costs at Costco. A Costco membership card is required in order to purchase gas at a self-serve Costco gas station.

  • Note: Gas stations in Oregon and New Jersey are not self-serve establishments by law.
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Concerning Costco Gas

Founded in the United States, Costco is a global wholesale company that runs membership-only stores all over the world. Did you know that in 1995, Costco launched its very first gas station? Yes, they have been around for a while and have promised to give their members the best gas at the most affordable costs.

Costco gas stations are renowned for providing premium fuel that extends the life of your vehicle. The fuel quality not only satisfies but surpasses regulatory and industry standards. Furthermore, all employees hired by Costco Gas stations have the necessary training and certifications for the position. They follow all safety and environmental requirements while concentrating on providing support to their clients.

All Costco gas stations use the newest technology available to ensure that both the environment and people are kept extremely safe. Every gas station is kept up properly and built to provide quick fuelling. You are able to fill your car from both sides because the hoses are long enough.

Furthermore, Kirkland Signature Fuel—which is the best quality and value—is available at Costco. The fuel also contains additional detergent additives that are certified compounds that assist clean your car’s engine so it runs smoothly. Costco gas stations sell Kirkland Signature fuel, which has been verified to meet Top Tier performance criteria.

What Services Is Provided by Costco Gas?

Among the services provided by Costco Gas are:

1. The tap-to-pay option

All Costco gas stations accept Visa cards, Costco membership cards, and mobile wallets as forms of “tap to pay.” You may easily take advantage of all of these contactless payment alternatives.

2. Cleansing and protecting fuel

Kirkland Signature fuel has potent chemicals that preserve and clean your engine, restoring it to like-new condition. Using premium gasoline with high concentrations of potent deposit control additives is essential to guaranteeing the long lifespan of your cars.The best gasoline is available at Costco Gas to ensure your engine runs as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, several Costco locations carry additives from Kirkland Signature Diesel that aid in clearing away deposits from injectors. This helps even more to provide the best possible engine performance and efficiency.

3. The AAA quality certification

The fact that not all gasoline is made equal may surprise you. While some brands are TOP TIER, some are not, meaning they are not the highest quality fuel.Testing conducted by AAA indicates that detergent additives are a major factor in fuel quality. Customers of Costco Gas receive TOP TIER gasoline, which is renowned for providing the highest performance.

4. Premium fuel

Customers at Costco Gas are assured of premium fuel. Being a TOP TIER gasoline provider, Costco Gas contributes to keeping your engine operating at its best. Kirkland Signature gasoline has five times the amount of EPA detergent, which is specifically designed to clean your car’s engine and make it perform like new. Additionally, Costco sells premium diesel that offers wear prevention and enhances cold engine startability.

5. Skilled personnel

You can anticipate the greatest service from knowledgeable employees at Costco Gas, who are available to you in case you require any assistance. The fuel station attendants at Costco are exceptionally skilled experts who are committed to serving all customers and ensuring their safety while using the pump.Additionally, they make sure that the station is always clean and well-maintained for the benefit of all patrons.

Not to mention, every Costco gas station is incredibly environmentally safe.They have been built with environmental sustainability in mind, giving clients hassle-free convenience. In addition, Costco Gas offers its patrons a one-way traffic flow that removes uncertainty and bottlenecks.Additionally, it has extra-long pump hoses on both sides so you may fill up and resume driving as soon as feasible.


1. When Is the Best Time of Day to Buy Gas at Costco on Weekends?

You should be prepared to stand in line at Costco on weekends in order to fill up your gas tank. For this reason, the best time to get gas at Costco is on weekdays between 10 and 11 a.m.

2. What Types of Gas Are Sold at Costco?

They offer both regular unleaded, which is normally 87 octanes, and premium unleaded, which is usually 91 octanes. In certain places, diesel fuel is also available. States have quite different requirements for Octane. Major refineries supply gas to Costco, which then distributes it to each location.

3. What Time of Day and Week Is Ideal for Buying Gas?

There’s usually a large line of cars at Costco waiting to fill up. Therefore, it’s advisable to schedule your travel for off-peak hours, like early afternoons on a weekday.

4. Is Sunday Gas Available at Costco?

Sunday hours for Costco Gas are subject to change.

5. What Makes Costco Gas Such a Good Deal?

Their prices are a great deal less than what the market will bear. They provide significant discounts with the hope that customers will take advantage of them. It makes up 10% of the company’s fuel sales revenue. The official Costco website does not list its gas prices.


Now that you are fully aware of the Costco fuel hours, you can visit the gas stations whenever it is most convenient for you to refuel your cars. It is clear that Costco Gas keeps its doors open for business on the majority of holidays and celebrations.The best thing about Costco Gas is that, even with its low costs, it still provides its customers with unmatched services and premium fuel, so you can always be sure that your automobile is operating at its finest.

The fact that Costco Gas provides extra-long pump hoses sets it apart from its rivals. Customers can now fill up their gas tanks from either side, regardless of which way they are positioned. Refuel your automobile without any problem now that you have all the pertinent information regarding Costco Gas Station and its operating hours!

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