Cactus AI: What Is It, How To Use It (Ultimate Guide) In 2024

More than 65 tools are available on the Cactus AI platform, often known as Cactus AI, to assist students with their academic work. It features an artificially intelligent essay writer that can locate references and enhance your work. This amazing feature simplifies the solution to challenging arithmetic problems, complex language, and physics concerns.

If you study computer science or information technology, you’ll be pleased to hear that Caktus offers a function that will make it easier for you to understand challenging coding issues. Among the more than ten programming languages it supports are Python, Javascript, and Java. Cactus can explain each line of the code and, if necessary, translate it into a new computer language, much like the arithmetic problem solver.


Numerous AI-powered features are included with Cactus AI. These include:

  • Make your theme distinct: Choose from a variety of subjects, from “Impact of AI” to more specialized inquiries. What effects do deep learning algorithms have on the medical field?
  • Subject-matter expertise: The language used in the text is appropriate for a wide range of fields, including STEM and the humanities.
  • Length: As mentioned earlier, the length of the responses ranges from one page to more than thirty pages in dissertations.
  • Style of composition: Selection of forms that are explaining, defensive, and contemplative.
  • Language proficiency: From elementary school to postgraduate research.
  • Citations: Automatic references for the text and references list in formats such as APA, MLA, and Chicago.
  • Not verbatim repeated: Makes certain that every essay fulfills the standards without diluting its unique themes.


  • Very economical and time-effective for the majority of students
  • An easily navigable and instantaneous web interface
  • Constant accessibility and superior uptime
  • Quick reaction allowing for short work bursts
  • Superior quality of the result compared to human labor
  • Personalization to meet specific requirements
  • Improves a student’s performance when applied frequently.
  • Domain specificity meets academic criteria more satisfactorily than wide tools.


  • Risk of over-reliance, even while use is still voluntary
  • If it’s the only strategy employed, it could lessen the unique viewpoints that have grown over time.
  • Some restrictions on the use of creativity in connection to resourcefulness in humans
  • Does not replace face-to-face instruction with back-and-forth counseling.
  • Potential closed-source platform subscription lock-in

At Caktus, is artificial intelligence free?

A Caktus account will be created for you and credit you with twenty thousand credits. These are more than sufficient to test the gadget before buying it and go a long way. You will be able to buy a membership plan that will grant you unrestricted access to the website if Caktus meets all of your requirements.

What Functionalities Does This Device Offer?

Cactus is an essay writer with artificial intelligence that enhances your writing. It offers you personalized advice on how to compose essays that are clear and understandable.

  • Learn math and science: Caktus breaks down challenging arithmetic and science issues into steps you may take to complete them.
  • Develop Your Coding Skills: Caktus.AI offers support for multiple programming languages, making it ideal for novices. It modifies code and provides topic explanations. Use the paragraph generator to create captivating paragraphs for your viewers.
  • Citations: Gather all of the references from the text and put them at the beginning of each new paragraph.
  • Create a Human: Add your writing style to automatically generated text. Use AI to write on your own!
  • Discussion Questions: Compose well-considered responses to class debates to increase student engagement.
  • Summary of Text: Remove the main ideas from a text.
  • Improvement of content: Rewrite something to make it more engaging, inventive, and fascinating.
  • Post (Agree) on the Discussion Board: Cactus.AI will provide an answer that validates a post you copy and paste from a discussion board if it is from one of your classmates. Make a compelling and distinctive statement about your academic and professional goals if you write personal statements.
  • Email author: Nobody likes to write emails, so give the job to Cactus AI!
  • Response to an Inquiry: Ask any question to Caktus AI, and you’ll get a prompt response.
  • Cacti: Access Academic Sources.AI offers trustworthy sources for your academic work. The information it offers is correct.
  • Customize Your Writing Style: As it adjusts to your writing preferences, Caktus AI learns your writing style and gives your work a unique voice.
  • Speak with AI: Consider Cactus AI as your homework assistant. It is here to respond to your inquiries around-the-clock.


Price & Subscription Choices for Cactus AI

Cactus AI is simple to use on a regular basis because of its membership pricing structure, which gives a two-day trial without requiring credit card information. Plan savings compared to monthly costs are as follows: quarterly savings of $29.99; monthly savings of $14.99; annual savings of $99.99, or savings of $74. During busy times, all features are accessible to subscribers without restriction. Among these characteristics are:

  • Wrote summaries and essays
  • The reasons for the research questions
  • Support for the creation of Python coding resources for physics, chemistry, and math classes
  • Resume writers and application developers
  • Translations into other languages, among other things

All major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Stripe can be used to make payments. In terms of the price of gaining access to capabilities, students receive exceptional value. When comparing the expenses with prior manual efforts, significant time reductions that can be translated into financial gains are seen. Freelance content writer Liam says, “Since subscribing, I easily save 20+ hours a month, worth $500+ in billable time.” The ease with which Cactus AI provides instant access to top-notch content greatly surpasses the cost of the subscription. Monthly plans provide erratic customers the flexibility to start. Annual plans that are based on consistent use are the most affordable. It’s also easy to downgrade, cancel, or upgrade for future renewals. Most students think that the pricing structure offers reasonable prices, especially in light of the significant increase in daily productivity that it delivers.

For what purposes is this tool suitable?

  • Composing essays with Essay AI Writer’s assistance.
  • Figuring out difficult math problems and understanding scientific ideas.
  • Using coding tools to improve one’s coding abilities.
  • Locating academic sources and properly attributing them.
  • Modifying one’s work for essays and assignments.
  • Getting help with questions about assignments and coursework.

1. Writer of Articles

Select the Essay Writer tool and choose a topic to begin writing an essay using Caktus. After that, you will need to allow the tool to generate the essay for a duration of thirty to sixty seconds. I asked Caktus to write a well-written essay on the subject, “Why is the sky blue and not white like the sun?” in order to test this capability. Citations to the original research publications are also included. However, there are also a lot of issues with it!

To begin with, the second chapter has nothing to do with the question of why the sky is blue. It discusses specific visual experiences and research on computer graphics. The essay also discusses why the sky turns red or orange after sunset in its later sections. Though it is supposed to be the cause of the color shift, the sun doesn’t go any closer or any farther away during the day. Rather, when the sun rises or sets, light must travel a longer distance through the earth’s atmosphere.

The AI essay generator makes this incorrect claim, but it does it convincingly. Sometimes Caktus makes faults that take a while to notice. The essay’s material must be carefully verified and fact-checked to guarantee accuracy. It might take less time to start the essay from fresh than to accomplish this. Moreover, AI is prone to errors in the event of a dearth of knowledge on the topic.

2. Generator of Paragraphs

The Paragraph Generator is just another amazing feature of Caktus. This application asks you to provide a brief description of the paragraph you want to write about, much like the essay generator. You will receive a unique and original output paragraph produced by AI after 15 to 30 seconds of waiting. For instance, this is what I received when I asked the paragraph generator, “What is Artificial Intelligence?” This chapter appears to be quite beautiful.

The language is clear and concise, and the information is presented simply. For this chapter, let’s see if Caktus lives up to its claim of offering original and fascinating content. For this paragraph, I’m going to employ an internet plagiarism detector called.

Duplichecker provides a copying example. As you can see, there is 9% plagiarism in this section. As you can see, the tool highlights the opening sentence of the paragraph and provides a link to the original source. So, take care as you progress! You should avoid plagiarism detection, especially if you rely on a system that says it won’t.

3. Calculus

The arithmetic solver mode in Caktus is a useful feature. You may quickly solve equations and arithmetic problems with this software. In this case, for instance, I’ve asked the tool to locate the quadratic equation’s zeros. It took less than five seconds to compute and this answer is 100% correct. However, this feature computes the results using Wolfram Alpha, a free service that is currently offered. In contrast to Caktus, Wolfram Alpha is available here for free usage.

Consequently, Wolfram Alpha enables you to calculate mathematical equations and exercises for free, even though Caktus performs the same job. You’ll see that the current arithmetic problem cannot be adequately described in English. It could be useful if you give it an equation to solve. As a result, this tool functions more like a graphical calculator than an artificial intelligence-based arithmetic solver.

4. Programmer

Finally, let’s look at the code writer tool. Since Python is the most widely used language, we will utilize it even if there are others. I requested that the tool create a script that extracts HTML from web pages using URLs that are saved in a text document. This was really incredible! I verified that the code functioned, and it did! In order to confirm that the script had successfully collected the HTML, I ran it through the terminal. I put all of the URLs into a text document that I made on my desktop. What a wonderful feature. More intricate coding will now have restrictions.

AIs can only generate incorrect coders. Primary use cases such as opening a file or reading data from a URL can currently be handled by AI. However, the AI is unable to produce a game or a meaningful, essential piece of software. I’ve now covered a handful of Caktus’s more notable characteristics. The code generator is great since it produces accurate code very quickly. But the other attributes also need to be mentioned. There is a free standalone version of the math solver available.

Additionally, despite their excellent performance, the paragraph and essay generators frequently make mistakes and utilize plagiarized text. The other features of Caktus are powered by the same technology. This implies that these problems are present there as well, even if I didn’t test them independently!


One great example of an AI-powered writing aid is Caktus AI. Since AI is the way of the future, you should begin experimenting with it right away. It’s important to keep in mind that this program is only a “AI assistant” and might not always finish your task for you. It even creates errors and uses copied text. Still, Caktus AI is really remarkable. Look at us right now! Nobody could have predicted in 2020 that these kinds of technologies will be accessible in a few short years! However, please use caution when utilizing the AI. The issue with AI is that it need assistance to think. A computer model makes a prediction about the result based on web research. It has no idea what is right or incorrect, therefore the fact that the outputs are accurate most of the time is only a statistical coincidence.


What sets Cactus AI apart from ChatGPT for students?

More adherence to academic norms is shown in the content generated by Cactus AI, which includes language appropriate for a certain grade and citations. The general-purpose responses from ChatGPT could have different contexts. Nevertheless, Caktus will benefit greatly from having a more thorough experience.

Is it okay for students to do their homework using Cactus AI?

Under supervision, academics can safely use Cactus AI as an ideation tool when used carefully. Verify whether employing AI-generated content is specifically permitted or forbidden by the institution’s policies, though.

Which subscription package with Cactus AI is best for me?

Consider how frequently you utilize it. The flexibility of monthly payments allows for the accommodation of erratic needs. Nonetheless, habitual clients might receive significant discounts from well-amortized quarterly and annual contracts.

Can educators recognize essays produced by Cactus AI?

When used properly, every essay produced by Cactus AI tools is unique, created with the most recent AI approaches, and passes even the most stringent plagiarism tests. However, before submitting, make sure the quality is checked again.

Will I progressively lose my ability to think creatively if I utilize Cactus AI?

There’s cause for concern. However, when employed sparingly for creative work and saved for administrative tasks like research and drafts, Cactus AI enhances learning in ways that go much beyond trade-offs. Monitoring use has benefits.

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