Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 – Top 10

Best AI Companies

AI is the technology that tries to make machines seem bright. AI is used to teach machines how to do things in a way similar to how humans do them.

It helps businesses in many different fields automate jobs they do repeatedly by using ML-powered solutions. It will help companies cut costs and get to a high-efficiency level. AI has new features like customer help available 24 hours a day, seven days a week called Chatbot.

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies

1) ScienceSoft

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

ScienceSoft is a trusted technology partner that helps businesses and software product companies plan and build AI and ML solutions. The company has 33 years of experience in data science and data analytics and nine years of experience in picture analysis and developing end-to-end big data solutions.

More than 700 experts work for ScienceSoft, providing the knowledge and experience to develop effective AI/ML solutions for commercial endeavors. ScienceSoft’s teams can develop advanced solutions for hyper-personalization, predictive maintenance, better demand planning and decision-making, process optimization with computer vision and speech recognition, and more.

They can ensure that development goes 1.5–2x faster because they are very productive and know much about big data and AI/ML technologies. They can also cut project costs by 20–50% with mature Agile and DevOps processes, efficient component reuse, and the right mix of manual and automated testing.

Founded In: 1989

Employees: 501-1000 employees

Core Services: AI solution ideation and architecture design, data management, AI solution development, ML model training, retraining, tuning, rollout, end-to-end AI solution testing, AI solution support, and evolution.

Clients: IBM, eBay, Walmart, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Leo Burnett, Lixar, and Viber.

Locations: US, UAE, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania.


  • There are over 30 businesses, such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy, retail, wholesale, financial services, telecommunications, and more.
  • Expertise in industry-specific standards (like HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, and GLBA) is needed to make AI systems that are fully compliant.
  • DevSecOps is a way to make a secure setting for processing and storing data.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 are approved to ensure that AI services are suitable and customers’ data is safe.
  • Primary ML tools, frameworks, and libraries like Azure Machine Learning, Apache Mahout, Caffe, Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, Keras, Torch, OpenCV, Theano, MLlib, scikit-learn, Gensim, spaCy, and more.

Pricing Info: ScienceSoft works with contracts with a set price, a time-and-materials (T&M), or a monthly fee. When asked, they give a custom price right away.

Website: ScienceSoft

2) Vention

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

Vention is a top custom software development company that helps fast-growing businesses and startups by offering dedicated engineering teams and innovative technology services. Their teams are carefully chosen to help their clients grow quickly and efficiently. With Vention, you can expect to be on the cutting edge of the newest technical developments, such as AI, IoT, blockchain, AR, and VR.

Vention gives clients a complete vision and plan for a total transformation. This helps clients stay flexible in a world that is constantly changing. With high productivity and great skill, Vention ensures that your projects can go from idea to market faster than with other providers.

The company’s dedication to quality and use of cutting-edge technology makes sure that your business stays ahead of the curve and is set up for growth and success in the long run.

Founded in: 2002

Employees: 3,000+ employees

Core Services: Machine learning, chatbot creation, natural language processing, time series analysis, neural networks, and computer vision are some of the essential services.

Clients: ClassPass, Freshly, StoneX, VerseX Studios, DealCloud, and Zilch are some of their clients.

Locations: USA, UK, Austria, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Pricing Info: Contact for details

Website: Vention

3) Saigon Technology

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

Saigon Technology is one of the best companies in Vietnam that helps other companies make software. It is also the top technology solutions provider for businesses that use machine learning and artificial intelligence. People who know a lot about artificial intelligence work for the company. They use their deep knowledge of AI to help companies make quick changes to the digital world.

Machine learning engineers, data scientists, and software writers who have worked at the company for a long time all work together to help organizations solve business problems using cutting-edge AI. The solutions from Saigon Technology have helped businesses simplify their processes and deal with problems so they can grow faster.

Founded in: 2010

Employees: 51-100

Core Services: QA Testing, AI development, DevOps advice, custom software development, cloud migration, and mobile app development.

Clients: Panasonic, Standard Chartered, Abbott, Stone Forest, and DMI are some of their clients.

Locations: Vietnam, the United States, Australia, Singapore, and Switzerland are the places.


  • Learning by Machine
  • Vision by Computer
  • The processing of natural language
  • Seeing what’s there
  • AI-assisted building of chatbots
  • Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence

Pricing Info: For a precise price, contact the Saigon Technology team.

Website: Saigon Technology 

4) Itransition

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

Itransition is a well-known IT consulting and development company that has been making AI and ML products for over five years. The company makes computer vision, natural language processing, and data mining systems built on artificial intelligence. For example, the company makes predictive analytics, intelligent workflow automation and monitoring, chatbots, and virtual assistants.

Customers of Itransition gain from the Agile development of open, flexible, and well-developed AI software. The company reports regularly on key performance indicators (KPIs) and follows coding rules and industry standards (like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS).

Founded in: 1998

Employees: 3000+

Core services: AI solution ideation and architecture design, AI algorithm selection, AI model training, data pre-processing, data security, software integrations and API creation, UX/UI and data visualization setup, end-to-end AI solution testing, and continuous support during software development and evolution.

Clients: Clients include eBay, Toyota, the GSM Association, IATA, the Economist, and more. US, Europe, UAE, Mexico, and Asia.


  • We serve many fields, such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, banking, transportation, automotive, and agriculture.
  • Expertise in AI systems for machine learning, data science, and robotic process automation.
  • Computer recognition, natural language processing, and data mining skills that you have used in real life.
  • Well-versed in AI tools and frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Theano, Caffe, Amazon SageMaker, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, OpenCV, Open AI API, and more.
  • Quality management and computer security management systems that meet ISO standards.

Pricing: $50 – $99 per hour

Website: Itransition

5) Innowise

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

Since its founding in 2007, when it was one of the first companies to work on AI, Innowise Group has been committed to innovation and progress in AI. This company made some of the most advanced AI platforms on the market, and some of the biggest names in the business use its goods.

Its engineers make cutting-edge solutions that are used by some of the biggest companies in the world, as well as by startups and people who are driving innovation on their own. The company’s goal is to give its customers the best technology and help so that they can keep making progress in AI.

Founded in: 2007

Locations: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, US

Employees: 1400+

Price: $50 – $99 per hour

Website: Innowise

6) InData Labs

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

InData Labs is a business focusing on AI and Big Data. The company helps businesses reach the next level using AI and Big Data knowledge. Artificial intelligence (AI), data science (DS), data capture (OCR), predictive analytics (PA), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and natural language processing (NLP) are among the most sought-after experts today.

Founded in: 2014

Employees: 80+


  • Cyprus (headquarters)
  • Singapore

Core Services: Core services include AI and Big Data development, data analytics services, recommender engines, NLP-powered software for customer review, collection, and analysis, and OCR and data capture solutions for automating and processing documents.


  • Custom solutions based on AI built from scratch.
  • AI and Big Data are used to improve existing solutions.
  • Using AI to make new products.

Pricing info: Information about prices: InData Labs’ services cost between $50 and $99 per hour.

Website: InData Labs

7) ThirdEye Data

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

For security cams, ThirdEye makes AI software. It gives you an answer with many different features that will help you deal with many different problems. The people who work in stores can give better service with this option. With this option, the staff can quickly help a customer who needs help or catch a thief. ThirdEye will work with the CCTV you already have.

Founded In: 2016

Employees: 11-50 employees

Core Services: AI software for CCTV and theft detection.

Clients: FordDirect, Nokia, Symantec, Microsoft, Merlin

Location: London, UK


  • A theft monitor at the checkout can give you a 9* ROI.
  • Using the info collected by the app, real-time dashboards will show how things are going.
  • It is a single security, analytics, and operations tool used across stores and devices.

Pricing Info: ThirdEye’s services cost between $50 and $99 per hour.

Website: ThirdEye Data

8) DataRoot Labs

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

DataRoot Labs is good at making and implementing AI-powered systems for different industries. It works with both companies and large businesses. It has worked on more than 50 projects before.

Founded In: 2016

Employees: 11-50 employees

Core Services: AI solutions for development, startup venture services, and AI transformation for enterprises.

Clients: ABM Cloud,,, StackTome, Everad, etc.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine


  • DataRoot Labs can offer free AI sessions for advice.
  • It helps with the whole fundraising loop.
  • It gives you a fast MVP delivery, complete IP transfer, and privacy.

Pricing Info: Reviews say the hourly price is between $25 and $49. The starting price for the plan is $5000. MVP starts for $15,000.

Website: DataRoot Labs

9) DataRobot

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

The DataRobot business Artificial Intelligence platform can automate the whole data science process from start to finish. It gives you the results of automatic machine learning, automated time series, and MLOps. With DataRobot, you can choose from different deployment methods, such as Managed AI Cloud, On-Premise AI Cluster, Private AI Cloud, and Hybrid AI Cloud.

Founded In: 2012

Employees: 501-1000 employees

Core Services: Automated Machine Learning and Time Series are two core services.

Clients: Clients include Lenovo, Deloitte, Panasonic, Accenture, and many more.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts is the place.


  • It can give correct information on a large scale.
  • It can work for any size of business.
  • It uses a variety of regression methods.
  • It can solve problems with more than one class that are very complicated.

Pricing Info: You can get a quote on the price.

Website: DataRobot

10) Master of Code Global

Best Most Promising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2023 - Top 10

Master of Code Global offers talking AI solutions for customer service, automating business processes, and doing business over the phone. It works with many different businesses, such as healthcare, energy, telecommunications, sports, etc.

Founded In: 2004

Employees: 51-200 employees

Core Services: Chatbots, Mobile-app development, Graphic Designing, and Web app development.

Clients: Aveda, Vayner Media, Jo Malone, T Mobile.

Location: California, US


  • It has been building web applications for ten years.
  • It uses famous platforms and NLP tools like Amazon Lex, Alexa Platform, IBM Watson, etc., to build intelligent bots.

Pricing Info: Reviews say that the hourly rate for the Master of Code is between $50 and $99 per hour.

Website: Master of Code Global


AI is used in many technologies, such as automation, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), robotics, self-driving cars, machine vision, and more. The top five AI companies we suggest are Master of Code Global, ThirdEye Data, DataRoot, DataRobot, and H2O.

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