Best SMS Marketing Software – Top 10

Short Message Service is what SMS stands for. It refers to the service that lets people send short texts to connect or share ideas or information. Short Message Service is a service that different service providers offer. It helps companies connect with leads, new customers, or current customers as part of their marketing process.

There are also different kinds of SMS marketing software that help businesses in different ways to improve their communication and sales.

Importance Of SMS Marketing

Ubiquity: SMS is used almost everywhere and by everyone. Even a simple phone can send or receive it. You don’t need a smartphone or the Internet to contact someone.

High open rate: High opening rate: People are more likely to open an SMS than an email or any other type of message. It gets open a lot.

Immediate delivery: It gets there right away, and unlike email messages, it is less likely to end up in the trash folder.

Convenience: Instead of calling or writing, it’s a quick and easy way to talk to anyone.

Familiarity: Everyone knows how to use their phone’s SMS service. So it is better for companies to only communicate with customers through SMS.

Top 10 SMS Marketing Software

1) EZ Texting

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

Best for making and launching customized business text messaging strategies.

EZTexting is one of the most well-known names in SMS marketing, with over 165k daily users. It is a cloud-based text messaging service that any business can use to connect with its customers through mobile technology.

Campaign management, text marketing, personalized sign-up forms, contact management, and many more features are all included. These aid companies in connecting with mobile customers and making sales. It also provides a large collection of premade layouts to create standard and visually appealing SMS and MMS messages.


  • Import, edit, and divide your list of contacts.
  • Access to tools for text messages, such as two-way texting and text forwarding.
  • With a style library, you can change how SMS and MMS look.
  • Make an image that can be scanned, like a QR code, to send people to your website, sign-up form, etc.
  • Let people sign up for your list by texting a phrase to your number.

Verdict: With EZTexting’s complete set of texting tools, you can rule the world of SMS marketing. EZTexting will help you connect, talk to, and persuade your mobile prospects by letting you divide your contact lists and personalize your text and picture messages.


  • Value: $19 per month
  • Essential Plan: $29 per month
  • Premium: $49 per month
  • Custom plan: $299 per month

Website: EZ Texting

2) SimpleTexting

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

The best for sales, marketing, and customer service.

SimpleTexting has many basic and advanced features to help you start a successful SMS marketing strategy. You have access to many text templates, segments, and custom fields that you can use to make unique marketing efforts for each subscriber.

You can send texts and alerts to everyone on your contact list at once with SimpleTexting. Regarding contact lists, SimpleTexting makes it easy to divide your list into different groups so you can send out a more focused text marketing campaign. You also get a mobile app that works on iOS and Android devices and has all the same tools.


  • Both ways of talking
  • Autoresponders
  • dividing up a list of contacts
  • Several people can use
  • MailChimp and Zapier work together.

Verdict: Connect with your mobile audience for marketing, sales, and support with SimpleTexting, an all-in-one text message tool. It’s flexible enough to adapt to your demands and integrates smoothly with your existing company software. This is why we advocate for SimpleTexting so strongly.

Price: The price for 500 points starts at $29 per month.

Website: SimpleTexting

3) Textedly

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

Best for texts with more than 160 characters.

Textedly is a two-way SMS app for text marketing. It lets its users text as a group, schedule texts, have texts automatically reply, send long texts, share links, upload subscriber lists, capture emails, use voice services, get automatic replies, text Instagram, personalize, run drip campaigns, text to join or vote, protect data and information, and more.


  • Sends texts in large groups or bulk.
  • Customers can get texts that automatically react to them.
  • With this program, you can send a text message later.
  • It helps make marketing programs like drip campaigns.
  • It lets people send long texts that are longer than 160 words.

Verdict: Textedly is suggested because it has simple, low-cost plans, so you don’t have to sign up for the bigger Plan if you don’t need to. Depending on what you need, you can choose a basic value plan. It’s best because it lets you send extensive texts bigger than other companies or apps allow.


  • Starter: $0 per month
  • Bronze: $24 per month
  • Plus: $39 per month
  • Enterprise: $50 per month
  • Elite: $70 per month
  • Business: $140 per month
  • Silver: $210 per month
  • Premium: $350 per month
  • Pro: $500 per month
  • Gold: $700 per month
  • Platinum: $1400 per month
  • Diamond: $2100 per month
  • Champion: $2800 per month

Website: Textedly

4) ActiveCampaign

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

Best for SMS marketing automation and text message marketing.

ActiveCampaign is good at email marketing in general, and it also has tools that make it possible to automate SMS marketing. Because of this, the tool is perfect for businesses that want to reach out to their customers while on the go.

By integrating with apps like Whatsapp, BulkSMS, etc., the software makes it easier to automate SMS marketing and makes it easier for you to reach more customers. You can also add SMS automation to a workflow you’ve already made to alert sales reps, follow up with a contact, and do other things.


  • Send planned texts and alerts automatically.
  • Bring in phone numbers from friends.
  • Handle your current list of phone numbers.
  • Set up texts to be sent at a particular time and date.

Verdict: ActiveCampaign makes sure you don’t miss any good leads by helping you find more of them through SMS marketing automation. The software lets you plan text messages and alerts so they go to your contact list at the right time and without trouble.


  • Lite: $9 per month
  • Plus: $49 per month
  • Professional: $149 per month
  • Custom Plan available

Website: ActiveCampaign

5) Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

Best for Sending SMS to Specific People.

Brevo lets you make personalized SMS texts that you can send to specific people in your contact list to get them involved. You have to write a message, pick a friend from your list, and set a time for the SMS to be sent automatically.

You can set up transactional SMS on the platform for payment confirmation, shipping updates, etc. With the help of classification tools, SMSs can be changed in many ways. You can also add contact information like the company name or last name on the fly. Lastly, get a way to measure how well your SMS marketing strategy is doing.


  • Personalization of SMS
  • Grouping people on a contact list
  • Scheduling of SMSs automatically
  • Insightful, in-depth analysis of the news

Verdict: Brevo is great marketing management software to reach more people with effective SMS marketing and cover more ground. You can quickly build, personalize, schedule, and manage targeted SMSs. You can also look at how your campaigns are doing to make any last-minute changes that will help you get the results you want.


  • A free plan is available
  • Lite Plan costs $25/month
  • Premium Plan costs $65/month
  • A custom enterprise plan is also available
  • 14 days free trial

Website: Brevo

6) Podium

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

Best for SMS promotion and getting leads from websites.

Podium gives its users many complicated but easy-to-use tools to help bring more customers to their businesses. The site does a great job of bringing in more reviews for your business. Podium goes above and beyond to ensure these reviews are easy to find on Google, Facebook, and other similar sites.

The platform also lets you add a web chat tool to your website, which can help you start conversations with your users. Because of this, Podium is a great way to find good leads. A podium is also an excellent way to start a campaign. With this tool, you can start custom campaigns that go after specific groups of customers in just a few minutes.


  • In a short amount of time, you need to get more reviews.
  • Get leads from your website.
  • Start your projects
  • All the texts will be in one place.

Verdict: Podium is a marketing platform that helps businesses attract new customers through recommendations from existing ones, creating new leads, and implementing hyper-specific campaigns. For this reason, it merits consideration.


  • Essentials: $289/month
  • Standard: $449/month
  • Professional: $649/month
  • A 14-day free trial is available.

Website: Podium

7) Freshmarketer

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

Best for SMS Marketing to Streamline.

Freshmarketer is a tool you can rely on to increase engagement through SMS and Whatsapp, emails, and chat. The tool makes marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) work smoothly.

It gives you a clear view of your customers from every angle. This information lets your customers have a much more personalized experience. You can use the platform’s robust data to determine how many people open and click on your SMS messages. This knowledge can help you get more leads and make more sales.


  • Multiple Ways to Connect
  • Marketing analytics that work
  • Partitioning the market
  • Automation in marketing

Verdict: Freshmarketer is for you if you want an easy-to-use, all-in-one tool for marketing, sales, and CRM management that is also smart. It will not only make your SMS marketing efforts better, but it will also make people more interested in other ways to talk to you.


  • Forever Free Plan Available
  • Growth Plan: $19/month
  • Pro Plan: $149/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $299/month

Website: Freshmarketer

8) SMSwords

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

Best for customers who are ready to use it.

You can use SMSwords to give your SMS marketing business the boost it needs. By signing up for its service, you get instant access to over 130 million cell phone users in 40 countries and over 10,000 places.

SMSwords make it easier to use SMS marketing based on where people are. You can set up your SMS ads to reach people in a particular country, city, or area. The tool also makes it easier to target more than one place. Another great thing about SMSwords is that it can’t be blocked by software that blocks ads. Even the most advanced tool used to block ads can’t stop SMS messages sent through this site.


  • Setting up an SMS marketing based on location
  • Get around ad blocks
  • Help for customers in several languages
  • Send SMS through Enterprise Level Tier-1 Direct Routes

Verdict: SMSwords is one of the best ways to boost sales through SMS marketing because it is easy to use, intuitive, and cheap.

Price: Each SMS starts at $0.042.

Website: SMSwords

9) Maropost

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

The best way to schedule and divide SMS messages.

Maropost is a platform that you can use to add push notifications and SMS to your mobile marketing plan. This platform lets you divide audiences into groups based on customer info and what they do on your website. Then, you can change your SMS texts based on what you’ve learned.

You can also set up events that send push messages with Maropost. These alerts can include deals, discounts, and tips just for you. Then, you can use application event tracking to track and measure how people use your mobile app.


  • Set up automatic SMS messages
  • dividing up a customer list
  • Push notifications can be set off.
  • Event Tracking in an Application

Verdict: If you want to do well with your mobile/SMS marketing, Maropost is the right app for you. The app lets you both divide your SMSs into groups and schedule them. You’ll find Maropost helpful whether you want to send SMS texts automatically or get push notifications.

Price: There are three pricing plans and a 14-day free trial.

  • Essential: $251/month
  • Professional: $764/month
  • Enterprise: $1529/month

Website: Maropost

10) JookSMS

Best SMS Marketing Software - Top 10

Bulk text texting is the best way to keep customers and find new ones.

JookSMS is one of the best, and sites like Capterra rank it as the number one SMS service. Over 5000 businesses use this as a marketing tool. Users can try it out for free and get a free sample. It has a good app for how it works and is easy to set up. There are no secret fees or charges, and customer service is excellent.


  • Using an app to send a lot of texts at once.
  • Putting together business plans.
  • You can set up Drip campaigns to regularly send updates on a set schedule.
  • It offers the ability to change message styles to be more attractive.

Verdict: JookSMS is suggested because it has features like drip campaigns and message templates that can be changed. They give their customers a free trial and a free test at no cost.


  • Free- $0 for 30 days
  • Prepaid- no fixed monthly cost
  • Basic- $25 per month for 1033 SMS
  • Gold- $50 per month for 2233 SMS
  • Platinum- $100 per month for 4666 SMS.

Website: JookSMS


In the study above, we found out how much SMS marketing is needed for a business, whether it’s a small or local business, a medium-sized business, or a large business. To reach people or talk to them, you always need a way to contact them. Short Message Service marketing is one way to do this.

There are many different kinds of Short Message Service marketing tools out there. Every program has some features that are the same as others and some that are different, but they all lead to effective marketing.

The above SMS software can do things like send many texts at once. Some, like TextMagic, Textedly, SlickText, etc., let you schedule texts. If you want to send a message longer than the usual limit, you can use Textedly. If you want more feedback and reviews, you can use Podium. This way, all software has many features that help you connect better and make more money or sales.

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