CouchTuner Features and Faq’s

If you have come across this article searching for the best place for watching TV series online then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to introduce one of the amazing platform “Couchtuner”. Couch Tuner is one of the amazing and reputed platforms for watching movies and the latest TV series at no extra cost. You don’t even have to register into the platform for using its services and this article is specially created to give some lights to this platform.

We know that many movie streaming sites are available over the internet. Some of them even provide you to watch it for free of cost and while some will ask you for a premium subscription for their premium content. In this condition, I only found Couch Tuner (Which is one of the trustable streaming service providers). You can watch the latest TV shows, and recently aired episodes on this free of cost.

Couch Tuner

CouchTuner is an established streaming service website that does allow users to watch any of its content like web tv series, movies and other online streaming content at no extra cost.

CouchTuner Features

To be instance, there are no restrictions while using this website. You are free to watch any TV shows, and even you can watch it multiple times without any hassle. I am highlighting some of the important features of Couch Tuner below.

  • You can watch or stream your desired TV show at full HD quality at no extra cost.
  • You can change the quality of your streaming anytime. (It is generally to save the data)
  • You are open to watching recently TV aired shows on this website without any premium subscription.
  • You can also download the episodes or entire TV series to watch later on your convenience.
  • The best user interface.
  • You can also opt to enable custom subtitles for international TV shows.
  • You can also discover the new shows if you are bored watching the current ones.
  • You can also contact support for adding the latest episodes as soon as possible.
  • The CouchTuner customer service is quite responsible and they do respond to every user query.

Frequently asked questions

I can understand, some of people must be having doubts and some questions in their mind that they want to clear it out. That is the reason, I am adding up the “Frequently asked questions” section here. You will find all the answers to the questions that have been frequently asked by our readers.

#1 I am not able to binge shows on CouchTuner? What should I do?

Sometimes, TV servers are crashed. So I prefer you to wait for a while and try again.

#2 Is it safe to watch TV shows over this website?

Yes, It is 100% safe. The reason behind this assurance is CouchTuner does not ask for any of your personal details like your credit card, bank or any other details. Hence, It is proved that this website is 100% safe for streaming content online.

#3 I am not able to open the CouchTuner website? What should I do?

This website is available for everyone globally. However, there might be a possibility that your ISP provider must have been blocked this website. In this case, you can use any VPN service provider for accessing this website.


Here we come at the end. Couch Tuner is one of the best online streaming websites. It does provide you the options to watch or stream any content over this website free of cost. However, you will find some advertisements that would be really annoying but we cannot expect everything for free.

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