Best Data Management Tools – Top 10

Handling the software or source codes used in program testing requires careful preparation, organization, and storage. The major objective of test data management is to ensure the program’s quality through testing and inspection. The software testing life cycle involves managing files, rules, and other elements throughout the entire process.

It separates test data from production data, generates testing reports, and optimizes testing data size. To manage test data effectively, a test data tool is employed.

Any Test Data Management Tool Follows The Following Steps Of Processing:

  • Any system keeps Data in different formats, types, and locations. Different rules are applied to this info. Hence, the test tool finds suitable test data from these data for the testing process.
  • Now, the tool extracts the subset of data from the chosen test data collected from multiple sources.
  • After selecting the subset of test data, the test tool anonymizes potentially private information about the client.
  • Now, the tool runs the comparison between the actual and baseline test data to check the accuracy of the application.
  • To improve the efficiency of the application, the tool refreshes the test data.

Through this article, you can get information on the primary test data management process and the top tools that perform this process.

Top Test Data Management Tools

#1) K2View

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

K2View is the best test data management (TDM) tool for businesses with complex environments. Testers can quickly create test data groups on demand from any number and production source type while maintaining referential integrity. Thanks to APIs, integration into DevOps CI/CD automation processes is easy.

Personal information (PII) is found and hidden at rest or in motion. The software also has features like versioning, subset reservations, reports, an authentication layer, and more. It can also create fake test data.

There are options for operation on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Download Link: K2View 

#2) Avo iTDM – Intelligent Test Data Management

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

Avo’s intelligent Test Data Management (EDM) lets you make test data as accurate and valuable as production data with a few clicks. Teams can speed up the whole testing process by using this fake data. The solution instantly finds and handles PII (data discovery), protects sensitive data for PII compliance (data obfuscation), and offers data provisioning and generation.

It has an open design and custom modules that are easy to plug in. Built on open-source technologies and container systems, it can handle billions of records on standard hardware.

With iTDM, you can:

  • Test faster to speed up application release.
  • Find non-compliant data in settings that aren’t production.
  • Follow privacy rules that are constantly changing and can be changed on demand.
  • Only send info that is useful to the next step.

Download Link: Avo iTDM

#3) DATPROF – Test Data Simplified

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

The DATPROF Test Data Management Suite comprises several products that handle test data. DATPROF Runtime is the most essential part of the suite. This is the tool’s base for providing test data, where DATPROF projects are run and automated.

Most of the time, the following tools are used in a typical implementation of test data management:

  • DATPROF Analyse: To look at a data source and make a profile of it.
  • DATPROF Privacy: So that modeling covering projects can be done.
  • DATPROF Subset: For modeling subset projects, the DATPROF Subset is used.
  • DATPROF Runtime: To run code and projects that have been created and to share datasets.

The DATPROF suite, which has a patent, is made to reduce the amount of work (hours) needed at each step of the lifecycle. This means that it can be set up quickly and is easy to use when it needs to be maintained.

Download Link: DATPROF 

#4) Informatica Test Data Management

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

Informatica Test Data Management Tool can subset, mask, connect, and generate test data. It automatically finds places where sensitive info is. This helps meet the growing need for test results.

It also meets all the needs of the application owner, infrastructure, coders, testers, etc. Informatica gives the development team a non-production collection that meets their needs. It also has built-in private data discovery, which makes test data more secure.

Download Link: Informatica

#5) CA Test Data Manager (Datamaker)

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

CA Test Data Manager is another great tool that makes it easy to create very fake data. This tool is made to be very flexible, so testing can be done more efficiently. CA technologies developed this tool. It acquires the Grid-tools DataMaker and is alternatively referred to as DataMaker, Fast DataMaker, and Agile Designer.

This software provides rapid data subsetting, filtering, test matching, and other functionalities. The tool creates test data, puts it in the test data library, and lets you use it again and again. Depending on what we need, we can use the on-demand service of the tool to get to the info.

Download Link: CA Test Data Manager (Datamaker)

#6) Compuware

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

Compuware’s Test data tool is another famous tool that helps you manage your test data best. With this tool, it’s simple to make test data. Testing data can be hidden, translated, made, aged, analyzed, and verified with this tool. The new thing about the tool is that it meets all computer test requirements.

It works with all common file types. With all of these features, it protects data in every way. This data privacy affects the industry’s file and data management systems and makes it easy to get to test data.

Download Link: Compuware

#7) InfoSphere Optim

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

The IBM InfoSphere Optim tool has a process and on-demand service features built in. This helps with constant testing and developing software in an agile way. The tool lets you test data in real-time, uses the right-sized test databases that work best, and automates the test data management process.

The tool speeds up the time it takes for organizations to make new apps, cuts costs, and speeds up the time it takes for apps to be delivered. It analyses and gives developers and testers new test data when they request it. These features provide a complete testing answer and lower the risks that can happen during testing or training.

Download Link: InfoSphere Optim

#8) LISA Solutions

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

LISA Solutions is an automatic testing tool that makes a virtual dataset that is very accurate in terms of how it works. The tool can import test data from different sources, such as Excel sheets, XML files, log files, etc. Developers or testers can quickly change the test data and put it all together in one place.

Automatic data hiding keeps private information safe without breaking any security rules. It also offers dynamic data stabilization, which checks that the test data is correct based on the business rules. The tool also has virtual test data that can fix itself, making it more useful.

Download Link: LISA Solutions

#9) Delphix

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

The Delphix Test data tool makes testing faster and better. Already known data is shared during creation, testing, training, and reporting. This information sharing is called “virtual data” or “data virtualization.” The tool’s virtual data gives complete, accurate, and full-size data sets in just a few minutes and takes up very little room.

It also saves money on storage. The tool boosts efficiency by delivering and setting up applications and databases automatically. The tool works on both public and private cloud technology, which means it offers services and services that you only pay for when you use them.

Download Link: Delphix

#10) Solix EDMS

Best Data Management Tools - Top 10

Solix’s test data tool instantly makes test data subsets for testing, development, masking, patching, training, and outsourcing. The tool also makes clone production data subsets from extensive databases and takes care of them.

These clone data groups are made based on the business rules set by the organization. This will cut the time and money spent on infrastructure by up to 70%. The results are more accurate when they are based on these proper and realistic subsets of data. The tool saves time and space and gets rid of security risks that aren’t necessary.

Download Link: Solix EDMS


The piece above gives some basic information about the best test data management tools and what they can do. After looking at these tools, they are unique, but they all use the same test data method.

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