DaVinci Resolve Coming To iPad: What You Need To Know

With technology constantly on the move, it’s getting harder and harder to create videos that can stand out amongst the crowd. Actually, let’s start over. 

With technology constantly evolving, it’s becoming easier and easier for people across the world to not only create content but make sure it looks quality. This is what makes it hard to stand out amongst the crowd because there is a crowd in the first place. 

Suddenly, your editing, effects, colour correction and post-production have to be top-notch in order to become noticed. Editing, especially, can make or break a project. Sure, if it’s done efficiently, good editing may pass unnoticed, but it is essential in creating a Hollywood-caliber digital video. 

This is especially true if you are perfecting your digital film on the go. In today’s world, there is no room for error. No room for the second-rate, no time to simply “start over”. Everything, from editing to colour correction, must be done efficiently and to the highest level. 

DaVinci Resolve’s Move To iPad

This is why something like DaVinci Resolve coming to the iPad could be so crucial in the grand scheme of things. The announcement came two months ago, with Blackmagic stating that the iPad version of DaVinci Resolve – which is a video editing application originally developed by da Vinci Systems – will be compatible with the iPadOS 16 or newer. 

DaVinci Resolve has long been providing creators with a way to efficiently colour grade, colour correct, edit, as well as add visual and audio effects to their digital films. It also follows the buzzword mentioned earlier. Hollywood. Of course, there are multiple apps which offer video editing services, but DaVinci brings it to another – more professional – level. 

Using this service on the go will also be a game-changer for the industry. Editing on a tablet, like an iPad, has always been less efficient than desktop editing, which is why DaVinci Resolve’s move to the iPad is a big step forward for editors looking for consistency in their content. 

The Power Of Apple’s iPad Is Utilised

It may be on a smaller screen, but DaVinci Resolve’s move to the iPad is no downsizing. In their unveiling, Blackmagic revealed that DaVinci Resolve will be optimised for multi-touch technology, including the utilisation of Apple Pencil. It will also provide access to image technology, a colour-finishing toolset and the most updated HDR workflows. 

The Apple Silicone iPad Pros also have an optimised performance compared to earlier models, which means the DaVinci Resolve will deliver a performance that is four times faster, with an Ultra HD ProRes render on any iPad Pro with M2. Also, HDR will be available for 12.9inch iPad Pros with an M1 chip.

The service is extremely practical. Any creator can transfer a clean feed grading monitor output to any Apple-compatible display, which allows them to work on post-production from the iPad directly .  As well as this, cut-page editing and colour pages are optimised for the screen size, and it supports multiple-user collaboration and is compatible with any DaVinci Resolve 18 project files.

Stay On-The-Go Whilst Staying Professional

Every creator has likely had the unenviable task of video editing on the go. Sometimes deadlines are tight, and accessories are limited, which is why it has become important to have a sufficient service that is compatible with the iPad. It doesn’t matter if you are commuting or simply away from the office – having the ability to use software which resembles your main set-up is perfect when it comes to continuity and quality.

It also saves on the slightly draining situation of lugging a laptop around with you. Apple iPads are secure, lightweight and – most importantly – easy to use. As mentioned before, the Blackmagic Cloud also makes it practical to move projects back and forth between the iPad and primary devices, meaning work can be done on-the-go and then can be immediately transferred to a base-point studio or office.

Take Advantage Of DaVinci Resolve On Your iPad

In a world growing more technically proficient – and digital films getting more and more impressive – it is important that working on the go without sacrificing anything can be easily achieved. The DaVinci Resolve will be able to assist creators in a way that has not been done before, especially since it is coinciding with the launch of the M2 iPad Pro, meaning it will take advantage of Apple’s most recent chip. 

Users will now be able to put their full attention into making their videos perfect, safe in the knowledge that there is no dip in quality and no sacrifice of power or capabilities. If you are a creator who is looking for software to up the quality of your videos, then make sure to look out for the launch and ensure that you continue to stand out from the crowd.

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