Unique Jewelry: Custom Pendants, Dog Tags

Custom pendants and dog tags have become one of the very common yet favorite fashion accessories for both men and women. Pendants of any kind can make a perfect gift to your loved ones on any occasion.

Going for a customized pendant gives a special touch as you engrave the name of your loved one or a little picture printed on the jewelry. The same goes with dog tags; well, if you are hearing about dog tags for the first time, let us tell you what dog tags are.

Read along this article to know about dog tags, custom pendants, and where you can get these in the best quality and pricing.

What are Dog Tags?

Initially, dog tags were used to identify the soldiers of the military. Later on, Romans mentioned dog tags as a piece of jewelry which is a disc that a person can wear around the neck.

In earlier times, this disc would be engraved with the name of the soldier along with the details about their legion for identification purposes. As time has passed, these dog tags have evolved and have taken different styles and shapes.

After being used in the military for ages, these dog tags have now moved into the civilian world as well. Sometimes you could see a patient wearing it due to their certain medical conditions so that people may help them in emergency conditions like epilepsy, heart disease, or diabetes.

On the other hand, these dog tags have become very versatile and popular in the fashion industry. These have become one of the major fashion accessories for any outfit. These custom pendant dog tags can vary in different styles, and they can also be worn in different ways. Most commonly, people like to custom make these dog tags and engrave their name on them, while the rest of the time, these dog tags are inscribed with their favorite quotes or any lyrics of a song. As the fashion industry has advanced, some dog tags even come with special and precious stone engravings.

Before Choosing a Custom Pendant Dog Tag

There are a lot of different options for choosing a material for your custom pendant. The Gold can either give the shades of white or rose, but a mix of other metals could give your dog tag custom pendant a mix of different colors. To get the best quality, you should make sure that you are choosing a high-quality metal for your pendant.

Where do you get these Custom Pendants from?

As we know, it is way easier to find a huge range of products online, but not every product we see is worth buying. Some could be online scams, others could be low-quality goods, and some of the time, after paying huge amounts, you don’t even get your products up to the mark in terms of their finishing quality.

That is why we have listed below a ton of the best custom pendant products for your ease and where you could get them from.

ItsHot is an online shopping store that assures you of the best quality custom pendant and other jewelry options. Their team assists you step by step throughout the design, price, and the specified size of the item to make sure what you have imagined in your mind becomes a piece of their jewelry in reality. Their step by step making of these best-quality custom pendants includes:

  1. Design – You can send them the design of your own choice or what you have imagined of your desired pendant style.
  2. Material Selection – You yourself decide for the size, materials, and style that fit your needs as well as your budget.
  3. Casting or Modeling – After making 20% of the product’s down payment, the making of your requested custom pendant is started.
  4. Payment and Shipping – After receiving the picture of the finalized product, you then pay the full amount for the product. The team of ItsHot then ships your custom pendant to your given address.

Here are some of the most common styles of custom pendants that are also the best sellers of ItsHot.

Dog Pendant in Solid 14k Gold

This small yet engravable dog tag is decorated with a black diamond of ¼ carat. This dog tag can be customized with the engraving of your choice, and you can either add a photo to make it a memorable addition to the jewelry. It is available in 14k white, rose Gold, and Yellow Gold, which can be designed with diamonds of your choice.

Custom Made Diamond Circle Pendant

This custom made diamond shaker pendant by ItsHot weighs around 20 grams and shows 8.7 carats of sparkling diamonds. This pendant is customizable and can also be made with metal type material filled with different colors of diamonds and gemstones of your choice. You will need to purchase a chain separately.

Small Engravable Dog Tag Pendant

This dog tag custom pendant comes in 14k Gold and is decorated with black diamonds of ¼. It can be customized with an engraving of your own choice, and you could also add a photo to it. This beautiful pendant gives a highly polished back and looks perfect from every angle. You can also customize it with different color diamonds, and it is available in different shades of Gold as well.

Other than custom pendants and dog tags, ItsHot has a wide range of jewelry options, including Mens Color Diamond Ring.


As the fashion industry is evolving and aching in every aspect, custom jewelry options are becoming one of the favorite jewelry options. Both men and women choose custom jewelry options like dog tags and custom pendants. The internet is filled with online stores for good custom pendant items, but we entrust you with the best selling online jewelry platform called ItsHot. ItsHot has more than 20k products that you can buy online within a few clicks, and it also guarantees you the best pricing for each of its jewelry items. Read the article above to know about their jewelry processing and some of their best seller items.

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