7 Facts About the Software Development Industry

The software creation business is increasing, and this is likely to keep happening in the future. Statistics show that the number of jobs for software workers is expected to grow by 22% from 2019 to 2029. The industry tends to go up, which is shown by the fact that the desire for the job keeps going up.

This trend will continue as new ideas are tried, and discoveries are made daily. The Internet of Things is a vast field that needs a lot of software and hardware to run the new digital world we’re making. Android, iOS, web apps, and intelligent devices are set to take over the world in the coming decades. So far, the software development business has kept up with all these changes.

For this IT change to happen, many tools and languages are taught and used. Python, C+, and JavaScript are all languages that are often used, and many tools, such as SCA tools, help you build the best software. SCA tools make it possible to build secure software quickly with the best architecture and, to top it off, in a very safe setting. The following numbers show how quickly software development has been getting better and better.

Following Are The 7 Facts About Software Development Industry 

1. Demand for Developers in Niche Areas: 

The need for software developers is growing, especially in areas like cloud computing, hacking, artificial intelligence, and making mobile apps. As we’ve already said, the total demand is expected to increase by 22 percent, which may seem insignificant over ten years. But the average demand for all jobs during the same period is only 4%, making the 22% necessary.

Demand is high for these areas, especially cloud computing, which grew 17% in 2020. This is okay for a year with an outbreak. Cybersecurity is also rising as a field because of strict rules from the government and more security risks caused by the rise of cloud computing.

2. The Demand to Continue: 

The same study that gave us the above statistic about the need for software developers also tells us that the demand will keep increasing. It says that by the year 2023, there will be about 27 million professionals working in the business.

3. The IT Industry is Full of Competition:

 Software development is very competitive, with many skilled developers vying for jobs and projects. In 2015, a vast 4.2 million engineers worked in the software development business in the U.S. alone. Around the world, there are about 6 million Android developers, which shows how popular Android is becoming in smartphones.

4. Open-Source Coding:

The Internet world may seem like it only cares about making money, but more and more coders are helping to make open-source software. A survey shows that 29% of programmers work on open-source software creation. This may not be because they want to help others, though. The main reason is that programmers want to get better at writing code.

5. Outsourcing is Becoming More Common:

Agile software development methods are becoming more and more popular. They are based on ways of development that are iterative, collaborative, and customer-focused. Many software workers work from home and use tools like video conferencing, project management software, and instant messaging to work together as a team.

As a result of the pandemic, companies have learned that it is possible to work abroad without losing efficiency. This has made outsourcing more common. One study found that about a quarter of executives lean toward outsourcing software development for different reasons. About 4% of the software industry’s total revenue comes from work done by people outside the company.

6. The Most Common Languages: 

There are a lot of different computer languages, but some are used more often than others. Among these are C++ and C#, two of the oldest but most valuable languages. Java and Python are two other industry-leading languages. According to a study, about 40% of programmers use Python, and 70% have used JavaScript in the last year.

7. AI is the future:

There is a lot of demand for software writers knowledgeable about new technologies like blockchain, machine learning, and virtual reality. Statistics show that the demand for AR/VR developers has increased by 1400% in the last few years. Also, one in two companies has a clear plan for using AI to make software. Innovations like AI-based development are needed to improve productivity and shorten the time needed to make a single piece of software.

List of Software Development Courses

To make software, IT experts and writers must make computer programs that deal with specific problems. During the software development life cycle, developers from different areas work together on different program parts at different times.

So, these steps are put together to make the program or app that can solve the problem no matter the information given. As the IT business grows worldwide, so does the need for skilled workers.

To get a job at your dream company, you would need more training on top of your academic qualifications. Graduates and other professionals are taking online software development courses to move up in their jobs as software engineers.

First, look at a list of the best software development classes offered by Great Learning that you could take to learn and get started as a developer.

  • Program for making software from the ground up
  • Certification in software engineering at a higher level
  • PG in data science software engineering
  • PG in data science software engineering (acc.
  • Software development and engineering school for people who have already finished college.

Wrapping Up

Because the software industry is constantly changing, everyone in this area should be aware of the changes that are taking place. Because of this, execs and business leaders should first be clear on the current state of software development and the trends that will be most important in the coming years. This is true for both people ready to join this world and those already a big part of it.

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