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How To See Deleted Google History On Android

The websites’ visited pages and the login time are recorded in Google History. To avoid problems with history in the future, you must restore this information. If you frequently use a particular website, add it to your favorites.

Accidentally deleting files, including history, is a common issue that causes some challenges with future browser usage. Clearing your history means you can no longer access the articles or other material you were investigating because it is not readily searchable. Another possibility is that you received a link to material that is not in the public domain. The answer to the query, “How To See Deleted Google History?” is excellent news. It is conceivable, yes.

Everything that is deleted with a single operation can be retrieved. Therefore, if maintaining your privacy is vital, you should use specialized software to delete files and avoid using Google’s cloud service completely.

How To Recover Google Deleted History

Recovery From Google Account

  • Open Chrome on your Android smartphone and type the following address:
  • After entering your Google account information, select Data & Privacy.

how to recover deleted google history on laptop

  • Look for the Google Chrome icon by clicking the See All button next to the Things You Produce and Do section.
  • To retrieve the deleted bookmarks and browsing history, tap it and then choose the Download Data option.

how to find deleted history on google chrome on android

Use Recoverit Data Recovery Software

  • Plug a power wire into the phone, and the computer will recognize it as an external storage device. Before that, it’s essential to be familiar with a few aspects of the Recoverit Data Recovery tool:
  • Whether Android or iOS-based, the Recoverit program reads all phones and handles them like an external storage disc, similar to an SD card and a USB flash drive.
  • It can read and retrieve everything from images, documents, movies, and browser data.
  • Whether your data is virus-infected or not, Recoverit will restore them to their original condition after you run a recovery scan on the device.

Recover Deleted Browsing History From MiniTool

  • It would be best if you used its retrieve from the Phone module to retrieve deleted browsing history from your Android phone directly.
  • Fortunately, this software’s Free Edition can recover 10 browsing histories each time. To test whether this free software can locate the desired Android history, you can download and install it on your computer. Additionally, this app is compatible with Windows 10/8/7.
  • New data can readily overwrite the erased browsing history. Therefore, you must cease using your Android device immediately to save it from being overwritten and permanently unrecoverable.
  • It would be best to first root your Android smartphone for the Recover from Phone module to function properly. You may also lookup a tutorial for your brand of mobile phone online at the same time.
  • Close any other Android management programs when using this data recovery app for Android. If not, this app might not operate properly and cannot locate the erased browsing history on your Android smartphone.

Recovered From Android Browsing History

Finally, as illustrated below, another pop-out window will appear. The View Result button in this window lets you open the designated storage and see the recovered Android browsing history in its original form.

As you can see, recovering deleted web history on Android with MiniTool Mobile Recovery is quite easy. However, you can purchase an advanced edition of this software if you want to utilize it to recover additional files without restrictions.

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