Five Ways Voice Technology Assists People with Impairments

The duality of life is not something one can escape from. No, the double-edged knife of two opposing forces will always teach us lessons. Technology has not stopped short at offering us both help and destruction. Well, if you were not able-bodied perhaps you’d find a different, more positive relationship with technology.

Individuals who have impairments might welcome assistance from technology a bit more quickly. Now, children who cannot speak can communicate with their parents. Adults can converse with strangers at a store with the help of their phones, like the speech generator services. Today, you’ll read about a few ways voice technology can assist people with impairments.

Text to Audio Reads Documents Aloud

Students of all ages that have visual impairments can take advantage of text to audio services and listen to the course materials, like textbooks and printouts. Text to audio also may alleviate confusion in those with dyslexia or learning disabilities. Students can read and listen to the material at the same time, increasing their level of absorption.

Read Texts and Emails

Applications and software can take the text to audio easily. Now, the visually impaired are able to listen to text messages and emails from friends and family. Conversely, the can respond using speech-to-text, or any variability to match each person’s varying abilities.

Assist Daily Navigation

Daily navigation for adults is a bit easier with a handy text to audio converter if you need one. Those who are deaf or visually impaired can make phone calls with text-to-speech converters or speech-to-text, respectively. Errands are never easy, but maybe this technology can lend its hand and spare some frustration.

Communicate with Loved Ones

Physical limitations can be so severe that some parents are able to have conversations with their children. Well, new technology is advancing to the point where designers have created software that helps children and parents converse, no matter what your abilities are. Text to audio allows the individual to communicate in a way they couldn’t before. Even so, they’re matching voices to the most realistic sounding option!

Gives a Voice to Those Who Don’t Have One

This goes along with the aforementioned, but voice technology gives a voice to people who may not have one. For whatever reason, the ability to speak can be lost and technological advances have made up for the disparity. Users of all backgrounds can enjoy chatting with their friends using these services.

Where It is Bad, There is Good

Depending on who you ask, technology will either save or destroy us. I’m hoping for a nice balance myself. I enjoy focusing on the brighter side-effects of technological advances, like how we can feed more people on Earth or people with impairments living more enriching lives with applications and software.

Maybe next time you’ll think twice before answering when you’re asked whether or not technology will ruin the human race. Maybe you’ll remember this article and that with all things life, duality exists; where it is bad there will also be good. 

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