Dungeons and Dragons Carrying Case

Have you ever thought why to use Dungeons and dragon case? If you treat your miniatures seriously, you might need a case to keep them together, secure and clean. In this way they will always be prepared to use whenever you will need it. The minis are being collected to take part in war games, but there are groups of people that just collect them as a hobby, but the miniatures will never join any war game.

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Around the world, many wargame competitions or events take place to form a great show and bring together the leading players or fans. The market offers a wide range of games that will delve you into wargaming. Games Workshop is a brand that is known to every war gamer. It is a main manufacturer of the games and miniatures that has its headquarters in the UK. The wargaming movement has already gathered thousands of fans together. The numbers have been increasing year by year. Obviously, every game is designed to follow certain rules to get involved in a battle. The same happens with miniatures. These small creatures feature different powers or knowledge that can wisely be used against your opponent. The key is to use the right ability at the right moment. Every movement should be based on a previously prepared strategy and must follow the game’s restrictions. The meetings of wargamers bring not only the competition, but also the unique ambience, a possibility of sharing experiences and the joy of focusing on one topic among so many people.

Frequently, the miniatures are perfectly designed and painted with a heart full of commitment and dedication. The miniatures ain’t just miniatures that you could possibly buy at a random store. The real wargamers know their value, therefore the minis should be stored and transported in a secure and comfortable way for the holder.

How would you define a miniature carry bag?

It could be a particularly created bag that has been made to meet the prerequisites of each miniatures’ proprietor. The more time you are gonna dedicate to the wargaming world, the sooner you will realise that you need a special miniature case for your little treasures. As an active gamer, you need a safe and reliable case to transport the miniatures all over the world. This kind of bags should meet all the technical requirements concerning a holder’s comfort. It should be light, waterproof, stable and foolproof. Their most important responsibility is to protect miniatures from possible damages, scratches or even fall downs. Dimensions of such a carrying case should also be carefully designed. They ought to be adjusted to the miniatures derived from various wargames. Quite frequently you will find the cases filled with a special type of foam. This foam is shaped to secure the exact miniatures. Mostly, it is difficult to change the foam that was already cut.

Why A-case?

Our great experience has allowed us to produce miniature cases that are able to satisfy diverse needs of the wargamers. Not only the functionality matters, but also the design. The miniature cases offered by Army Case solid, elegant and extremely handy. The secret is hidden inside a bag. It is a magnetic system that prevents the minis from sliding or unpredictable moving. Thanks to the metal trays, your miniatures are safe and you are free to place inside differently sized miniatures. You can replace the metal trays whenever you need it, having guaranteed the safety of your treasures.

The A-case collection consists of „Victory”, „Kane” and „Messenger” models. They feature varied capacity and advantages depending on client’s needs.You can choose from various sizes and capacities. Just pick the one that will satisfy your requirements. In the offer you will also find IKEA additional shelves, magnets packs, brushes and tools roll bags.

Moreover, you are free to personalize the color of your case, but the trays will always remain black. Army Case uses the highest quality materials to produce their cases for Dungeons and dragons miniatures. The quality is proven thanks to the positive reviews we have received so far. The company is currently offering free shipping worldwide!

In what situations should you use an A-case?

You’ll be able utilize our travel pack for dungeons and dragons in any weather conditions. They are waterproof, so you’ll freely carry your miniatures including stormy time. In addition, it is conceivable to travel with them when flying and they are likely to be classified as baggage by airport terminal staff. The frames are strong and steady and balanced to effectively be transported in a car. The shape of the miniature carry cases makes it feel comfortable and handy. In case you would need a few extra trays, you’ll be able to get them in our store.

Our goal is to create your experience with A-Case conceivably the foremost fulfilling. We unequivocally persuade you to believe in our imaginative ideas and rely on our involvement within the miniature cases development. In our store, you’ll get free shipping worldwide (including the US).

Pick one for your valuable dungeons dragons army!

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