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SHAREit is a well known Chinese app for moving or sharing files and documents. This App is generally utilized for sharing reason. It is accessible for both Android and iOS. This app gives great experience however because of the boycott of 59 Chinese app alongside SHAREit alternatives forced the user to stop the utilization of this app. additionally; this app is taken out from Google Play Store and App Store after the boycott. Also, Indian Government requested to block access to app servers so active users can’t utilize these app any longer.


  • Because of the tension in India-China border, the Indian Government has restricted 59 Chinese app alongside the well known data sharing app SHAREit. 
  • Likewise, under the Information Technology Act, the emergent nature of dangers has constrained 59 apps to be blocked as they are busy with data transfer activities. As per area 69A, it is biased to India’s power and integrity, defense of India, the security of the state, and public request. 
  • In this situation, other than having Bluetooth in cell phones, we need to think about the SHAREit Alternative for sharing our files and data starting from one device to another device without utilizing the web.

Best SHAREit Alternative Apps:

Anyway, it is very great to have alternatives open. In this manner, here we go! Let’s have a look at some of the

File By Google

Also you hear the name Google and trust show up naturally. Assume you are searching for a solid SHAREit alternative; Files by Google can be an incredible alternative. This furnishes you with encrypted file sharing secure by WPA2 encryption. Indeed, this powerful application utilizes Bluetooth and a quick Wi-Fi association for moving huge documents. Presently, File move happens in seconds securely and safely.

Send Anywhere

According to the name, it can permit the client to share any sort of document to anyplace. Send Anywhere is the best alternative to file sharing app. First and foremost, the client needs to enter a one-time 6 digit key to move records. You need no Wi-Fi or web association with share documents. At one-time multiple users can get the document by means of the sharing link.

For keeping up client information security, this alternative is ensured by 256-digit document encryption protocol. Likewise the free form of the app has many ads.  To dispose of these promotions client need to purchase the exceptional form. It expands the size, stability and file transfers speed.

Feem V4

Assume USB cables still entangles you to search for Wi-Fi or moving files or mobile data to impart documents to friends and buddies. Feem V4 will make a huge difference for you. well, Be it filw transfer move from phone to phone to phone to PC or even the other kind of round, Feem V4 has everything arranged for you. Presently, Feem functioning doesn’t need internet yet requires the devices to be associated with a similar hotspot or router.


Superbeam is the most established alternative application of SHAREit and best app for File sharing app. It assists with sharing a wide range of files and documents in both Android and iOS. It likewise assists with moving documents from android phone to PC or Mac. Superbeam is a cross-stage files transfer app with an instinctive interface and very quick.

Share All

Share All is outstanding amongst the most alternative app of SHAREit. It assists with sharing all sorts of documents between two devices without compromising of protection. There is no a size or amount limit for sharing documents. Like SHAREit alternatives, this app likewise needs Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access to share records and no web availability required. It gives most extreme up to 20MBps sharing speed. It isn’t the quickest yet offers a good service. It is totally free to use and best Indian alternative app of SHAREit.


Zapya is a cross-stage service that permits you to share various types of documents back and forth between devices. It has a cleaner UI than SHAREit and isolates the valuable highlights from garbage. There are ads present on the app, yet dissimilar to SHAREit they are not especially in the manner to make it unusable. The service doesn’t need the utilization of an active internet connection for data transfer, yet rather, makes a hotspot to share content between devices. It can move various types of documents including photographs, recordings, music, docs, and so forth between devices.


Xender is another cross-stage document sharing a alternative. Much the same as SHAREit, it is likewise supported over a wide variety of stages like Android, iOS, and Windows. In addition to these stages, Xender additionally gives a web interface to simple file sharing, like Zapya, which proves to be useful when you need to share content across devices rapidly. The service permits you to share different sorts of documents between devices without requiring a active mobile data connection.


PushBullet is another alternative that can be utilized to move content between devices. It has a straightforward UI to permit you to send records, in addition to sending links, getting notifications, messaging with friends, and sending instant messages. Thusly, it makes a passage between your devices to permit you to move records without any problem.


If you are the person who totally wants to boycott China and its items, this is what you can do, utilize the stuff made in India. JioSwitch is an Indian alternative in contrast to the SHAREit that can help move records without utilizing Mobile Data or the Internet. 

Shockingly, this app doesn’t give you ads, unlike the other app that give you a lot of ads. This app is a cross-stage app that supports data transfer among Android and iOS. Moving the documents is simple over the Wi-Fi regardless of the limit.


“Filedrop” is a sensibly alternative in contrast to SHAREit. With this app available to you, you can impart records to simply two or three taps over Wi-Fi. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a noteworthy looking UI like its partner, it works similarly as productively. In contrast to SHAREit, it doesn’t appear to be cart at all and runs easily over the devices. As there isn’t a lot to design, you can easily master it without having to go through a lengthy learning curve.

Bonus Tip: Many people asking about “how to use shareit”. The answer is First to open shareit and click on the Receive button. And on another device click on your profile from the Radar-like screen. Now the files will began to transfer from one device to another device. Hope you get the solution of how to use shareit.

Final Words:

Well, if you want to shares many files or data, you need a file sharing app like SHAREit. So, here we mentioned the above SHAREit alternatives, you will have a better app to transfer files across family, friends, and colleagues no matter what device you are utilizing or what device they are utilizing.

Give these file sharing apps a sometime and tell us which has been you’re a favorite in the comments section below. 

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