15 Best Free Android Running Apps of 2024

The most excellent running apps track your training, which can help you become a better runner. These are the most significant running applications, and they’re free! Whether you want to create your own jogging routes, exchange stats with friends, or track your pace and distance while running! While some running apps may provide paid choices for specialized training features, all of them are free to download and use.

Are you trying to find the best mobile apps for work? AI-powered writing aides, better photo editing, fitness monitors, navigational aids, weather predictions, music selections, exercise programmes, and productivity enhancers are just a few examples of what’s available. Finding the finest applications might be challenging when there are many of them accessible.

This post selects the best Android apps for making the most of your device in the upcoming year. These top-rated applications have you covered whether you’re looking for cutting-edge AI, enhanced creativity, health motivation, travel aid, pleasure, or business solutions. Update your phone today with our carefully curated selection of the top apps currently available at the Google Play Store.

Best Free Android Running Apps

Are you trying to find the ideal running app to help you on your fitness journey? Our guide covers both experienced runners looking for sophisticated features and newbies looking for easy-to-use monitoring. We are aware that the correct software may completely change the way you run, from simple distance tracking to individualized training regimens and social media integration.

1. OS Maps

Would you like to venture off the usual path? You can locate the UK’s most adventurous jogging routes by using the OS Map app. Because of its large user base, which develops gorgeous routes through breathtaking rural landscapes, and its unmatched database of footpaths, rights of way, and other information, we enjoy the OS Map because it gives a broader range of courses than most running apps. While you run, it can track your path as well, though it won’t provide a report that is as detailed as a running-specific app like Strava.

2. Runna

Think about Runna if you plan to run a marathon in the future or, actually, if you’re planning any other kind of long-distance assignment. Runna’s key differentiator is its ability to create customised training plans for runners of all skill levels. The app features designed workouts that include intervals, tempo runs, and long runs for maximum growth, with programmes catered for everything from 5Ks to ultramarathons.

3. Strava

Strava is an all-inclusive running companion. Your smartphone’s GPS is used to track runs precisely. It records every important metric, including distance, pace, elevation, and heart rate, that you require to assess a run. Users can create and monitor goals related to their growth while carefully analysing their runs to pinpoint their strengths and shortcomings.

4. Runkeeper

One of the most widely used running apps is ASICS Runkeeper, which works well for monitoring runs and integrating with other tracking devices like Apple watches. Runkeeper allows you to set up reminders, which will appear on your phone and serve as a self-discipline guide. If you need a little more inspiration and guidance, you can sign up for Runkeeper Go’s pro edition.

5. Garmin Connect

My preferred running app is Garmin Connect since it syncs well with my Garmin running watch, which I use. I like depending more on my watch than my phone when I run because it’s convenient to sync it with my Garmin after becoming inundated with social media and notifications. To sync your Garmin watch with the app, all you have to do is download the Garmin Connect app, open it, and watch the circle complete a full circle.

6. Nike Run Club

I think Nike Run Club is one of the best and most user-friendly running apps. Nike Run Club records your running routes, pace, and distance travelled. The app features challenges you may join in addition to providing statistics to track and inspire you to run. The app has a social component as well; you may add friends and encourage them when you see their fitness-related updates. An Apple Watch may be used to sync free training plans and guided runs with the beginner-friendly Nike Run Club app.

7. CharityMiles

Running CharityMiles is a terrific way to raise money for charitable causes. With a simple time and distance tracker that you can use while running, it’s one of the most basic jogging apps available. The best feature is the charity option, which lets you select a charity to donate to with every mile. In addition, some charities already have sponsors that give a predetermined amount. You can obtain sponsorships to help collect money for the charity. This app’s primary flaw, in my opinion, is that it only features huge charities many smaller ones are omitted.

8. Runtastic app

Another GPS running monitoring software that displays your pace and distance is the Adidas Runtastic app. The app’s challenges and social features allow you to share your exercises with friends who are also using it.

9. WhatsApp

One of the top 2024 apps for regular usage is WhatsApp, which has over 2 billion users globally. It provides free end-to-end encrypted texting, phone calls, and video calls using cellular or Wi-Fi networks. The software syncs easily between devices and runs on iOS, Android, and computer systems.

10. Spotify


One of the best apps available to all users in 2024 is Spotify. It provides access to 3.6 million podcasts and an extensive music library of over 82 million episodes. Spotify uses playlists and personalized guidelines to appeal to human potential. With the Premium subscription, you may listen offline, get rid of ads, and access better sound quality.

11. Zoom

After the pandemic, Zoom is the platform of choice for video conferences worldwide. Joining members’ video conferences, webinars, conference calls, and chat rooms is simple and easy with this virtual meeting tool, which is ranked among the Top 15 must-have apps for 2024. Zoom works best for meetings and distance learning because of features like display screen sharing and real-time whiteboard collaboration.

12. Slack

Slack quickly rose to the top of the list of the top 15 apps for all users in 2024 because it gave teams an exceedingly simple method of working and revolutionising business communications. Through seamless integration with widely used applications like Asana, Jira, and Trello, Slack facilitates smooth cross-departmental teamwork. It is, therefore, one of the most important mobile apps.

13. Instagram

Instagram, which is included among the Top 15 must-have applications for 2024, is a popular app used by everyone for sharing images and short videos. It provides an easy method for grabbing, adjusting, and scaling visually appealing content. Real-time engagement is possible with Instagram Stories and Instagram Live. Facebook and the app are smoothly integrated.

14. Peloton

If you’re an indoor runner who prefers to log your kilometres, it can be challenging to find an app that makes using a treadmill more enjoyable. The favourable tidings? The Peloton app offers a tonne of unique live and on-demand running sessions, and it can be used on any treadmill—not just Peloton’s Tread.

The trainers on the Peloton app, ranging from Susie Chan to Becs Gentry, are its most significant selling point. For those who want to have fun, there are themed runs (we really enjoyed the Disney run), and you may customise the runs based on time or objective. The workouts were quite inspiring and simple to follow, even with an iPhone pressed up against the treadmill’s screen.

15. Zombies, Run!

If starting a run seems intimidating, consider infusing your training with a sense of (very motivating) menace by using Zombies. Run! The software mixes your music with a variety of storylines and missions to immerse you in the thick of a zombie apocalypse while you run. What could be a better way to pick up speed than following the instructions to gather supplies, build an impenetrable base for zombies, and save humanity?

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