15 Best iOS Keyboard Apps for iPhone & iPad

As everyone knows, when it comes to customisation, there are more user-friendly operating systems than Apple’s iOS. But things have improved since then, and you may now change a few aspects of the operating system, such as the default keyboard. Since iOS 8 offered the ability to customise the keyboard, a vast array of third-party keyboards have become available through the App Store. Which third-party iOS keyboard, though, is the best option for your iPhone and iPad? Here are the top 15 third-party iOS keyboard applications for iPhone and iPad that you should use in 2020, which we’ve personally chosen for you.

Are you sick of typing on the same old iPhone keyboard? In 2024, is there a better way to get better at typing?
In today’s constantly evolving technological landscape, iPhone users have a plethora of keyboard apps to choose from, all of which claim to revolutionise the way they write, speak, and express themselves.

Whether you love personalising your smartphone, are addicted to social networking, or are just a productivity enthusiast, this blog post is your thorough guide to the top 23 iPhone keyboard apps on the App Store.

15 Best iOS Keyboard Apps for iPhone & iPad

In this article, we’ve chosen to present a selection of the top keyboard apps for iOS devices. These keyboard applications will provide the most fantastic typing experience. Now, let’s investigate.

At present, the iOS app market offers a tonne of iPhone keyboard apps that can enhance your typing experience. The top 20 iPhone keyboard apps are listed here, and they can improve your typing experience in general.

1. Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard is the most downloaded keyboard app currently available on the Play Store and the iOS App Store. Because of its unique qualities, Android users find it trendy. Its auto-correct feature, which efficiently recognises typos and corrects them for you, is its most significant and noticeable feature. Additionally, it has built-in emoji prediction, which anticipates the best emojis to use as you type. It stands out first on the list because of these attributes.

Support for over 150 languages, including four English versions, two Portuguese versions, Italian, German, four French versions, and three Spanish versions, is another fantastic feature of this iOS keyboard.

2. Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is among the most significant iPhone keyboard applications. It keeps things looking tidy. The most appealing thing about it is its ability to customise the Keyboard’s appearance with a few different options. Thus, you can customise the Keyboard’s appearance to suit your preferences. It has several intriguing features, such as custom symbols, swipe type, and numerous themes.

This programme is available in over 40 languages in a free version. A subscription plan, on the other hand, allows you to use it entirely ad-free and offers access to a more extensive selection of themes and stickers. But, it will only cost $20 a month and is really costly.

3. Grammarly

One of the best keyboards available now is Grammarly. This iOS keyboard application’s most notable feature is its extensive grammatical review, which is superior to any other spell-checker. It gives you spell-checking and punctuation tips, and it indicates words that are misused. The keyboard app offers synonyms and helps you expand your vocabulary. It is the perfect software because of its features.

Emojis, auto-correction tools, and the ability to build your lexicon are all included. This keyboard will come in handy whether you need to write a lengthy report or want to draft a brief email. In the end, Grammarly’s instantaneous writing criticism will help you ensure that your work is flawless.

4. Bitmoji

For the iPhone, Bitmoji is an excellent emoji keyboard application. It provides everything you might need for typing, including text suggestions and auto-predictive text. This is complemented by a large selection of emojis to convey your emotions.

With Bitmoji Keyboard for iOS, you can create a dynamic avatar and customise it with a wide range of stickers and moods. You can even use an avatar that Bitstrips has already created, which is a convenient option. However, to start the avatar creation process and sign into Bitmoji, you will need to provide your Facebook login credentials. Therefore, be sure of that.

5. Fleksy

Users of the Fleksy keyboard can write joyfully and in their unique style. This keyboard can even be customised with solid extensions and more than fifty themes. While some of the themes are paid for, the majority are not. This software has more than 800 emoticons. Not only that, but the program also features a built-in GIF search engine. More than 40 languages are supported by the keyboard as well. English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and many more are among them.

Additionally, you may test out a variety of Flesky extensions, like Number Row, Cursor Control, One-Handed Typing, Hotkeys, Rainbow Key Pops, and many more.

6. Gboard

In addition to being among the most excellent keyboards for Android users, Gboard is also highly well-liked by many iPad and iPhone owners. Gboard’s integration with Google Search is its most significant feature; you can search for a location, articles, photos, GIFs, or even an emoji and share the results right away with the person you are chatting to, all without ever leaving the app. In addition, the keyboard offers a plethora of unique capabilities, like handwritten input, voice dictation powered by Google, AI-assisted predictions, and glide, swipe, and gesture typing. Recently, the keyboard was also updated with new features like the ability to make stickers and GIFs. Gboard is among the most fantastic keyboards available overall.

7. Color Keyboard

The ideal keyboard software for you is Colour Keyboard if customisation is your top priority. With the help of the app, you may alter the fonts, backgrounds, button colours, and keypress colours in addition to creating vibrant keyboard themes. Not only can you alter the wording, but you can also change the function buttons. Emojis are easily accessed and supported by over 40 languages. It also keeps the iOS 13 keyboard’s intelligent cursor function, which lets you rapidly shift the insertion point by tapping and holding the space bar. Additional benefits include accurate typing, fast theme changes, and fast deleting, among others.

8. RainbowKey

I introduce the RainbowKey keyboard to those who find that emojis are a better term than words. You can choose from over 5000 brand-new, animated 3D emojis and stickers with this software. You can look for these stickers and emojis online or make your personalised keyboards using your preferred emojis. Additionally, you can customise your keyboard with over 40 different fonts and images. If you feel like you need to make your keyboard themes, you can utilise the lovely built-in themes. Emoji prediction, customisable emoji skin tones, one-handed typing capabilities, and a convenient swipe typing interface are among the additional features. You will appreciate this iOS keyboard software if you are an emoji fan.

9. Tenor Keyboard

As the name suggests, Fancy Key is a really colourful and lovely keyboard application. It is unquestionably the most excellent keyboard if you’re looking for one that is customisable and has standard keyboard functions like auto-correct, emoticons, fonts, etc. The software also offers a distinctive swipe-typing experience. With Fancy Key, you can personalise your keyboard with over 100 colours and 50 themes. Beyond all of that, though, is an integrated emoji art feature that lets you create custom emojis.

With dozens of vibrant fonts and styles to choose from, the fancy Key is widely considered one of the most excellent custom keyboards for iOS.

10 WordBoard

This keyboard app elevates rapid typing to a new level. Install WordBoard if you’re sick of typing the exact words and phrases over and over again. You can design your custom keyboard for responses and phrases with this software. With a single keystroke, you may create and insert phrases, templates, snippets, and more. For those who enjoy organising their emails on their iPhones, it’s fantastic. Store those email responses close to hand so you can quickly input them. It’s an unusual keyboard, but it works well.


Search for and share GIFs in your discussions with GIPHY, an iPhone GIF keyboard app. The app offers access to the world’s most extensive collection of free GIFs, Clips, and Stickers. You can also use GIFs, stickers, and clips to contact your friends when you use this iPhone keyboard software.

Furthermore, the programme gives you the ability to share GIFs with other instant messaging apps like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and a few others. GIPHY is an excellent iPhone GIF keyboard software.

12. NextBoard

Although NextBoard is less well-known than other iPhone keyboard apps, it’s still a fantastic keyboard app to check out. With this keyboard app, you can maximise productivity like never before.

With the help of the software, you may add repetitious words, make clever keyboard shortcuts, and more by setting up custom phrases and templates. In addition, it offers a clipboard and the ability to remap special characters and other features.

13. Better Fonts

If you’re looking for an iPhone keyboard software that lets you text in gorgeous and weird fonts, Better Fonts might be your best option. What do you think? Users can text in a variety of font types with Better Fonts.

After installing the app, users must hit the F button to choose the font and begin typing. Therefore, Better Fonts is one of the most significant iOS keyboard apps available right now.

14. Kika Keyboard

Kika Keyboard is the only keyboard software you need for your iPhone if you want to add some flair to your social media posts.

Numerous social networking and instant messaging apps, including Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, iMessage, and others, are compatible with this iPhone keyboard software.

You can get emojis, stickers, typefaces, and themes from it. The most recent version of it also includes themes for quotes, emoji artwork, and GIF compatibility.

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