Best Linux Distros for your Laptops 

Whether you want to buy a laptop with pre-installed Linux or choosing a Linux distro for your existing laptop, there are many things that you should consider. The great thing about Linux is there is distro for everyone’s to use. It does not bother what kind of laptop you’re using. You can your old laptop into the next level by just install Linux.

But there is much Linux distros available; finding the best one Linux distros for your laptop may be problematic for you. So, read this article to know about the best Linux distro for laptop.


Manjaro is the popular Linux distros for its excellent hardware support.

Manjaro has fast and pleasing interface with the customized lightweight desktop environment. Its speed and efficiency both makes easy installation for anyone, the access of two models Arch User Repository or rolling release development model makes it ideal Linux distros for your laptop.

Great benefits of Manjaro are its ability to switch between kernels, the humongous Manjaro software repository, and its friendly community.

Many Manjaro users state that their laptop battery going dead when they when running it. But this problem can be solved very easily by installing Linux Advanced Power Management Tool.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is the most famous Linux distros around.  Millions of users use this Linux distro and after more than thirteen years of development, Linux Mint is still safe and stable.

Linux Mint’s environment is fast and easy in use. Its icons or windows are very clean.  

Linux Mint is very fast with the development of Linux Mint 19 Tara. Its Boot time is also very fast as well.

A great thing about Linux Mint is the Timeshift software which permits its user to make a system snapshot.  Great benefits of Linux Mint’s are its great software repository, boasting more than 30,000 selections. Its file manager gives its users basic file management or also permits its user to connect with servers and mount locations by using protocols.

Well, there is no KDE version even after thirteen years of development.


Ubuntu is the father of many distros because it is released first in the year of 2004. Ubuntu remains famous in its Linux community and still has four rankings.

Many longtime Ubuntu users are happy with its interface, but not all Ubuntu users think like that.  However, its latest version Ubuntu 19.04 release’s, the Gnome implementation is snappier than its previous versions.

Its Installation is very fast, and snappy.  Its Canonical’s Live patch service enabling your Ubuntu laptop to get security updates. Some Standard users also get tokens without any cost.

Its overall interface is very nice and smooth. In Ubuntu boot time is a problem on some older laptops. The only best way is to replace it with Ubuntu.

MX Linux

Its customized lightweight desktop environment ensures you fast booting .its core components ensure support for your older laptops but with a very low cost.

You can find things very easily and directly by its single taskbar.  Its Tools permits its user’s quick access to change settings and perform small tweaks.

Its Installation is very easy, and its Synaptic Package Manager permits its users to access to a great number of packages, although the base installation has a well-rounded set of software.

Laptop battery or performance is not an issue in MX Linux.

MX Linux has not a single issue.  Its Packages can be easily installed without any issue.  It is the most functional distro in this list.


Solus is a very versatile Linux distro that are for more powerful laptops. While Solus can run on that laptop that has less hardware power.

Solus has many editions such as Solus Budgie that is full of features, has a luxurious desktop and using modern technologies.

Solus also has a great range of famous applications in its repository but the installed applications base number is fairly small. You can increase it easily without any difficulty. It has rolling updates and a decent package manager.

How to choose a good Linux Distro for your laptop?

There are many Linux distros, finding out the best one is difficult for you here are a few things that you should consider to choose a good Linux Distro for your laptop.

Hardware specifications: 

Check its hardware specifications for your laptop or recommended hardware specifications for the distro.


Firstly consider that thing that you’re doing with a distro and your laptop. If you just want to check your emails, or browsing the web, then you don’t need a specialized distro such as Opens USE.

Check various versions: 

Most Linux distros have lightweight installations, therefore, have many download options. If the distro is too heavy for your laptop, then check other more lightweight options. A great example of lightweight is Ubuntu.

The good thing about Linux is that it’s totally free and open-source, so you can easily experiment on your laptops.

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