“” Apple has recently made more iPhones in India. India has been sending out more iPhones made by Apple. Between April and August, this took place. This shows that India is getting to be a good place for Apple to make its products. This article will discuss why Apple’s iPhone sales are rising in India, how this affects India’s economy, and what problems and opportunities this creates for the future.

Apple is making things in India instead of China and trying to sell more things there. Smartphones are made in India because the government helps and the people who work there are good at what they do. More iPhones were sent to other countries from April to August, which shows that this has been going on for a while.

In 2017, Apple started putting together iPhones in India. They mostly made older models, such as the iPhone SE and 6S. As production has grown, younger phones like the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE (2020) are being made.

Reasons why the number of iPhones exported is going up

#1) Production and construction close to home

India is sending out more iPhones because Apple set up plants and places to assemble them. Apple can save money on labor and taxes by making iPhones in the United States. This makes iPhones cheaper and better able to compete with other phones sold worldwide.

#2) Policies and incentives from the government

The PLI plan is one thing the Indian government has done to get big companies like Apple to build things in India. The PLI program gives money to companies that make goods and sell more than they did before. This helps them make more things in our country and sell them to other countries.

#3) International markets with more demand

As more people worldwide like and buy iPhones, demand for Apple’s products keeps increasing. Apple has plants in India, making it easier to keep up with the growing demand. From April to August, Apple sent more iPhones to other countries. This shows that they can keep up with the needs of foreign markets.

Effect on the Economy of India

More iPhones are being sent from India to other countries, which is good for the Indian economy and helps it grow in different ways.

#1) Doing jobs and learning new skills

People have gotten jobs directly or indirectly through Apple’s companies in India. People of all different kinds have jobs making iPhones, from those who work on the assembly line to those who build and fix the phones. In this field, you can find work even if you don’t have much training. This helped more people get jobs and made Indian workers better at what they did.

#2) Help the production industry

Apple’s move to India has helped the electronics industry grow and made other companies want to invest in India. More people want parts and extra help, so companies that make those things are doing well and helping the manufacturing industry improve.

#3) Earnings from foreign exchange risk

When money from other countries comes into the United States, it helps our economy and gives us more money to use later. This also helps India have a more robust economy and buy less than it sells.

Problems and What the future holds

#1) Competition from other places where people make things

Apple makes things in India, but China and Vietnam are still strong rivals. Some countries are better at making things than others because they have better roads and companies and can make many things simultaneously. India must keep improving its factories and businesses to keep up with the competition.

#2) Infrastructure and supply chain upgrades

If India wants to keep making things, it needs better roads and ways to move things around. Making the supply chain more robust and fixing problems with getting things from one place to another on time will make it easier and faster for companies like Apple to get their goods to customers.

#3) The possibility of more growth and expansion

Despite the challenges, India’s industrial sector offers plenty of room for expansion. By supporting initiatives like “Make in India” and the PLI plan, the government is doing its part to boost economic growth.

Why are more iPhones being sent out of India?

Several things have led to India exporting more iPhones.

Here are just a few:

  • Apple goods are becoming more popular in India.
  • Apple attempts to make less of its products in China.
  • The Indian government incentivizes foreign companies that want to invest in the industry.
  • India has a lot of skilled workers.
  • India’s favorable business setting.

India’s rising desire for Apple products is one of the main reasons iPhone exports are increasing. The middle class in India is overgrowing, making more people want high-end goods like iPhones. Apple has also spent a lot of money on marketing and advertising in India, which has helped more people know about its goods.

Apple’s attempts to make fewer of its products in China have also increased the number of iPhones shipped from India. China is the biggest smartphone market but is also a political minefield for Apple. The Chinese government is vigilantly monitoring the firm because of allegations that it is operating illegally. Apple plans to reduce its dependency on China and hedge against political risks by increasing production in India.

Is it Apple’s intention to demonstrate that the chasm between India and China is closing with the release of the iPhone 14?

Apple’s new iPhone 14 may help India catch up to China when making smartphones. The iPhone 14 is expected to be the first iPhone to be made in India in significant quantities. In recent years, Apple has been increasing the number of products it makes there. This could help create jobs and make the Indian economy stronger.

But it’s important to remember that China is still the most prominent place in the world where smartphones are made. Like most iPhones, Apple’s iPhone 14 is also likely to be made in China. This is likely to stay the case in the future as well.

It is too early to say if Apple’s new iPhone 14 will help India catch up to China in making smartphones. But this is fantastic news for India since it has the potential to provide employment and stimulate the economy.

The following factors may allow Indian smartphone production to catch up to that of China:

  • The Indian government incentivizes foreign companies that want to invest in the industry.
  • India has a lot of skilled workers.
  • India’s favorable business setting.
  • Apple is putting more focus on India.
  • If India’s factory environment improves, the country could one day be a big smartphone player.
  • This would give the Indian economy a big boost and put millions of people to work.


#1. What is the current share of the Indian market for iPhones?

Apple’s share of the Indian phone market is only about 2% to 3%. Apple focuses on selling its products to people willing to pay more. Even though Apple doesn’t sell as many devices as other brands in the general market, its devices can compete with the best products.

#2. How does it help Apple that iPhones are made in India?

Apple can get a lot of benefits from making iPhones in India. This means the company can make products in multiple places. Instead, it can make products in different places. This means that Apple can save money by making their goods in India, where the labor cost is lower. Since they are making things in India, they can also save money on taxes. Apple can meet the needs of Indian customers better and faster by making goods in India.

#3. Are all types of iPhones made in India?

At the moment, not all iPhones are made in India. Now, Apple makes more kinds of iPhones, like the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE (2020).

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