12 Best CamelCamelCamel Alternatives 2023 offers a simple way to monitor Amazon product price changes, receive alerts when costs are down, and even view price history with historical charts and other useful information. The entirely searchable web software is available online and via the Camelizer browser plugin, compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

What Is CamelCamelCamel?

An Amazon affiliate and price change notification service, camelcamelcamel, alert consumers when the prices of goods they want to buy are going on sale. To ensure users get the best value for their money, it emails users reminders when prices drop. The price variation charts monitor an item’s price over time and alert users when it is about to go on sale.

How do I use Camel on Amazon?

It is a very easy and user-friendly application that doesn’t require additional installation. To receive notifications, subscribe with a confirmed email address or add an add-on to your browser. Many people round the world have access to the Camel Camel Camel solution at any time.

Is CamelCamelCamel Safe?

Yes, It is safe to use. This tool is very easy to learn how to use. By looking at its user-friendly layout, you can quickly learn what this product does and how it might benefit your selling business.

What is the alternative to Camel Camel?

They are many good alternatives to Camel Camel. Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Keepa, AMZScout, ASINSpector, Sellzone, and Smart Scout.

Best CamelCamelCamel Alternatives

1: Jungle Scout

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Jungle Scout

In addition, Jungle Scout has a fantastic Chrome plugin that provides access to historical price information and much more. Users can choose between the extension’s Lite and Full versions depending on their requirements. The AccuSales algorithm aids sellers in data analysis and product concept validation. To simplify product research, the program utilizes over a billion data points daily.

If you are set up as a seller, you can ask your customers to evaluate products using the Request evaluate feature.

2: Helium 10

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Helium 10

Price tracking is only one of the things we use frequently in Helium 10, one of the best Chrome extensions I’ve ever used. You can access Amazon price monitoring information by using the extension’s Xray functionality. I recently conducted a case study to prove that the data is really accurate.

After installing the extension and activating the Xray feature, a pop-up window displaying a product’s price history will appear.

3: Honey

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I must acknowledge that not many Amazon merchants use this tool for this reason; some do, but not in the same way as the other options we’ve looked at. Honey was not initially intended to be a tool for tracking prices; instead, it is primarily used to locate internet coupons. You can sign up for Droplist to receive email alerts about changes to Amazon product prices.

Users can keep an eye on a product for 30, 60, or 90 days. A product’s price history for those similar periods can also be accessed.

4: Keepa

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A tool for tracking prices called Keepa has been available for a number of years. The capabilities it offers are sophisticated, yet the layout leaves something to be desired. Keepa has a lot to offer Amazon sellers, including stock availability graphs, deal notifications, and pricing history graphs.

You can examine pricing history information immediately on each product page, just like with the other extensions. You’ll be happy to know that Keepa also functions on Edge, Opera, and Firefox if you don’t always use Chrome.

5: Seller Labs

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Seller Labs

Even more, established than CamelCamelCamel, Seller Labs enjoys high regard among Amazon vendors. Seller Labs Pro is the finest substitute for building your feedback and raising your average rating score, albeit you won’t get much product research.

Tier-based pricing is used for Seller Labs Pro. The price you pay depends on how much revenue you generate annually.

6: AMZScout

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The AMZScout Pro Extension is simple to set up and will get you access to crucial product information, such as pricing history, levels of competition, and projected monthly sales. Another aspect of this plugin I like is the ability to view product trends.

When installed, the AMZScout icon in your browser can be used to access the extension. To view information regarding any specific product, select the Product History option. The history of the product rank is also displayed here.

7: AmazeOwl

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Amaze Owl is a cool program, but it doesn’t completely replace Jungle Scout. Although it won’t completely replace many of the other essential Jungle Scout capabilities, it is useful for product research.

In addition, Amaze Owl differs from camel in that it is a Mac and Windows download rather than a web application or browser extension. Amaze Owl costs only $19.99 per month when paid yearly, which is quite reasonable. Additionally, their free plan has sufficient features to warrant downloading.

8: ASINSpector

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Because so many people consider it as a substitute, we feel compelled to include it, but ASINSpector Pro is simply not on the same level as Jungle Scout or the majority of its rivals. The data is extremely wrong, and it is merely a Chrome plugin. I used to be a huge fan, but since it first came out, it has gotten worse and has not progressed, while other tools are becoming better.

The fact that ASINSpector Pro is reasonably priced at just $187 for lifetime access is the sole saving grace in this situation.

9: Sellzone

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The newest Amazon sourcing tool on this list is Sellzone, but as a member of the SEMRush family, it got off to a great start. One of the most fmous brands in the SEO and keyword research fields is SEMRush. They have access to an incredible quantity of data and are masters of it.

Profiting from this, Sellzone offers CamelCamelCamel-like capabilities in a stunning, simple-to-use interface.

10: Viral Launch

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Viral Launch

We consider Viral Launch to be one of the best substitutes available today. It gives all of the features found in Camel sites and even goes further than A/B testing. Viral Launch costs significantly more than similar products.

11: ZonBase

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ZonBase is a piece of software that has recently entered the market. Kevin David, an expert on Amazon and a popular YouTuber, launched it.

Although less feature-rich, it shares a lot of Camel’s functionality. Since you won’t experience “paralysis by analysis” as you do with the more intricate CamelCamelCamel rivals, this may really be a beneficial thing for novice sellers.

12: Smart Scout

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Smart Scout

While Camelcamelcamel provides solutions for both small and large organizations, Smart Scout appears to be aimed toward smaller companies. Additionally, Smart Scout markets itself as a tool for internet sourcing and arbitrage. Though it can’t compete with Tactical Arbitrage.

Although it’s a good program, most of Camelcamelcamel’s capability is now missing, and the cost is a little excessive given what it can do.

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