Should You Splurge Or Save In These 5 Camera Equipment?

Photography is a fun and rewarding hobby. If you have been eager to try photography and are ready to level up your mobile phone snaps to professional-looking photos, consider investing in a camera and the right equipment.  

Investing in the appropriate gear will enable you to capture good-quality shots and eventually master the basics of photography. In most cases, you don’t necessarily need to buy the latest camera. A slightly used model is usually a good starting point if you’re only starting one.  

As for the camera gear and equipment, you have a vast selection, and deciding which one to invest in can be a challenge. Here is some of the camera equipment you should consider investing in soon. 

Camera Lens 

If you buy a new camera, the lens is an important consideration and can be a challenge. As one of the basic elements of a camera, you can find different camera lenses on the market, but there are several things to keep in mind. One is the focal length of the camera lens since it determines the photo quality, while the aperture is another important factor. 

Today, you can find camera lenses in both affordable and high-end price ranges on the market. If you have a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera), you have various options, but getting a complete set of lenses might not be advisable if you’re only a newbie. 

For beginners, you’ll have a good start and be able to save with an 18-55mm lens. The versatile nature of the lens makes it a must-have, and some brands offer it at an affordable price.  

Camera Bag  

A reliable camera bag is a must-have for both newbies and professional photographers. It’s one of the essentials worth splurging on since a handy bag will allow you to carry your camera anywhere conveniently. 

Today, you can check out a wide selection of camera bags in different designs and materials. When choosing a camera bag, make sure you’ll go for a material capable of protecting your camera from the elements and possible bumps and scratches from daily use. 

Memory Card  

A camera essential you should be splurging on is memory cards. Don’t just settle for any usual type of memory card. One must come from a good quality brand. Make it a priority to invest in memory cards that boast high capacity and speed to ensure all your photos are safe. 

A good memory card will allow you to take more photos. The faster it works, the quicker you can take photos and download them at the end of the day.


Depending on the type of photography you want to engage in, there are instances when you need a tripod, especially if you love to take landscape or scenic shots. Generally, a tripod helps minimize the camera’s movement and ensures the best quality for your photos. It may also be handy if you want to try vlogging soon.  

Photographers utilize a tripod for long exposure shots and in low light scenarios. Some utilize a tripod to maintain a low ISO to minimize the amount of noise in the images while providing the highest dynamic range the camera sensor can capture. 

Although there are several considerations when selecting the right tripod, such as the maximum load it can support, height, material, legs, tripod head, and locking system, to name a few, consider investing in a superior brand. It’s the best decision if you spend most of the time taking landscape photos and long exposure or nighttime shots.  


Even if you have all the basic equipment with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, you’ll not be able to take photos when you have an empty battery. The worst-case scenario is when you fail to bring along spare batteries, especially if you’re in locations where you cannot charge your current battery.  

When investing in batteries for your camera, there are several considerations to keep in mind. An important consideration is the battery’s capacity. The number of images you can capture with a fully charged battery will depend on its capacity. When buying one, the capacity is shown in milliamps per hour (mAh). It would be best to go for a battery with a higher mAh to ensure the battery life lasts long. 

The charging time is also a consideration, especially if you go on continuous photo-taking sessions. A battery with a short charging time can be used again, usually after two or three hours of charging. However, whether you’re a professional or a newbie, having spare batteries is a sure way to prepare for the inevitable. 

Final Thoughts

Investing in camera equipment can be challenging, especially when deciding which ones to splurge on or save. If you’re starting in photography, these are just some basic equipment you should consider splurging on. However, as your skills eventually grow, a time will come when you’ll, later on, invest in more high-end quality replacements. Doing so ensures you’ll always have good-quality photos at all times.

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