Best Skype Voice Changer In 2023

The phone and video calling app Skype are very amazing. You get access to a huge selection of incredible features. Together with a host of other functionality, its main features include text messaging, video calling, and phone calls. You can express a range of emotions to the recipient via text messaging.

You can use one of the many voice-changing Skype apps available to spice up your video calls. A voice changer enables you to change your voice into one with a particular speaking pattern or to use a particular back sound. Here is the evaluation in case you wish to learn more about them:

Best Skype Voice Changer

1: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Skype voice changer online

Are you trying to find the most significant Skype voice changer with amazing features? If so, you can use this particular program. Use AV Voice Changer Software Diamond to alter your voice into something more captivating. Your pals will be in awe when you use this software to create video calls.

Sadly, because of how sophisticated this program is, not all people are suited to use it. You can use this software as a sound editor and change voices. A voice recorder and a file converter are also included in this software’s functionality. With this software, you can select from more than thirty voice effects, seventeen artificial voices, seventy background effects, and forty plug-in effects.

2: Voice Candy for Mac

skype voice changer android

A software called Vocal Candy is exclusively accessible to Mac users. Their product on the Voice Candy website is called the “Photo Booth of voice software.” Using a Photo Booth to experiment with various voices is entertaining. Only eight different types of voice diversity exist, though.

It is merely one of its minor drawbacks. Because of this, some people will pass it up even if it has 8 options that can be used in a way that is both useful and enjoyable.

3: Voxal Voice Changer

skype voice changer male to female

In contrast to most voice changers, this program allows you to alter the voice in already recorded audio files. So, you can alter the voice-over using various voice tones for various projects. This software also includes a variety of vocal effects, including guys, robots, echoes, girls, and aliens.

Another benefit of this software is its small size, which makes the download process quick. As a result, despite the software’s low CPU utilization, your computer continues to operate without any issues.

4: Skype Voice Changer

Skype voice changer app

The greatest voice-changing program now on the market, in my opinion, is the one that comes with Skype. This software has many great features and is quite strong and handy. Because Skype Voice Changer has an intuitive user interface and requires no prior technical knowledge, anyone can use it.

The voice changer that comes with Skype is the best voice changer available. With this software, you can alter your voice in real time. Among the available effects are a robot, a deep sound, Echo, Wobble, a chipmunk, and other noises. The Skype Voice Changer Software is the best voice-altering software, not only because it can modulate the voice but also because it includes this feature.

5: MasqVox Voice Changer

Skype voice changer free download

You can alter your voice into various sounds using this app. The program may function in real-time when you speak into the microphone and place a Skype call. Afterward, you can edit your previously recorded audio files using this best voice changer for Skype software.

This software is quite helpful for those who desire a distinct voice tone for voice-over and other audio projects. Also, this program is compatible with various chat programs, like Facebook Messenger, TeamSpeak, and others.

6: Clownfish Voice Changer

Skype voice changer apk

The Clownfish voice Changer is a terrific voice-changing tool for Skype users. It is a helpful tool for both inexperienced and averagely skilled users. If none of the software choices mentioned above have yet satisfied you, you can try the Clownfish Voice Changer.

Clownfish voice changer installation takes place at the system level. And for this reason, it also functions on a wide range of other IM services besides Skype, including TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Ekiga, Jitsi, Steam, Hangouts, ooVoo, Viber, and Mumble.

Clownfish support various voice effects, including alien, atari, clone, mutation, male pitch, silent, female pitch, helium pitch, radio, robot, custom pitch, etc.

7: IVoice

Skype voice changer free

This program is among the top voice changers for Skype. This is so that the digital sound can be altered by altering the sound’s properties. You can alter the pitch, timbre, and frequency of the sound, among many other things in this app. As a result, this software is appropriate for all user levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This software enables you to convert sound in its most basic form.

Following that, you can export your voice in various audio file formats. You can switch between different voice characters at a higher level and create a natural sound. Also, you can utilize this software with other Voice Over IP products, like games, microphone-capable devices, instant messaging, chat rooms, and recording equipment. At the expert level, you may produce parody voices, change voices in real time, and support pre-set audio effects.

8: AthTek

skype voice changer ios

One of the best voice-changing apps for Windows is commonly regarded as the AthTek Skype Voice Changer software. AthTek is a reputable software development company with a solid reputation for providing excellent software that can be used for many different things.

AthTek has created three voice modulation tools to this far, the first two of which are SoSoftwarend and Skype Voice Changer. You will enjoy using the Skype voice changer, a user-friendly piece of software packed with capabilities.

This software is highly compatible with Skype because it was created especially for Skype. We are given several practical tools by the AthTek Skype Voice Changer that completely transform the way we use Skype for video chats.

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