15 Best Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction (2024)

A person who invites you out for coffee while keeping their eyes glued to their smartphone is one of the rudest things they can do. I find it annoying that you keep messing with your phone and asking me out. If there are any pressing matters, take care of them before leaving.

Internet addiction is a severe issue. While I recognize that there are situations in which rapid communication is necessary, particularly for work-related matters, it’s crucial to put your smartphone away during family time. Excellent for use with both Apple’s iOS iPhone and Android handsets, including those from Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus. With the help of these applications, kick your smartphone habit.

How can you reduce your dependence on cell phones and increase productivity at work? Make it a habit to use your phone less. One day at a time, reevaluate your connection with your phone. The most incredible app is ultimately your mental ability to decide what actions to take and which ones to avoid. Similar to smoking, the best treatment is your thinking; no number of nicotine patches can assist.

Best Apps to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction

Reduce your reliance on smartphones and learn to use them less. The best thing you can control, outside of these apps, is using a phone independently. Your thinking may be the best medicine.

Are you the only one who can’t get enough of their smartphone? You are undoubtedly not alone these days, as smartphone addiction has skyrocketed. Smartphone addiction even stretches to young children. But there’s an app for that if you want to kick your smartphone addiction.

1. Flipd 

If you’re serious about cutting back on usage, you can use this app instead of your phone. After you’ve finished enabling this function, there’s no turning back; your phone will remain locked for the designated amount of time. Consider restarting your phone to turn off this feature. Apologies! This is an impossible place to cheat.

2. Forest

When you pick up your smartphone and use it for “hours n hours,” do you lose track of time? This software offers a really intriguing solution. With it, you may sow a seed and watch it grow on its own in a virtual forest. Additionally, your tree will quickly wither away if you give in to temptation and start monitoring social media in the interim.

3. Action Dash

As the name implies, this program will log everything you do on your phone. Everything will be recorded, including the overall amount of time spent using the smartphone, the number of alerts received, the total number of app launches, and the number of times you unlock it each day.

4. Digital Detox

Are you interested in finding out how other people utilise their smartphones? If so, you are welcome to use this software. It allows you to compare your data with that of other smartphone users worldwide and provides you with information about how they use their devices.

Are you prepared to cut back on your phone use now? Now, go check out these incredible apps.

5. AppDetox

AppDetox assists you in taking a digital detox and controlling how much you use mobile apps. You can establish guidelines for your apps so that you can quit phubbing and procrastinating after using them excessively. Use our app locker to secure your apps.

AppDetox will alert you to the need to take a break and cut back on your excessive app usage each time you break one of your own rules. These infractions can also be recorded in a log. Some parents are using AppDetox to limit their children’s screen usage.


In a hyperconnected world, OFFTIME enables you to focus and achieve digital balance. With the multi-award winning (OFTIME), you can keep an eye on how much time you spend on your smartphone in real-time and schedule individual or group digital detoxes. It’s simple to recognise your patterns and take action to improve them, thanks to the app’s user-friendly analytics.

7. QualityTime

With choices for hourly, daily, and weekly summary reporting, QualityTime tracks total usage; screen unlocks, and specific app usage to provide a distinctive and comprehensive overview of your smartphone activity. By giving you the option to create your time limits using features like “alerts,” “take a break,” and “scheduled breaks,” the app helps you break bad habits. When necessary, these capabilities can assist you in controlling and managing your usage.

8. Channel

Have you ever had the feeling that you are using your phone excessively? It’s not your fault; the majority of well-known apps employ groups of thousands of workers who employ persuasion techniques to hold your interest for as long as possible. You can quickly disable distracting features and settings from the apps you use with Channel, all in one location. One-tap modifications to your apps include the following:

9. Space

The goal of the app Space is to promote mindfulness and self-awareness regarding smartphone use. It keeps track of screen time, awards badges for reaching objectives and offers customised usage trend analysis.

In order to aid with relaxation and disengaging from electronics, Space also provides guided meditation activities.

10. Freedom

With the Freedom app, users can turn off websites and apps that cause them to become distracted on their cell phones. It aids users in maintaining focus and avoiding time-wasting pursuits.

Freedom allows customers to plan distraction-free sessions, create personalised blocklists, and synchronise settings across multiple devices.

11. Social Fever

Social media apps have become so popular that real life is ignored. So, it is better to set a limit before it’s too late. Track your phone usage with this app and get a solution to control your smartphone addiction. This app ensures that you use your phone within the time limit that you have set.

It has a simple user interface that is very easy to use. Moreover, this app offers impressive and useful features like setting goals and interests, tracking app usage, getting a history of the last seven days, keeping a check on ear and eye health, and more.

12. Stay Focused

A self-control programme called Stay Focused sets usage limitations for websites, apps, and keywords. Depending on your situation, blocking websites, apps, and keywords is simple. Features like website and app blocking at predetermined intervals are available.

You can also regulate how much time you spend on phones, check your history, set daily usage limits, lock mode for parents, and more.

13. Keep Me Out

Keep Me Out, as the name implies, is an app that helps you avoid using your phone excessively. Thus, make use of this app and avoid using other apps. In addition to monitoring app activity, the app allows you to view widgets and do additional functions like calling or receiving messages.

14. Social Fever 

Social Fever makes it simple to take a vacation from your smartphone by keeping track of how much time you spend on it and providing strategies to avoid distractions.

You may use the app to set timers and limit your phone use so that you can spend your free time doing more beneficial things, like going for a walk or spending quality time with your family. Additionally, a real-time tracker that hovers above your screen will serve as a reminder of how much time you are actually spending on each app.

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