25 Best TikTok Alternatives 2023

Since its debut in 2016, TikTok has dominated the market for music video apps. The Chinese operator’s handling of political and religious matters and data protection concerns have led to ongoing criticism of TikTok. However, those looking for an alternative may find several TikTok Alternatives apps in the Apple and Android app stores.

What Is TikTok?

One of the most well-known social media applications worldwide, TikTok has more than a billion active users worldwide. Its success is partly because users can post little films, many of which are just dances or amusing skits. Watching these quick videos can become addictive, and users can converse with one another in the comments section.

Is There Any App Similar To TikTok?

Many apps offer a similar experience to TikTok. Likee, Clash, YouTube Shorts, Triller, and others are a few of them. Clapper, however, is the most effective TikTok substitute. It’s ideal for content creators to connect with like-minded individuals and generate a nice side income.

What was Popular Before TikTok? was very famous before Tiktok. is a social media site for making and sharing quick films. Millions of individuals use daily to communicate with friends and creative expression.

Which App is Best Instead of TikTok?

Many apps offer a similar experience to TikTok. Likee, Clash, YouTube Shorts, Triller, and others are a few of them. Clapper, however, is the most effective TikTok apk. It’s ideal for content creators to connect with like-minded individuals and generate a nice side income.

Best TikTok Alternatives

1: Clapper

App Link


Clapper is a distinctive substitute that seeks to link producers with one another. It’s much more severe than TikTok and fantastic for airing your opinions. People who lost interest in or were even banned from TikTok increasingly use it.

Clapper is all about equal opportunity, and in the discovery area, it displays even those with few followers. Clapper is for you if you feel like young dancers with enormous followings on TikTok are drowning out your voice.

Clapper strives to start meaningful conversations. Using the Clap Back tool, you can offer an opinion and see what others think. You can also see whether or not they concur with you.

2: Chingari

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Chingari, the following app comparable to TikTok, is an Indian creation that quickly surpassed TikTok in downloads. Chingari, like TikTok, focuses on the straightforward production of dance and music videos. New filters, messaging service interfaces, and other forms of communication are all continually being developed by programmers. Videos, for instance, can be shared on WhatsApp and also viewed in the user’s profile and public stream.

Users can also accrue points, which can be exchanged for cash and Likes. Chingari launched its own cryptocurrency coin, $GARI, in 2021 to monetize content.

3: Fireworks

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With some exciting distinctions from TikTok, Firework is a fantastic substitute. Users can now publish videos on TikTok that are up to three minutes long. Considering that the TikTok video’s initial runtime was only 15 seconds, that is a significant increase.

Firework is a fantastic substitute if you’re sick of the lengthy films on TikTok. All videos are limited to 30 seconds, allowing you to obtain still the urgent fix you require.

4: Josh

App Link


Josh is a short-video-making app released in 2020 with the Indian market in mind after TikTok and other Chinese apps were banned in India. We adored the Josh app because it works with all Indian phones.

It supports 12 languages and enables even local content producers to produce and distribute informative short videos of the highest caliber. The program has multiple APKs for download and use on iOS devices, even though it is free to download from the Google Play Store.

5: Reddit

App Link


Numerous publications discuss Dubsmash as one of the top TikTok Alternatives Reddit, but after being bought by Reddit, Dubsmash will shut down in February 2022. Reddit intends to use Dubsmash’s video technology in its own product instead.

According to The Verge, Reddit began rolling out a TikTok-like video feature on iOS in 2021. Users can scroll through these brief films like on TikTok by viewing them in a separate video feed.

6: Playsee

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The TikTok substitute for that is Playsee. It focuses on short films, Best app like TikTok. Contrary to TikTok, it’s primarily for guiding visitors about your neighborhood instead of sharing random dance videos, but those also exist.

You may give tourists a virtual tour of your city on Playsee. You can also record movies of some unique bars in your neighborhood, a nice spot to view the sunset or even just your regular stroll in the park.

7: MX Takatak

App Link

MX Takatak

MX Takatak has advanced significantly since its debut, despite being seen historically as either TikTok’s Indianized equivalent or its main competitor in the Indian communities. Approximately 10 million young and creative content creators use it to create social media videos.

MX Takatak, which mostly targets teenagers, is an Android game you can download from the Google Play store with in-app commercials. However, you can obtain the MX Takatak APK version for iOS for free from several websites.

8: Compete

App Link


An excellent TikTok substitute with a competitive element is Compete. You can participate in brand-new daily challenges every day to win cash rewards. Among other things, there are challenges in STEM, dancing, music, and gaming.

Create a video to enter a challenge. Videos may be up to 30 seconds long, but you must choose a 15-second portion for the challenge. Before you take the challenge, add a song to your chosen portion.

9: Moj

App Link


We spent much time researching TikTok alternatives in India through social media. Their tireless research produced amazing results, including Moj, a hot commodity in the Indian social networking and video-sharing scene. With Moj, created by Mohalla Tech, you may enjoy entertainment like never before.

Moj may be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and functions flawlessly with Android smartphones. Free APK files, however, that are optimized for iOS devices are also available for download.

10: MuStar

App Link


An anonymous account can be used on MuStar, a kid-friendly TikTok equivalent with a filter for foul language. You can make and share short music and lip-sync videos on MuStar. You can challenge your friends to dance “battles” or other challenges on MuStar, an excellent feature TikTok lacks.

You can utilize these matches to gauge other users’ opinions on your abilities and win new followers.

11: Bolo Live

App Link

Bolo Live

Our video creation researchers were captivated by the experience Bolo Live offers. It is a lifestyle application that can stream live video rather than merely a platform for making short videos like TikTok. You can live stream your daily activities, including your eating habits, talents, and experiences if you join the Bolo Live tribe from anywhere in the world.

The app is making waves since it is simple to download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and has over 11 million earning producers who make an average of INR 1.6 lakhs per month.

12: SikSok

App Link


For NSFW and pornographic content, SikSok is an alternative to TikTok. SikSok is the place to go for adult content as TikTok does not permit it on its app. SikSok operates similarly to TikTok. You can view or skim through a few brief films, but they all concentrate on explicit material.

Both a desktop computer and a smartphone are compatible with SikSok. In either case, ensure you are at least 18 before visiting the website because it contains mature material.

13: Roposo

App Link


Our IT team was conducting research when they came across this live video streaming software that could provide TikTok with fierce competition in India. Roposo allows its target audience of fashion-obsessed individuals to view live video feeds from prominent celebrities and fashion influencers and use the app to shop for their preferred clothing.

This software, available in 10 languages and has received 10 million downloads, has emerged as one of the most popular alternatives to TikTok due to its distinctive characteristics.

14: Lomotif

App Link


In that you can edit within the app, experiment with filters, and share your films with the app’s expanding community, Lomotif is best app like Tiktok. You can do various projects with Lomotif, such as music videos, comedic segments, and even slideshows.

Emojis, stickers, filters, and other effects are also available. Additionally, you can use a lot of the music from Lomotif for your videos. Additionally, you can upload a track directly from your phone. However, the fact that you cannot select which portion of the track you can utilize for your movie can be a deal-breaker for many customers.


App Link


Check out, formerly known as Firework, which is another of the best alternatives to Tiktok. The software is similar to Tiktok regarding tools and interface but focuses on helping you find the material you’ll enjoy. You can find a variety of well-curated video compilations in the Discovery area.

The For You category, which is broader, Creators of the Week, Funny Animal Moments, Global Top 50, and many other options are available. There is something for every age group, and there is no lack of content variation.

Editor’s 10 Best Picks

1: Likee

App Link


An app called Likee is remarkably similar to this. If you have used TikTok before, you will be familiar with the UI and how to use Likee. You can share, like, comment on, and scroll through the videos in your stream. While you can browse videos on the web app, you must download the mobile app to make videos.

When making films, Likee offers a variety of augmented reality effects you can utilize, including Astral Travel and Face Morph. There is a beauty camera that you can use to test various virtual cosmetics looks and apply beauty effects to improve your appearance.

2: Clash

App Link


The history of Clash App is extensive and exciting. The first step was the introduction of Byte, an app created to replace the defunct Vine. Despite the names being similar, Byte and ByteDance were unrelated. They were two unconnected businesses.

The creator of Byte and Vine were both founded together. Vine was a well-liked social media platform for posting little video clips. Clash did, however, end up purchasing Byte. Former Vine celebrity and founder of Clash was not involved in creating Vine.

3: Funimate

App Link


A Turkish development team created Funimate, which is highly similar to TikTok. Although the Funimate app has a community where videos may be shared, discussed, and enjoyed, its primary use is the straightforward editing of videos. According to user ratings, there are far more effects, elements, and transitions accessible for this purpose than features on TikTok. Making professional-level dance and lip-sync videos without prior experience is feasible.

You can upload the finalized, edited video to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other social media sites. Due of the superior quality of Funimate videos, TikTok and other platforms’ video quality may improve.

4: Instagram Reels

App Link

RajkotUpdates.News: Do You Have to Pay Rs 89 per Month to Use Instagram?

You may create and share short movies on Instagram with Instagram Reels in any genre or category. These reels show up in both your stories and your feed. Since making IG reels is simple and quick, it appeals greatly to young people and has made thousands of overnight IG reel stars.

Although initially, reels were short, the timer and countdown feature allows you to construct 15-second to 90-second lengthy Reels without continuously hitting the record button. In 2023, this fun, short-form video experience will rank among the top TikTok alternatives in USA.

5: YouTube Shorts

App Link

msnbc youtube

YouTube recently introduced a brand-new video format called shorts. It’s possible that YouTube Shorts were introduced to compete with TikTok’s rising fame. YouTube Shorts differ from typical YouTube videos in that they need to be no longer than 60 seconds. Many producers utilize them for the same kinds of videos that they post on TikTok as a result.

YouTube Shorts appear in a reel that is both integrated with and distinct from the main YouTube video feed in the YouTube app. To replicate the TikTok experience, users can swiftly go on to the next Short after finishing one.

6: Dubsmash

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2014 saw the release of Dubsmash, created by Berlin-based Mobile Motion. It was acclaimed as the “best time eater of the year” shortly after its release. By moving your lips in time with famous quotations, Dubsmash lets you produce quick videos based on them. Additionally, you can contribute your audio files and use them in a Dub, a brief film. When a video has finished being captured, you can save it to your smartphone and send it to friends via Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, or other messaging apps.

The German substitute’s free iOS and Android version is a huge hit worldwide. Jimmy Fallon, a veteran of American talk shows, utilized the app on The Tonight Show. Since the content is kept on the user’s device, there is no need to be concerned about data security. However, users should exercise caution when posting the Dubs to Facebook or YouTube because these platforms have big audiences and because utilizing well-known quotations online may violate copyright. Sending the videos to pals over email or IM is secure, though.

7: Triller

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One of the best TikTok substitutes is Triller. It is well-liked in the US and other nations. Triller began life as a video editing program. Users may now create channels and share videos of themselves thanks to the social network that the company later created.

On Triller, quick videos are referred to as “trills.” Numerous lip-sync, and dance videos in these trills feature the same content as TikTok videos.

8: VideoShow

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VideoShow is a good site for sharing short video clips. Users of this platform can record and publish synchronized dances or lipsync content using various music options. In contrast, TikTok now allows users to upload files up to three minutes long.

The one-minute upload limit is ideal since VideoShow is positioned as a medium for short video content.

9: Byte

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From the makers of Vine, the well-known short-form video app discontinued in 2017, comes Byte, a free video-sharing app. In contrast to Tiktok, which has just increased its maximum video length to three minutes, Byte only allows you to upload films that are six and a half seconds long.

Additionally, Byte divides its video content into other categories: fashion, humor, animals, and K-pop. The software learns about your favorite videos through these categories, allowing it to choose exactly which ones to display in your stream.

10: Kwai

App Link


Kwai is a fascinating TikTok substitute. Although it is a Chinese app, it is among the most popular in several nations, including Brazil. Numerous trends and problems are constantly present in Kwai all over the world. View the most recent videos about the challenge, or create your own to participate.

Since the UI is relatively similar to TikTok’s, getting used to it should be simple. Croll through your feed to view new videos, comment on them, or like or share them.

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