Best Toggl Alternatives 2023

Toggl is extensively used because it aids in project management, personnel recruitment, and time tracking. Yet, many people find that it isn’t the ideal solution for their project time-tracking requirements, especially in helping software engineers manage their time.

Development teams struggle to improve their processes since the software’s weak reporting capabilities make gathering insightful information about their performance impossible. There are several more tools for boosting productivity in the time-tracking software Toggl. Each feature, timekeeping, project management, and employee search, is available for purchase separately. Here, we list the top Toggl Alternatives and review each one’s key benefits, drawbacks, and features.

Best Toggl Alternatives

1: TSheets

Consider TSheets as a Toggl substitute. Except for the ability to track time using a desktop program, TSheets’ feature set is comparable to Toggl’s. This would typically benefit here because tracking through a desktop application yields more precise time consumption stats, but this hasn’t yet developed these features.

Time is tracked with TSheets using their web application. Also, it ends up costing less than Toggl for comparable features.

2: My Hours

With almost 20 years of experience and a single focus on assisting you in managing profitable projects, My Hours is a time-tracking program. It is the greatest value pricing performance app currently available due to the infinite number of projects, tasks, clients, and team members included in the free membership.

From one location, you can manage all of your projects, keep track of the time you spend on each one, and bill your clients. Not to mention, My Hours has one of the best support staffs out there right now.

3: TimeCamp

Another excellent substitute is TimeCamp, which offers a webpage and application recording. The time-tracking software has excellent integration capabilities, but unlike some of the other solutions on this list, it does not capture keyboard and mouse activities. Very little manual intervention is required because it is one of the apps you use to log time, similar to Harvest automatically.

4: nTask

For managing projects with teams or as a freelancer, this is among the greatest alternatives to Toggl and is beneficial in various industries. With a simple user interface and a wealth of advanced features, nTask is a complete software solution for managing projects of any size or complexity.

You can keep tabs on many projects at once with the help of nTask and its numerous handy features. A kanban board, a time monitoring feature, and an issue tracker are just a few of the many features offered by nTask.

5: TrackingTime

Due to its excellent built-in Client/Service/Project customization capabilities, TrackingTime is suitable for billing and invoicing clients. It is difficult to measure time offline due to the lack of a Windows or Linux program, though.

The program is a good substitute and stands out for having a special price structure that could result in significant savings for small teams with part-time or remote employees.

6: Hive

Your team can move one step closer to achieving success by using a project management solution like Hive. You can toggle between various views to more effectively arrange your team’s work and get a bird’s eye view of the project’s development. by giving users project templates and collaboration features.

Even the most complex projects benefit from Hive’s simplified approach to project management. Two strategies to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal and is aware of the entire project scope are to monitor your team’s progress and organize effective, participatory meetings.

7: Timely

Compared to other time-tracking software, Timely operates a little differently. Instead of just importing tasks and projects from the other tools, it mainly relies on its integrations to send in monitored time.

Although Timely has a time tracking feature, the goal is to have your monitored time sync in automatically via their connectors. Even though Toggl really has more integrations, the software functions more as an integration center.

If you already utilize the other products that Timely interacts with, this might make it one of the hands-off tools. The web-based reporting options are lacking, which is a drawback.

8: HourStack

By incorporating calendar time monitoring, HourStack offers a fresh method of timekeeping. With this view, you may monitor events directly on your calendar. This is a wonderful addition for individuals who are tired of using traditional time-tracking and reporting programs like Toggl.

The foundation of HourStack is the notion that visually seeing your schedule would help you better manage and organize it. Simple due of how slick and clear the app is. Although simple, the app’s reporting feature can be too basic for some users.

9: Freckle

Freckle is a very adaptable and user-friendly time-tracking tool, but it is missing several common features that most other time trackers have, such the ability to name tasks however you like. In comparison to Toggl, the billing features in particular, stand out.

Freckle may not have many features because the developers know tracking time costs time. So, the tracking tool’s main selling points are its simplicity and convenience of use.

10: TimeLive

You can easily monitor expenses and employee productivity with TimeLive’s comprehensive time monitoring and timesheets. Anyone can supervise the actions of their personnel, wherever they may be. With this online monitoring tool, information can be logged, expenses can be handled, and approval procedures can be made simpler.

The platform’s easy design and extensive selection of customization directly contribute to high customer satisfaction. Smaller teams find that TimeLive works well, while larger teams could run into some problems. Likewise, customizing to your preferences can be difficult because of software bugs.

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