Top 10 Best Torrent Sites 

Torrent sites are common worldwide, but now it is becoming difficult to find excellent and working torrent websites on the internet. Most of the functional torrent sites are blocked in many countries and only run by using a VPN. Usually, torrent sites are not readily available; even if you find any, you may not be sure whether it is reliable and safe or not. So, does it mean there is no appropriate existing torrent website? Absolutely no! I will bring forth the top 10 best torrent sites for you. These 10 best torrent sites are entirely secure and verified and will help you choose the most suitable site. Here’s the list began.  

The Pirate Bay is the top most used best torrent site with almost 6.3 million monthly users worldwide. Currently, it is blocked in many countries, and you might need a VPN to operate it. It provides you with an obstacle-free fast download of 5 to 6 MBs. It is known for large communities with no ad intrusion. Besides this, it has an organized interface and gives precise information of the verified torrent source. This site is highly rated among torrent sites and is the best because it has zero ad intrusion. 


  • RARBG 

RARBG is the best torrent site popular for a large active community of seeders with high-quality torrents. It has almost 40 million users per month and competes with pirate bay. Its interface is decent and displays ten different categories. The only setback due to which it is ranked second to the pirate bay is the ad intrusion. If you are from UK, Portugal or, Denmark, you would require a VPN to operate these sites.


  • 1337X 

1337X is one the best torrent sites for shows, music and, movies. Its title is, somehow, similar to pirate bay and RARBG. In recent few years, 1337X was the worst choice for torrents because of its massive ad intrusion and stuffed interface, but after renovation, it became secure and famous for browsing shows, music and, movies. At the beginning of this change, the user count was 50 million, with 3 to 4 MB per second speed downloading with no ad intrusion usually. 

Mirrors: (Active since Oct. 2017), (Active since Dec. 2017), (Active since Mar. 2018), (Active since May. 2018), (Active since Jan. 2019), (Active since Oct. 2019).

  • Torrentz2 

This is the best torrent site and accessed through mirrors. Its user count is only 10 to 20 million per month which is quite less as compared to pirate bay or other best torrent sites. It is good for downloading music but the download isn’t swift i.e. 1 MB per second. 

Mirrors: (the one we used),

  • YTS 

YTS is one of the best torrent sites for downloading movies on average speed. It doesn’t have highly categorized library but its users are about 70 million per month which is a huge number. It provides you with beautiful interface with HD quality graphics. In this site, you will find latest trending movies at one click. This site is used worldwide because it contains hit movies from all the countries. The only setback which is quite annoying is massive intrusion of irrelevant ads. For this purpose, the traffic of this site is rapidly decreasing with time. 


  • EZTV 

EZTV is popular for TV shows having a small library with all the latest and recently released TV shows. Its seeder ratio is good, and the user count is 20 million per month. It also provides a package of recent performances, but the only setback is the ad intrusion in it is annoying. Its downloading speed is 2 to 3 MBs per second which is average good. 


  • Zooqle 

Zoogle is the best-warranted torrent site for video games with an organized library interface. Its old versions were unavailable, and it is the only version that existed on Google. It is known for its active community with 5 million visitors and a downloading speed of 2 to 3 MBs per second. It has a family-friendly interface, but ad intrusion is sometimes really annoying. 


  • LimeTorrents 

This torrent site is suitable for new or recently released shows, music or, movies. It has an excellent average speed of 2 to 3 MBs per second with 20 million visitors. It has a common issue that all the torrent sites have i.e. ad intrusion. Most of the people don’t know about this torrent site and one reason is that it is blocked in some countries and only run by VPN. 



This isn’t a torrent site but it promotes content and latest shows and music from all popular torrent sites such as Pirate Bay. It has a massive library with an organized interface. It has 5 million visitors with an average downloading speed. It has the same problem that all the torrent sites have, i.e., excessive ads intrusion. People get irritated by such vulgar, irrelevant ads; that is why people only use this when the torrent site stops working. 

Mirrors: None. This website used to be called, but the domain changed. It has no mirrors because it isn’t an actual torrent site but a substitute for it. 

  • TorrentDownloads 

Before talking about the pros of Torrent downloads, let’s have a look at its cons. It can be pretty annoying because of massive ad intrusion and additional browser links. It’s an excellent site to reach torrents, but because of these setbacks, people are not choosing it. Its visitor count is less than 5 million. It isn’t popular among people due to successful websites like Pirate Bay but good finding an old version of serials, shows and, music of all kinds. 

Mirrors:,, torrentdownloads., torrentdownloads.

These all torrent sites are highly reliable and totally secure. They have high to average downloading speeds with little or massive ads intrusion.

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