Top 15 Best CMovies Alternatives In 2021

CMovies is a greatly used entertainment application developed by Amazon Mobile LLC for those who stream and download popular movies and TV Shows, including The Man in the High Castle, The Grand Tour, and much more. It allows thousands of hit titles to lets its users have a quality fun time. This program enables its users to download all the available content without any extra charges. It is popular in most of the popular countries and gives all the Bollywood and Indian regional hits.

Like other similar apps, the CMovies alternatives app further requires a subscription to appreciate the 100+ premium channels and latest movies. Amazon Prime Video store sufficient amount of contents and further update their database with the new and latest content.

Top 15 Best Amazon Prime Videos Alternatives In 2021

In this article, you can know about CMovies alternatives here are the details below;

With this application, you can also access new channels, documentaries, and TV series with full-length and unedited. The content on the CMovies alternatives consists of various categories such as New Release, TV Show, Documentaries, and Sports Channel. To find your favorite stuff, you can further use the search bar or explore through its genres (Action, War, Comedy, and Love Stories, etc.).CMovies is convenient for both Android and iOS platforms.

1. MegaShare


To receive a mega-collection of movies, TV shows, web series, animations, and more further on a single platform, MegaShare is the ideal place for you. This Putlocker alternative is 1 of the most favorite sites of netizens who love to stream video content. The streaming method is fast. Most users consider this a reliable program to gain free access to the best of entertainment in the form of high-quality videos.

The videos on this program are categorized in a well-defined manner. You will find them divided by country name, release year, alphabetical order, IMDb rating, and more making the method of searching for the movies really easy for all users. That way, you can use more time watching your favorite content instead of looking for them. It’s user-friendly and allows multiple servers for streaming smoothly.

2. FMovies

If you are toward streaming video content for free from various platforms, there’s a very little opportunity that you haven’t listened to FMovies already. It is very popular, and that’s because of the incredible library of videos that it opens to the world. Flawless streaming of movies and shows in high quality – what else could you demand from a video program that offers free videos? It’s surely one of the best.

Like many other websites of its kind, it has not been able to make a great impression on the authorities. Nevertheless, it has surpassed all efforts to shut it down and come back to offer a series of programs for embedded videos and host links. The basic content types here are movies, web series, & television shows. You’ll get to appreciate the latest and the best content from countries all across the globe on this site. Also, read about LookMovie Alternatives.

3. WatchTVSeries


If you are a supporter of television shows, WatchTVSeries is 1 of the best platforms for you. Its library of TV shows is larger and better than its movie collection. That doesn’t suggest you will not find good movies here. The website also has an impressive selection of the latest web series. But, as the name suggests, the website is dedicated to television series. You’ll discover almost all popular shows on this program with no hassle.

Productions of all the main channels like CBS, HBO, ABC, BBC, Fox, FX, and more are all compiled on this website. As for web series, the favorite Netflix shows are all on this platform. The website is easy to use. It regularly takes into account the users’ experiences to enhance its interface to provide a better streaming experience to its current and returning users. Accessing and streaming shows are super-easy here.

4. Noxx


Another fabulous program that is entirely dedicated to providing TV shows and web series, Noxx, is 1 of the best Putlocker alternatives that you will come across. An online video streaming program from the house of AZMovies, it provides a large collection of videos of high quality. But the only difficulty you will face on this website is with categorizing the shows and web series.

To be honest, it’s a new kid on the video streaming block, and there’s lots of room for improvement. Fortunately, it is catching on really fast. It assures that it makes up for all gaps with an easy-to-use search engine. It further ensures that while watching series and shows, the sequence of episodes is not broken. You also get the newest content on this platform. It ensures a complete entertainment experience.

5. Popcornflix


The title is self-explanatory. Prepare yourself a bowl of popcorn and get prepared to binge-watch with Popcornflix. In a system of high-quality streaming facilities on paid OTT programs, Popcornflix is one of those sites that has switched the game by providing top-quality content for free. Here, you will get nothing but the latest and the freshest movies and shows within a short time after they are released.

The program also offers an excellent collection of movies. The only problem with the website is the movie categorization, which could do with a little improvement. A first-time user on the site might find it challenging to find the movies that he is looking for on this website as the number of categories is on the lower side. However, if you can look past that, you’ll have fun on this website, especially if you love to watch web shows.

6. Afdah


Another favorite substitute for Putlocker is Afdah, a program that offers free videos without a sign-up trouble. It is a no-frills platform, including no unnecessary features that can complicate a new user. It has a simple user interface, and it is pretty easy to browse through the huge collection of the website and find the videos that you need. No more bouncing around the website to find the right page for streaming video!

The video categories are clean and disciplined. You will be capable of finding them segregated as Thriller, Action, Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi, War, and more. Also, the search engine is pretty powerful. Simply type an alphabet, and you will get to see the movies beginning with that letter. An interesting feature of the site is that it offers four servers for smooth streaming. The only problem here is that of pop-up ads. You can also read about LookMovie Alternatives.

7. Crackle

One of the most popular websites that most netizens rely on for free content is Crackle. This video streaming website is an excellent platform for enjoying films and TV shows. The group here is going to leave you amazed. There are thousands of names in its collection, and the library is expanding each day, making it an ideal replacement for Putlocker. With this program, you will be binge-watching for days on end.

The amount of features is limited, making it a straightforward platform to use, with no needless frills. You can rely on this site for an impressive streaming performance, too. Nevertheless, the platform’s simplicity also makes it a lackluster one, though that doesn’t really affect the performance of the website or the mobile platform, which is fantastic! As an ad-supported website, you’ll need to deal with lots of pop-ups.

8. StreamingSites

StreamingSites is a website that offers a fast and easy solution for all your video streaming needs. You will discover everything from movies to TV shows from over the world in its collection. The great part is that the collection is not limited to just TV shows and movies. You will be capable of getting cartoons, sports, games, news cartoons, and much more. StreamingSites delivers everything under one roof for your convenience.

Since most visitors on the website prefer movies, the platform makes the best efforts to give you access to a large list of film-streaming platforms. The library is constantly becoming larger, too. It has a clear theme with an attractive combo of red and white to lift your mood. Its interface is also simple, and its search bar is one of its best features. Interestingly, this website has options for both free and paid content streaming.

9. YesMovies

The very name of YesMovies recommends that it is primarily a site for streaming films. Surely, the collection of movies on this site is mind-blowing, to say the least. But you will further find TV shows on this site, making it an excellent alternative for your favorite Putlocker. By YesMovies, you will not get the time or chance to be bored. Every video content available for streaming here is well-organized.

Thriller, action, adventure, war – each category of movies can be found on this website. If you are into documentaries, you will discover a superb collection on this website. With such a huge library that’s easy to browse through, you will not require to look any further. It has an easy design that makes it clear for new users to access it. The streaming page is just one click away. The pop-ups are irritating but bearable.

10. LOS Movies

LOS Movies

For movie buffs looking for a reliable program to stream movies, LOS Movies is one of the best. With various pages dedicated to each film, the process of streaming becomes greatly convenient on this site. The design of the site is simple. As a conclusion of the intuitive interface, finding your preferred movies and watching them is convenient. Less time consumed browsing, more time watching films!

It is also simple to filter the content on this site based on Ratings, Release Date, Date Added, & Featured. Its extensive library will provide you movies from any genre you’re in the mood for. The only difficulty here is that in order to access the movies, you will require to sign up first, for which you need to use your email id. But registration is cost-free, and the simple step is a small price for such quality content.

11. SolarMovie

Looking for a program that can provide you with a huge collection of videos for free? SolarMovie has the potential to be the great Putlocker for you. It’s cost-free; it’s fast, and it’s upgraded to give you the best. You can reach the wide collection of movies and shows on the site for an unlimited streaming experience. The interface is straightforward to use, and you’ll get one of the best programs to stream videos with SolarMovie.

You’ll require to ignore the few ads, which is standard on sites like these. But apart from those, the website is the perfect place to access movies and shows from all genres or categories. You will also locate videos categorized by country name, meaning you’ll get to watch movies from many parts of the globe, from India to Korea. You must sign up on the website using your email id, but the sign-up is free.

12. KissCartoon

It’s a no-brainer that KissCartoon is a program for streaming cartoons. That’s where it rises from the dozens of other websites offering free streaming content. Revisit your childhood with the great animated shows and movies from the golden days of your lives. The great part is that all these videos are available in top quality on this website. It will be entertaining to binge-watch old cartoons in high definition, right?

The website has a user-friendly interface, and you will be able to conveniently reach the KissCartoon collection. The collection is huge, and the videos are well-organized for your convenience. Kiss Anime Network owns the website. This organization owns websites dedicated to manga, comics, and more from over the world. Here, you can access animation films manufactured in Asian countries, as well as the US.

13. Mangastream

For the fans of Japanese animation, i.e., manga, 1 of the most popular websites is Mangastream. The site came as a revolutionary program at a time when global viewers had limited access to manga. Presently, people from around the globe resort to Mangastream. It has been hit with strike-downs by authorities, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting revived and catering to manga lovers.

The website has a vast collection of crisply scanned videos with good translations. No wonder it is a household name. The website is easy to access and browse through, with all videos organized well for your convenience. You will need to look past the ads, which help to run the website, though you can give a tip to support it. The single problem is with receiving on-time responses if you have questions.

14. KissAnime

You get no brownie points for suggesting that KissAnime is a program that offers anime videos – and their collection is large. Anime, as we know, is not only for children but also for adult viewers, including teens and adults. So KissAnime gives all kinds of content genres for all age groups. If you’re a fan of the different storylines and presentation styles of this animation style, KissAnime is going to be your buddy.

It is a great alternative for Putlocker, as it gives you access to the latest and the best anime videos for free. The mobile version of KissAnime has websites approved by the DMCA. Videos available on this website are of high quality and bright colors, so you can appreciate the best anime-streaming experience. Series, films, webisodes – everything anime is accessible here, and you can search for and find them easily. You can also read Bflix.

15. 123Movies

For users who need a program to provide an extensive collection of movies and shows, 123Movies is 1 of the most popular Putlocker alternatives. You can say that it has 1 of the best libraries of films at the moment. If you love Asian animation like anime, manga, and others, this website is the best for you at the moment. You’ll be capable of finding the latest movies and animation videos of great quality.

One of the best features of this website is that 123Movies does not require you to register unlike other sites of this kind. That means no more useless emails in your inbox regarding the updates on the website. This can be a best thing or a bad thing, depending on whether you favor receiving them. Based on your capacity, the streaming method is free from buffering. You will, nevertheless, have to deal with lots of ads.

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