3 Ways to Create or Enhance Your Home Spa

Your home is so much more than a place to keep your things and lay your head. Home is where you relax, recharge, and restore from whatever stresses your day created. 

Many homeowners are rethinking how they outfit and use their most sacred space post-pandemic. After spending so much time in confined quarters, new opportunities and needs may have revealed themselves. 

One investment has become popular for its placemaking capabilities and potential return on investment: a home spa. Creating or enhancing your home’s spa-life atmosphere is both doable and affordable, no matter how you prefer to relax.

1. Establish the Right Thermal Environment

The wave of calm you feel once you cross the threshold of your favorite spa is achievable at home. To recreate that rush of relief, the first thing to consider isn’t necessarily seen, it’s felt. Climate control may not be uppermost in your mind, but think of how your physical comfort shifts with temperature. 

If your space is too hot, your body works hard to cool you down with perspiration. And if you’re too cold, your mind is busy focusing on getting warm instead of relaxing. A split AC unit installed in your home spa area ensures your relaxation space strikes the right balance. Thanks to its zoned temperature control capabilities, this investment can improve non–spa time experiences and provide long-term energy efficiency savings.

Add towel-warming bars to your decor and ensure the linens you hang on them match the level of quality at your favorite spa. Available in various styles and finishes, these heated devices elevate your space in both function and design. 

If a construction project is in order, consider adding radiant heat to your floors, especially if you’re installing tile. Specially designed mats are installed under your flooring system and are controlled by a thermostat. Program your floor’s heating settings to align with your routine for the ultimate welcome home.

2. Reconnect With Nature

The serenity found in a spa keeps you coming back, but there’s no reason you can’t bring spa elements home. The Earth’s elements — sun, land, and water — are prevalent in most spa settings, offering a reconnection to the natural world. Bring the outdoors in at home through lighting, scent, and materials.

Upgrade builder-grade fixtures with those featuring shades to filter out direct light. Install dimmer switches to transition between the bright lighting needed for makeup application and shaving and the muted light that encourages relaxation. Switch out lightbulbs for dimmer-friendly versions in a soft white format, as high-lumen lighting can strain the eyes. Look for LEDs with four to five watts, which are equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb.  

Layer your overhead lighting with accents like Himalayan salt lamps. These affordable lamps cast a soft pink glow typically found in spas. Plus, many believe salt imparts healing properties. Install wired or battery-powered wall sconces for a luxurious effect that lets you switch off harsh overhead lights. 

Create a playlist full of spa-worthy sounds and play it on your whole home or portable speaker system. Keep the volume low, so as not to overpower the natural setting you’re recreating. Add a tabletop fountain to incorporate the water element, which offers a natural, stress-reducing soundscape to your home spa. 

3. Upgrade Equipment and Storage for a Truly Luxurious Experience

Your preferences will determine which equipment upgrades top your list, but a few are worth your consideration. Whether you’re all-in on the Wim Hof method or not, you’ve likely heard about the benefits of cold therapy. Enjoy the benefits of ice-cold water exposure at home by installing a cold plunge tub. Installed indoors or out, these tubs offer access to cold, clean water whenever you’re ready for a plunge.

Cycle your cold therapy with another spa favorite: steam. Transform your shower into a spa-like steam room that even the Romans would be proud of. If a renovation isn’t in your plans, purchase a small, handheld steamer for your facial treatments. Steam works to open up pores, releasing impurities and improving the absorption of serums and creams. Additionally, steam can open up nasal passages, offering relief from congestion. 

Take your home spa to the next level by investing in a sauna. A popular pairing with cold therapy, saunas provide a dry heat that boasts a range of relaxation and health benefits. Sauna advocates cite less pain, faster recovery from injuries, and stress reduction with consistent use. Saunas can be created indoors or out, meaning square footage limitations won’t keep you from the home spa of your dreams. 

No matter what upgrades you choose, devise a plan to store tools (jade rollers, foot files, etc.) efficiently and aesthetically. One common thread among spas is their on-theme design and lack of visual chaos. Emulate this calming feel by using natural baskets, acrylic trays, and stone catch-alls for your spa essentials. By maintaining the uncluttered serenity of your retreat, you’ll get the most out of your at-home spa experience. 

4: Invest in Your Well-Being at Home

Society may celebrate material successes and promote the hustle culture, but home is where you can let external pressures go. Invest in your well-being in both body and mind by cultivating a retreat you can access daily. 

By incorporating spa-like elements into your home, you can upgrade your morning and night routine, improving your total wellness. Plus, your forward-thinking, smart home spa investments will add to the value of your home along with your enjoyment of it. Elevate your daily with a luxurious home spa experience — no appointment required.

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