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Stellar Data Recovery Software Review _ amazingly fast and easy to use

Who in this world does not love his photos, videos or files? Definitely, life is boring without these things. What happens, if you lost your precious files, videos, pictures, audios or other related data? Stellar data recovery professional is powerful recovery software that can recover almost all unfortunately deleted data from your system. Stellar data recovery software helps recover all data from corrupt, missing, formatted, uncorrupted, hard drive, USB & SSDs, scratched or partially burned optical discs, and can also recover from completely crashed systems. 

Stellar data recovery software is user-friendly software, fast and has wide range of options. Stellar has designed this package with the needs of the user in mind.

How it does work?

Stellar data recovery software is too much easy for use. The software can be downloaded from their website via download link. Make sure that you have the required storage space in your drive. For this software you require minimum 1 GB RAM and a 50 MB free hard drive in your system.

For using this software you should follow these steps

Step 1: After downloading stellar data recovery software. We have three options for scanning our drive.

  1. Everything 

                   All Data

  1. Documents, Folders & Emails

                  Office documents / Folders / E-Mails

  1. Multimedia Files

                 Photos / Audios / Videos

Step 2:

After selecting the required options. Press Next button from the right bottom corner. Now it shows Recover from options:

  1. Common Locations

Desktop / Documents / Choose Location

  1. Connected Drives

Local Disk (C) / Local Disk (D) / Can’t Find Drive

  1. Other Locations

Recovery from Disk Image

And then click the Scan button from the right bottom corner.

Step 3:

After scanning Completed Successfully, We have a new window for Recover data. Press the Recover button from the right bottom corner.

Step 4:

Now it’s go online for recovering the data. Now user can select the right option according to his choice out of multiple packages.

Recovering Important Data with a Superior Sense of Transparency

The utilities and tools offered by stellar data recovery software help the users for successful restore of lost data. It is possible to select the location in the hard drive and get results with simple clicks. The interface will also display how much time is remaining until the recovery process is complete. Once information is found it can be store in a specific location. Like the other packages offered by stellar data recovery, software security and privacy is guaranteed. 

Features of Stellar Data Recovery Software 

Stellar data recovery software is extremely user friendly due to its easy to understand interface. After downloading you can start it immediately. It has two scanning modes-Quick and Deep. According to your need quick scan will essentially do everything. Deep scan just goes that extra mile to find little bits of your data that Quick scan has missed. This program can also work with external storage devices, such as memory card and external HDD’s. The software recovery process is very rapid. You can find all your files, including that ones that were never deleted or lost in the first place. It’s another very good feature is an ability to save your results. 

Overall, stellar data recovery software is a very effective program. We can imagine it being very useful on that time when you are sad for your lost files.

More Awesome Features

  • Lost or deleted data recovery: This software deals with all types of data loss situations on any window device. 
  • Crashed windows data recovery: Due to this software we can recover crashed windows data from PC even which fails to boot or crashed due to hardware/software errors.
  • Lost & deleted Emails recovery: In any file type user can recover the deleted or lost emails.
  • Speedy recovering of disk imaging: This software can recover data even with bad sector hard drives. You can also create image from any removable media.
  • Files preview: In this software we can preview all lost or deleted files in scanning process. Even we can preview off or on according to user demand.
  • Recovery of all types of files: This software can recover all types of files like Videos, Audios, Photos, Media and other types separately according to user demand.
  • Missing partition recovery: With the help of this software user can recover data from the missing or corrupted any partition of drive.

Flexible & universal data recovery software

Stellar data recovery software offers the user with a number of innovative tools for example; it’s able to retrieve data from a number of desperate systems. It’s comparatively more universal when compared to more generic packages. Security and privacy are two additional benefits which are important and covered by this software, as this program is able to recover lost information even if it was lost in the past due to any reason. Another important benefit is that stellar can recover files which were permanently deleted. This in an excellent point in the event the user accidently erased an important file or folder. This software allows to users to enjoy an additional level of redundancy in the event of the system failure.

Is it effective?

Effectiveness is how soon after losing files you attempt the recovery. However, it seems very effective. In fact, it can find all files that lost even a year ago and this software will also preview them.

Disadvantages of Stellar Data Recovery Software:

This software also has one disadvantage which seems in its price package. It starts from $79.99 and this includes a one year license for a single system. However, this investment may be worth if you need to recover a lot of lost data.

You can also download this software for free as a trial. The trial download allows scanning and previewing your lost or deleted data, but does not allow recovering it. However there is another version, Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition which allows free recovery of upto 1GB lost data.

Pricing Overview:

Stellar data recovery comes in both a free and premium version. There are many differences between the free and paid versions. This software pricing starts at $49.99 per year per user. This software offers a free limited trial. 

Customer support:

Those questions also answered by this software that users might have. For more complex issues Stellar products are supported by the company’s 24/5 helpline. Its mean you can get answered your questions at any hour in five days of week Monday to Friday.


Stellar data recovery software is a solid option for someone who has accidentally deleted important files. The quick scan option is speedy and efficient and don’t take up a whole of resources while the process was under way.

If you are looking for a good data recovery option that can offer unique features like user-friendly interface elements then stellar data recovery software may be the right pick for you!

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