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5 Ideas to Set Up a First-Class Home Theater System on a Tight Budget

When at home, many would prefer to have luxuries within the confines of their own walls, like a great kitchen that has everything, a cozy and comfortable bedroom, and a home theater that allows for show binging all day long. However, it is also possible to easily blow your budget with dreams like that. But there is a way to get all that you need for a home theater without overspending. The home is where the heart is, as they say, and setting up a first-class home theater system is possible even with a tight budget! Here are five great ideas to getting yourself that first-class home theater of your dreams without burning too much cash.

Tips for Budgeting

When it comes to budgeting for a home theater, many people tend to overbudget or underbudget. There is a sweet spot to budgeting when it comes to creating a home theater worth the while. The secret to achieving this is by knowing what items to skip, which ones to repurpose, and what budget buys are worth a penny. Also, make sure to not buy everything in one go. This will allow one to save money without compromising the quality, especially since the goal in mind is to get a first-class home theater!


1.Consider a home theater in a box or soundbar. The great thing about the advancement of technology is that you can almost always find something that can help you get what you want. This is true for travel, communication, and even for home theater systems. There are quality home theater in a box systems like the Nexis Audio L-7 from Cisco systems that boasts Dolby Digital surround sound and comes with four double cube speakers, a center speaker, and a subwoofer for an overall great sound experience.


2.Bring in great quality TV. The television is considered to be the main focal point of any home theater system, which is why it is important to choose a quality TV or LED video wall panels above all else. Don’t forget that the best way to achieve a first-class home theater is by getting good-quality materials. To choose the right television, make sure to choose to scale and budget. It’s no use getting a large-sized TV for a small room. Also, make sure to take note of the TV’s resolution and the type of technology that comes with it, whether it be QLED or OLED, with the latter being the best choice especially for 4K resolution TVs.

3.Choose the best receiver. A receiver is considered to be the bone of the home theater system. This is basically where all the connections come together to ensure a smooth-sailing experience. Consider what kinds of input and output channels are needed and how many will be used with the system. Most receivers nowadays are built to offer Bluetooth connectivity for streaming, multiple HDMI inputs, auxiliary, and so forth.

4.Repurpose an old PC. There is a huge chance that you have an old PC lying around somewhere that can easily be repurposed to be a media center for your very own home theater system. The great thing about it is the fact that PCs can be easily upgraded according to your needs. Options for upgrades include a 4k Blu-ray drive, better audio cards, processors, or video cards to give it gaming capabilities as well. The possibilities are endless.


5.Try out refurbished appliances. Buying a refurbished appliance is a great way to trim down the costs when setting up a home theater system. Many people would think that the term refurbished would mean that the item in question has gone through a lot before being sold again; however, this is not actually the case. Refurbished items can actually either be customer returned items within their thirty-day period, items that have been damaged in shipping, items with minor cosmetic damages like scratches and dents, and overstock items. Just make sure to do some prior research before deciding on getting refurbished appliance.


There you have it! There are many budget-saving ways to get a quality home theater–system setup with proper research and understanding on what to do. Try out these ideas, and you will surely get that home theater of your dreams.

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