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Bill Gates’ List Of Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies In 2019

For the primary time in its 18-year history, technical schoolnology|MIT|university} Tech Review’s 2019 breakthrough list has been picked by a contributive editor, Microsoft founder, and former chief operating officer Bill Gates.

Gates properly expected the increase of the house laptop, the graphical desktop software system, and therefore the net, therefore he looks like a natural selection for the reputable publication’s 1st guest editor.

MIT Technology Review creates the list per annum, lightness wherever it feels technological developments can most impact on human life, throughout the approaching year.

The move towards employing a guest editor represents another paradigm shift during this year’s list – instead of specializing in technologies that are doubtless to increase human life; bigger stress is placed on those who may conjointly improve it.

Bill Gates, the co-founder and former chief operating officer of Microsoft has named 10 “breakthrough technologies” that may facilitate to reinvent the long run, and listed them within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Technology review. therefore what are Gates’ picks?

One of them is Sanitation while not sewers. “About 2.3 billion individuals don’t have smart sanitation,” Gates aforementioned. “Diarrhea causes one in 9 kid deaths worldwide.“ dioxide catcher is additionally high on the list.


Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies For 2019:

  1. Robot dexterity: robot hands that can learn to manipulate unfamiliar objects on their own

  2. New-wave nuclear power: both fission and fusion reactor designs that could help bring down carbon emissions

  3. Predicting preemies: a simple blood test to warn of a preterm birth, potentially saving many children’s lives

  4. Gut probe in a pill: a swallowable device that can image the digestive tract and even perform biopsies

  5. Custom cancer vaccines: a treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to target only tumor cells

  6. The cow-free burger: both plant-based and lab-grown meat alternatives that could drastically cut emissions
    from the food industry

  7. Carbon dioxide catcher: techniques for absorbing CO2 from the air and locking it away that may finally become economic.

  8. An ECG on your wrist: the ability for people with heart conditions to continuously monitor their health and get early warnings of problems

  9. Sanitation without sewers: a self-contained toilet that could tackle disease and unpleasant living conditions in much of the developing world.

  10. Smooth-talking AI assistants: new advances in natural language processing that make digital assistants capable of greater autonomy.

MIT Technology Review was founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1899.

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