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Some dos and don’ts of web design for web developers

What makes a good website? Great design and great content combined and web design agencies like Ramotion handles this very well. A designer’s job is to ensure that the design helps & complements the content greatly.

You know that making your website designs enjoyable and useful is something you are good at. This is your top priority and it can be overwhelming for those who have just started.

In order to simplify this, here are some dos and don’ts to follow when you are working on your next web design project.

The Dos

  • Keep the interface consistent

Keep the interface consistent throughout the entire website. The overall look & feel of it should be consistent across all the site’s pages. It is one of the top principles of good UX.

Consistency in color schemes, typefaces, style of writing, fonts and navigation impacts usability and UX positively.

  • Make navigation user-friendly

Navigation is an important part of usability and it is the main interaction technique on the web. User-friendly navigation on your site is key to ensure visitors find what they are looking for.

  • Change the visited links’ color

Links play a crucial role in the navigation process. When the visited links do not change color, it could lead users to re-visit those pages again inadvertently. Users should know their past and present locations so they can know what to visit next.

  • Make scanning pages easy

When visitors visit a website, they are more likely to scan the page instead of reading everything present on it until they find what they need. You can help them do that by designing a very good visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy is the arrangement & presentation of website elements in a pleasing yet important manner.

  • Do not overlook content

Both the copy and design of your website are equally important. More than 90% of information on the internet is in the form of some written language. Despite the website’s beautiful design, it can fall on its knees if the content is badly designed, written and put.

What makes a good website? Great design and great content combined. A designer’s job is to ensure that the design helps & complements the content greatly.

The Don’ts

  • Do not make users wat for long

For user experience, loading time is a key factor. Users today are quite impatient and 47% of them expect the web page to load in a few seconds, or even less. If the web page takes time to load, they will leave the site. That is why speed of a loading page be a top priority in the making of a web application.

  • Do not open internal links in new tabs

Users are no longer dumb today as they can differentiate between external and internal links. All internal links should open in the same tab & window. If they want to go back, have a back button in the web page. Give them an advanced warning when the link will open in a new tab, like ‘Opens in a new window.’

  • Do not use a lot of typefaces

When developers start making a site, using a lot of different typefaces becomes quite tempting. It could be usage of five or six different fonts, or customized fonts. Its however best to avoid such temptation as too many variations in types of fonts are annoying, confusing and distracting.

A common recommendation is to use a maximum of three different kinds of typefaces in a maximum of three different sizes. Developers should think how they can make the typography influential by playing with weight and fonts when designing a website.

  • Do not use too many colors on your website

Avoid using too many colors in web design because colors are directly proportional to balance. IF more colors are used then it is difficult to achieve balance in web design. Using too many colors in web design is like throwing up a lot of feelings on the tray.

Keep the scheme aligned to a few colors and keep them consistent, unless you are creating a maximalist website.

  • Control the popups

Everybody hates popups, they really o and more than half of the world has blocked them. Showing too many popup windows is one of the worst sins a web developer can do. They are interruptive by nature as they show ads. Do not show popups too early, use them when needed.


Developers should keep these points in mind when they are designing and creating websites. This is why you should contact Branex, the best Web Design New York Agency because their developers create top-notch websites in the best margins of time.

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