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What is the Best Thermal Camera Hardware for Android Smartphones?

Thermal cameras for smartphones are an interesting technological advancement that enhances human vision. After all, there’s only so much you can see with your naked eye. Generally, things around us give off heat which we can see with the aid of thermal camera hardware. They are useful for seeing the world in more ways than the normal way. Also, they help during repairs and fumigation exercises.

There’s a lot to consider if you’re interested in buying the thermal camera that’s the best fit for your use. Many infrared imagers promise to be the one for you, however, there are some traits that you can look out for picking out the best for your Android phone.


Features to consider in choosing the best thermal camera hardware for your android smartphones include:

Capture Ability

A great thermal camera should be able to shoot multiple pictures with ease and switch to video mode without any hassle. If anything, this has to be the first thing you pay attention to when picking out one for yourself. This is a great indicator of the efficiency of the thermal camera. Make sure to check out the various color palettes to customize your view. The image quality matters too.

Portability and Design

It depends on the size of your Android phone. But generally, you’ll want to go for something more portable than the rest. They are some thermal cameras that come in large sizes to accommodate a large range of smartphone sizes and shapes. What you need however is one that you can take everywhere you go.

Some thermal imaging hardware is designed with a bluetooth connection and some are connected through the charging port.

Special Features

Many thermal cameras come with unique additions. One popular feature is the regular image overlay which is when the camera has both a digital camera view and it’s a thermal sensor. This creates the possibility of making a clear image that’s comparable to the thermal version. One other feature that separates some from the bunch is multiple modes for capturing images. The modes include panorama mode which allows you to capture thermal photos with longer or wider areas. Another mode is the time-lapse mode. Both modes make it possible to take in multiple frames at once.

Measure of Temperature

This is a big one to consider when picking out a thermal camera. Some have wide ranges than run from extremely cold and extremely hot situations. A lot of them cover just one of the two. The thermal resolution is also important to look out for is the camera resolution when it’s in thermal mode (given that has both digital and thermal mode). The thermometer type of camera also plays a role in your choice. There’s the type of thermometer that measures the temperature at the center of the screen. There’s the other kind that focuses on the extreme sports in the view.


One final thing to watch out for is the battery type and life. Some thermal cameras have batteries in their design, and you should note that thermal imaging demands power. There are others that draw power from your android smartphone and that means you get to charge your phone more regularly.



With this information, you can now pick out the best thermal camera. One thing you need to pay attention to is that none of these features are wrong or right. You have to make your choice based on what fits your needs. For example, thermal camera hardware for smartphones are generally battery draining. In light of this, you can either go for the one with a battery of it’s one of the types that use the phone’s battery. Neither is more advantageous than the other.

Generally, you want a thermal imager that you can use anywhere and anytime. You want to pick one that serves your need for image quality, temperature focus, and charging requirements, among other factors.

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