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How to Build a Small Form Factor (SFF) PC in 2020

You are dreaming to built your own Small Form Factor or in short SFF personal computer but the problem is that you don’t have enough expertise in it. Well, here you need a expert to convert your dream in a true reality. But you don’t need to worry, we are here for you. We assure you that our expertise would give you enough benefits which even you would not imagine. Before going in depth we experienced that am4 Itx motherboards are more compatible with SFF and we have a wide range of best am4-ITX motherboard .You just need to tell what kind of SFF you want, A ultra-high-end gaming PC, A content writer PC, A comprehensive small office containing PC or for other purpose.

Furthermore, A moving one step forward on the basis of our expertise we guess that small form factor or SFF is the future of PC’s.

Mini-Itx Gaming PC

If you have a limited space and have tight budget constraint then you must go with mini-itx computer. The best am4 itx motherboards are suitable for SFF computers. Its size is compromises 170mm x 170mm, For mini-itx we just careful about the right components with perfect matched.

Specs for Mini-Itx

Regardless of the size, constructing a mini-itx pc has the same fundamental requirements: making sure the hardware is well suited and assembled properly. The hardware you required to built a mini-itx pc are:

  1. Motherboard: Am4 ITX motherboard of 170×170 mm in size.
  2. Case: RC-130 KKN1 Elite 130
  3. CPU: AMD Ryzen3 2200G with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
  4. HDD: SSD Plus 120GB with internal SSD
  5. PSU:  VS450
  6. RAM: 4GB DDR4 Ballistix Elite

These are total specs which required to built a mini-itx pc.


This small form factors are using in several fields such as

  1. Specifically design for Game PC’s.
  2. It is suitable for home theater or for media center.
  3. Mini-itx can be use as media server.
  4. A compact desktop computer.

As you take into account assembling your own Small Form Factor gadget, take into account that each compact case is particular,so its not possible to give complete information in a single guide anyhow we have the experience that am4 ITX motherboards are much better in results. It’s why similarly to our how to built Small Form Factor in 2020 customer’s guides, we’ve got worked difficult to prepare a complete set of assembly steps which covering an extensive range of case layouts.

Mini-Itx Home Office

Mini-itx home office SFF are used as office work PC’s. With its wide range and up-to-date hardware we consider it has everything which you need in your office system. So, yo can use this SFF as a home office PC.

Specs for Mini-Itx Home office

  1. Motherboard: its compatible with AM4 ITX-Motherboard
  2. CPU: Intel’s Pentium Gold G5400, Dual core.
  3. RAM: 8GB DDR4 or single 256GB M2 PCIe solid state drive.
  4. Hard drive: Compatible upto 2TB

Simple Steps To Built Mini-ITX SFF

Now we are telling you the most sensitive part of built Mini-ITX SFF. Here you must be careful and must have complete idea that which device connects where, what and how jumpers to use correctly. The main part is that how BIOS will respond in new system. But it doesn’t mean that you got panic or to do some thing extra-ordinary. Here just apply simple and routine work you do for common computer, What’s your need is just to be focused on assembling of all spare parts. For this, you just follow different steps which are given below

Compatible Spare Parts:

After the arrangement of a case for your Mini-ITX and hardware of your system. But most important is to check the compatibility of motherboards, RAM and CPU modules. After the complete research and review purchase your all computer items. Furthermore, Before assembling your hardware make sure  that place where you keep your hardware is anti-septic.

Install Your CPU

The CPU will best take a one manner. The pins on the surface each have their own socket, so it’s miles vital that the CPU is successfully orientated. You’ll in all likelihood note a small triangle in a single corner of the CPU. There is separate CPU socket on am4 itx motherboard. Make sure that each pin is fit in particular socket. After the assembling of hardware make sure that your CPU is properly locked. To Keep your CPU cool use heatsink fans also which throw out the heat and maintain CPU temperature

Plug-in Ram

Remember, Ram is quite important for your PC because without RAM or inappropriate Ram can effect your PC execution speed. Furthermore, To paste Ram at the right module is quite important because if you paste in wrong module it can damage your RAM. So, install only recommended as mentioned above according to your PC requirement. Moreover, the clasps at either give up of the module will lock in location when the module is completely inserted.

Tip:  if you are using multiple rams then use same size ram. It may increase your ram capacity.

Install AM4-ITX Motherboard in Case

Here you install AM4-ITX motherboard which is most suitable for your Mini-ITX SFF. With the whole lot installed for your motherboard, it’s time to install your AM4-ITX motherboard in Mini-ITX case.Carefully raise the board, and slot it into the case, taking care to line it up with the risers and the I/O protect. The returned of the case have to line up with the ports on the motherboard. With the board in place, at ease it into function using the committed screws.

Fit PSU and Testing

PSU is the hardware which gives transmit the power to CPU. Many of the cases has built-in but it is recommended that fit your own Power Supply unit so that compatible with all other hardware. Here one thing clarify that PSU unit has separate bundle of wires from which mother board received the power while CPU and fan has separate wires.

After fitting the PSU it is best once to check your PC functions. With your computer set up to the screen, you should see the initial display. Part of that is a scan for the storage power, which you haven’t set up but. If you’ve made it this a long way, you ought to see that the CPU is successfully displayed, along with the RAM general. Now, your system is ready to execute. Just shutdown the system and off the all powers from computers.

Attached Hard Drive

In the last, attached hard drive with your CPU according to your requirement. Simply just attached data cables with motherboard and then connect a wire from CPU to hard drive. Be aware check hard drive is attached in suitable slot.

Moreover, AM4-ITX motherbaord is supported with bootable M.2 SSD storage, you can prefer to use this. Although its little bit expensive but its increase data speed and also increased performance.

Concluding Words

Now, you are enable to built your own small form factor PC either for your home-office PC or a ultra-high gaming PC. We inform you each and everything with best of our knowledge and experience. Once again we recommend you that for Small form factor use best am4-ITX motherboard. The result would be far more better as compare to others.

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