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Best 6 Must Know Mac OS X Tips for Windows Users

If you recently buy a Mac or even if you have been need to use a Mac system for work, you may be irritating  to utilize MAC OS X if you have been using windows operating system. This is quite easy and Apple really doesn’t like modify their Operating System to match that of Microsoft window anytime.

Apple really loves Mac OS X the way it is. And probably will not change. This means you’ll need to understand the difference between Windows and Mac OS X. In my opinion, MAC OS X could possibly still be created to become easier for use by default, yet unfortunately, you must manually make some settings to make your experience better.

In this article, I’ll give you a some of my preferred tips for Windows users that need to make use of a Mac OS X. As soon as you learn used to OS X, you might even prefer it on Windows. Same the case happened with me. There is a little bit effort you need to put in, but it deserves the initiative.

Top 6 Must Know Mac OS X Tips for Windows Users

1: How to Right Click On MAC OS X

One of the absolute disturbing things as a new Mac OS X user is trying to find out how to use right-click on! There is actually no distinct right-click for Mac, but this may be irritating for some users. Fortunately, the Apple approach is in fact kind of more instinctive and also less complicated to use.

When you need to do a right click on, all you have to perform to right-click is to utilized 2 fingers. You do the right-click selection when you click along with two fingers. As my experienced, this is way much more beneficial than needing to move my finger to the appropriate on Windows laptops pc.  You may change the settings for just how right-click works by going to computer Preferences, Trackpad as well as clicking on the Point & Click button.

2: Add Applications to the Dock

The second main difference is that it is more jarring for Windows users is the absence of a Start menu. There merely isn’t any main button in Mac OS X. Check the Apple logo right on top left, which may do a couple of things like acquire you to System Preferences or even let you restart/shutdown your pc.
I almost never ever use more than one or even 2, therefore the initial thing I carry out is get rid of all of them. You may perform this through right-clicking on the icon in the dock, selecting and also deciding on alternatives Remove coming from Dock.

3: Eject Drives for the Trash

This one is the best idea. over the long period, Apple has perplexed users when should user eject device from his system. If you want to eject a flash drive or DVD, you either need to right-click as well as opt for Eject or even you possess to grab the thing in to the Trash.

This is same as ejecting your USB drive the Recycle Bin in Windows. In other words remove everything! Therefore undoubtedly, people don’t also like the idea of tossing just about anything that has important records on it right into a trash can.

4: Tweak Finder

Finder works as like Windows Explorer in windows. I like it more convenient and easy version, in my opinion.  Therefore to incorporate even more stuff in to Finder, open up a Finder home window and afterwards click View and select the Show Path Bar as well as Show Status Bar options. It will definitely give Finder a much more Explorer-like look.
While under View, select Customize Toolbar to add some useful symbols to the factory default toolbar. Again i must say i like it to add or remove the new folder, Get Info buttons on toolbar.  Last but not the least, by click on the preference and then sidebar you can easily add some other things to the Finder sidebar like Pictures, Music, etc. This resembles the library in Windows.

5: Learn to Use Spotlight on MAX OS X

You’ll be delighted to know there is search option available in MAC OS X called Spotlight same as in windows. You may obtain to it in two techniques:
  1. Either by selecting the magnifying glass on top right of your display screen
  2. By pushing the Command + Spacebar key-board shortcut.
Utilizing Spotlight is the easiest method to search out your files, setting changings in MAC OS X, find out applications to put up, locate e-mails, find schedule occasions, and so on. It also show your website results, thus you could find for Apple and also recommended of any site and also even a map to the nearby Apple store.

6. SUGGESTIONS By default,

Apple’s setting protecting you through only allowing you to install any application available on the Mac App store or authorized developers. Somehow, it’s pretty good because it maintains you a bit more secure without doing any thing. Yet, you want to install any new application, the Mac App store is the most suitable for it. As contrast to this Windows program usually downloaded from anywhere on the net. The majority of systems you’ll ever before require to put in on your Mac is going to be readily available in the Mac App shop. If you require to install something from a few other spot, you can easily change the System Preferences, Security & Privacy, and select Anything under permission to install.


With any luck those are actually some great tips for new Mac OS X users who quite considerably made use of Windows for their whole entire lifestyles. There are actually a ton of other distinctions, however if you can easily survive these primary ones, you’ll delight in utilizing your Mac instead of desiring to defeat it. Appreciate!
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