Best Free Stock Trading Apps for Android users in 2021

Most people want to invest in the stock market as a big part of their financial planning puzzle. Actually, it’s a good way to get additional income, and technology has made it much simpler for anyone to get income through investing in a stock.

When we talk about the market might seem like a big place, especially for fresh investors, technology has made it much easier with a great number of financial sites, so, you can easily track the market on by using your smartphone with the right apps.

What are Stock trading Apps?

Stock trading apps actually are mobile programs that have information about the stock market including Stock market research or Stock trades. By using these applications you can easily open or close trades.  The best app means it will not compromise on its functionality or speed while you are doing some important work.

Which things Makes a Good Stock Market App? 

The best stock analysis app will cause you to feel like you never left your trading station. It gives you great market research and bits of knowledge. What’s more, obviously, it’s consistently accessible on your cell phone, tablet or smartwatch. 

Take a look below at our best stock analysis apps

  • Solid market research:  Strong market research will give you admittance to different news channels and analysis from respectable sources. Another element of strong stock analysis apps is the stock screener to help you filter organization shares dependent on certain financial standards. 
  • Trading Tools: The active live charts are a valuable part of your trading tool kit. You need charts to investigate past value execution and to base your examination. Great charts need to have different trading tools for investigation and indication. Alerts or signals are will tell you if a specific occasion occurs. 
  • Trading: Some versatile apps let you execute genuine trades. Other apps are only informative. A good stocking exchanging app represents a genuine trading broker. Make certain to research and analyze apps. 
  • Simple in use: best stock apps keep things very simple.It ought to conform to the little screen and highlight the natural route. Diagram analysis and other tools must adapt to the cell phone stage.

Here we listed some best apps that can assist you to track the ups and downs of the stock market.

The Investing is an ideal way to follow stocks around the world. This app offers live statements or charts for in excess of 100,000 distinct stocks on in excess of 70 diverse global exchanges. You can likewise see data about bonds, foreign exchange, futures, interest rate, and so more.

The best element of the app is its complete economic calendar that gives a report on worldwide economic occasions. You would then be able to see how those will affect the business sectors and -stocks. You can likewise make and customize a portfolio to keep watch of stocks and significantly more, for example, bonds. 

For each of the various stocks tractable in this app, market watchers can get adjustable alarms at a particular cost, rate changes, or volume. You can likewise set up alarms for an economic occasion or a news analysis article.

Yahoo Finance

The Yahoo Finance app is an incredible market asset. Alongside live stock information; the app can follow your own portfolios. 

To follow explicit stocks, simply add them to a watch list to get quotes and customized news about the organizations. Transform your cell phone into landscape mode to see full-screen graphs. These give more data about stocks and even permit you to analyze various options.

The app can even give data bonds, currencies, prices or world business sectors. It likewise allows you to follow in excess of 100 diverse cryptographic forms of money, including the most notable: Bitcoin. 


A fascinating social app, StockTwits permits you to visit with different investors or traders to help better check the market and see where your stocks are going. Alongside an overall market chat, there’s a investor chat on every particular stock page. A  trending list shows market watchers explicit stocks that are in the news, taking actions up or down, or well known with top investors or traders.

To assist watchers with investigating the market, you’ll additionally find automatic and hand-curated stock records or news main highlights to assist you with finding another investment data. 

Alongside an exhaustive cryptocurrency area, the app gives you information about the earning calendar so you can see stocks with impending earning reports.

Real Time Stocks Tracker 

Real-Time Stocks Tracker works effectively giving live streaming stock data. Alongside the ability to make and track numerous watch list and stock portfolios, the app supports all significant brokers in the United States for exchanging. So while tracking stocks, you can swipe on the name to purchase or sell the selection. 

On the page of each stock, the app gives a pleasant measure of data, including specialized indicators and remarks. 

Another excellent element is the stock scanner. You can enter various customize factors including value, market cap, EPS, and numerous others to find the specific stock that provokes your curiosity. 

The app supports various customizable alerts too. Clients can even set the cost of a particular stock to show up as the app’s badge.

My Stocks Portfolio and Widget

An excellent decision to follow stocks and your portfolio is My Stock Portfolio and Widget. You can see real-time stock data for the United States and even some worldwide international markets.

Subsequent to entering your stock portfolio, you can screen little changes or even view annualized gains. You can likewise see news for each stock in a portfolio. To assist better with dealing with your possessions, there is no restriction on the number of portfolios you can make in the app. 

Rather than opening the app to see stock data, it will show data from watch lists and current holdings. You can set a password to secure all the stock data. The app permits you to back up and reestablish information with a CSV file.


Bloomberg is a notorious name in the financial world. Furthermore, it is an ideal method to track your stocks and stay up with the latest on everything business. You can make a portfolio with stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, currencies and so more. The app will at that point give alarms on your positions and other financial news. 

A widget shows articles, market information, and a watch list outline of your property. To improve the handle of what’s going on the planet, the app features news from the business sectors and different ventures. 

You likewise listen to Bloomberg Radio without any cost. A membership offers admittance to the Bloomberg TV channel.


Overall investors will need to investigate JStock. The app can track stocks in 28 distinct countries, including the United States. When taking a gander at foreign stocks, the app will show nearby currency in blue dependent on the latest exchange rate. 

With this app, you can without much of a stretch oversee both limitless portfolios and stock profits to see precisely where you stand financially. The chart gives a closer glance at both portfolio and profit returns. 

There are likewise widgets to see stocks on a watch list, how advertises the world over are performing, and a purchase portfolio.

Ticker Stock Portfolio Manager 

A complete method to monitor the market, Ticker Stock Portfolio offers various incredible highlights. Anybody with different portfolios can see their general positions and profit data initially. Simply enter the trades, profits, and parts. The application will at that point deal with a wide range of various calculations. You’ll additionally have the option to see the full portfolio measurements throughout the previous three years. 

With pop-up messages, the app will give an alert to various diverse customizable triggers including value, volume, percent changes, rise or fall, and others. Clients can likewise make numerous watch lists with various stocks. With fast notifications, the app alerts you about various customizable triggers like percent changes, value, volume, rise or fall, and so more. You can likewise make various watch lists with various stocks.

Last thoughts

It does not matter you’re a stock expert or you are new in the stock world, these apps should definitely assist keep you up to date on what’s happening in the market on a daily basis.

You should keep your eyes in the market even when you are not close to your desk. Our above-mentioned options will up-to-date and inform you all the time. The great thing about the above-mentioned apps is that you can use them without any cost. So, go now and enjoy your stock marketing experience freely!

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