Best Data Science Courses in the UK

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.”   ~ Edwards Deming

Virtually every organization has a large amount of data that needs to be analyzed for business gains. This is where data science comes into the picture. Data science enables professionals to use mathematics, statistics, scripting, and others to gather, filter, manipulate and visualize data. In other words, a data scientist makes life simpler for other stakeholders by allowing them to make meaningful and data-backed decisions. However, data science is a very challenging role and requires excellent skills in many domains. 

The challenging and useful nature of data science roles makes it one of the most rewarding career options. As per PayScale, data scientists’ at mid-level of experience earn an average annual salary of £44,609 in the UK. Variation in pay can be attributed to the company in which the individual works and the city individuals belong. It may further change based on the skills that individuals have. 

What is Data Science?

Data science is a research-oriented role to meet varied business needs by analyzing and summarising large data sets. However, data science is not limited to assessing large data sets for inference. Instead, one needs to understand the business requirements, predict future issues and provide possible solutions. It is helping management to grow business, avoid losses, and improve products. Data science professionals work closely with other data experts in the team.

Data science is gaining popularity among millennials. It has invaded many industries worldwide and risen with all contemporary technologies, viz big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This has caused major global universities to adapt to changes and come up with various programs. Universities in the UK are no different and offer multiple master’s courses in data science, which are very popular.

In the current article, we will go through the top 5 data science certification courses you can opt for in the data science domain. The programs jotted below are offered by prominent institutions, formulated and delivered by experienced trainers or faculty members.  

Post Graduate Program in Data Science @ Simplilearn

Purdue University offers this program, a world-renowned university, along with one of the best training provider platforms, Simplilearn, and leading innovator of data science IBM. This comprehensive program is designed to help accelerate data science careers for interested professionals. The program is formulated with a perfect mix of theoretical knowledge, hands-on practicum, and case studies. It was ranked as the top data science certification program by Economics times. This program provides students with broad exposure to essential tools and technologies such as Python, R, Machine learning, and many more. The program allows you to work on  25+ industry projects and capstone from three different domains. At the end of the course, you will receive certification to help you stand out in the competition for a potential job.

  • Eligibility Criteria –  
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a 50% or higher average score
  • Preferably more than two years of work experience
  • Basic programming and mathematical knowledge.
  • Mode of Study – Online 
  • Duration – 12 months

M.Sc. Machine Learning and Data Science @ Imperial College London 

The Imperial College London is ranked among the top universities globally and famous for its research and development work in Europe. This program involves working on various data analytics phases such as collection, storage, modeling, and processing of high volume, wide variety, and more complicated datasets. It puts an emphasis on ways to provide data, managing storage, providing access, and allowing flexibility to any change in analytical algorithm or visualization. The program is designed to focus on three areas, statistics, data engineering, and analytics.

  • Eligibility Criteria –  
  • Applicants should have a 2.1 degree in Mathematics, applied mathematics, engineering, or physics 
  • A minimum level of proficiency in English.
  • Mode of Study – Online part-time course 
  • Duration – Two years

MSc in Data Science @ University of Edinburgh

Students who want to establish their career as a data scientist in industry or the public sector can take this training program. This course emphasizes the areas such as statistics, machine learning,  data management, and data science. Students learn all concepts so that they can use these to solve specific problems or combine different ideas. The course involves computation, simulation, and prediction for complex customer behavior, medical issues, and economic patterns. It may require some occasions to create complicated mathematical models to interpret data.

  • Eligibility Criteria –  
  • Applicants should have a UK 2:1 honors degree, or its international equivalent, in Mathematics, informatics, computer science, physics, or any other quantitative discipline. 
  • Proficiency in English, using qualifications in tests like IELTS, CAE, TOEFL-iBT.
  • Mode of Study – Full-time course 
  • Duration – One year

Data Science MSc. @ King’s College London 

This comprehensive program helps you build advanced technical and practical skills in the collection, benefits, collation, curation, and analysis of data. This program covers fundamentals of data management, analytics method, project, and seminars. The program helps students learn various aspects of data analysis from gathering, organizing, processing, and visualizing extensive data using the latest tools and technologies. Students enrolled in this program will have further benefits such as easy access to major libraries and leading scientific societies like BCS and IET. 

  • Eligibility Criteria –  
  • A bachelor’s degree with a high 2:1 honors in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, natural science, or similar. 
  • Proficiency in English, Further details is available on the website.
  • Basic understanding of mathematics and statistics.
  • Competent in computer programming.
  • Mode of Study – Full-time course 
  • Duration – One year

MSc. Data Science (Business and Management) @ University of Manchester

This program helps you become an agile, skilled data scientist and be prepared for the challenges and rewards of interdisciplinary teamwork. It offers training in core data science skills, embedded in a disciplinary context provided by the pathway. You’ll develop computational skills, data analytical skills, data stewardship skills and knowledge, and project design skills. This course equips students to conduct scientific research, implement and communicate finding effectively. 

  • Eligibility Criteria –  
  • High 2:1 honors degree (or overseas equivalent)
  • Proficiency in English (test scores in either IELTS or TOEFL may be required).
  • Mode of Study – Full-time course 
  • Duration – One year
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