A short guide to growing and crushing your cannabis

Whether you like to smoke up your weed or put it in a vaporizer, crushing and grinding the dry herbs has to be a step one. Buying the perfect weed grinder could just make your life a little easier. In this article, we would go briefly through cannabis seeds, their cultivation, and what to consider while buying your weed grinder.

How to choose your cannabis seeds?

Before you start growing cannabis in your backyard, it is necessary to do thorough research as to the type and specifics of the seed that you would want to grow.

Cannabis seeds are essential of three types – regular, feminized and auto-flowering. Let’s take a look at the properties of each.

Feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds grow into female photoperiod plants only. These seeds do not produce male plants. The plants that grow out of feminized seeds do not contain seeds and hence are well suited to produce high-quality weed.

Autoflowering seeds

As the name suggests, autoflowering cannabis seeds start breeding flowers after a certain period of time irrespective of external factors. It requires little to no prior experience to grow them and are best suited for beginners.

Regular seeds

Regular cannabis seeds grow in nature by default. They have not been engineered like the other two. Regular cannabis seeds can prove to be a little dicey to cultivate as one has to mimic the natural habitat of the plant to ensure a healthy harvest.

Cannabis seeds can be further classified based on their genetics. These include india, satica and ruderalis. Each one of them has its own specific set of properties.

Germination of cannabis seeds

Before the seeds can be transferred to the soil, it is important that they germinate properly. Successful germination demands an optimal temperature along with heat, moisture and sir. The cannabis seeds itself contains sufficient nutrients for the baby plant to grow and hence adding further nutrients may not be required.

How to consume cannabis

Once the plants grow and you reap your precious harvest, the cannabis is dried and crushed. This crushed cannabis could be rolled up in a joint, put in a vaporizer or put in supplements. The most common method is to smoke it up. Cannabis oils could be another viable method of consumption.

Choosing your weed grinder

While it may seem to be a very easy task, buying the right grinder does require some considerations. To start with, one must decide on the size. If you want to crush weed at a party or are a frequent smoker yourself, you would need a large one of 7cm dia. For only personal use, a small weed grinder of dia 4cm would suffice. The build material is important as it determines the lifespan of your device. The number of sieves is responsible for a finer output. Apart from these, there is always a pocket pinch to consider.

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