Best Android App Development Companies – Top 10

Android is an operating system for phones, T.V.s, and gadgets that lets you do multiple things simultaneously. The O.S. was made by Android Inc., later bought by Google and made more famous. It was based on Linux.

When it came out in 2008, Android OS was the market winner for smart devices. People liked the operating system because smartphones and tablets today are minicomputers you can carry around.

Android’s system is very flexible and easy to use, and it only takes less than an hour to get to know each other. Many useful Android apps make it easy for anyone to build O.S. settings.

Android App Development Process

Making an app is more than just making it and putting it in the Google Play Store. Instead, a whole process is needed. Planning, creating, developing, testing, launching, and maintaining are all parts of its process.

If you want your Android app to be successful, Android App Development Companies say that you must follow the steps below correctly while making the app, and you’ll be good to go.

The following are the steps required to create an app:
  • Planning: Before you start, consider who you’re writing for, what they want, and what your Android app needs to do for them. Do the study you need to make sure your Android app can compete in the market. It would help if you got ready for making an Android app right now.
  • Design: The second step is to make the look, which includes a model and the user interface. The artist will start working on a mockup once you give the go-ahead. Designers ensure the final look is what people see on their Android phones and tablets.
  • Development: Coders create the app’s framework and build it using their knowledge of the coding language. Once the app is finished being coded, programmers make an Android app based on the design accepted during the design process.
  • Testing: Once the app has been coded and built, it is tested to see how users feel about it. Engineers test the app to ensure it works well and has no bugs or other problems.
  • Launch and Maintenance: Once you’re done testing, it’s time to put your Android app on the Google Play Store. After uploading the application needs, you can safely upload it there, along with the post-launch maintenance.

Like any software, it needs to be kept up-to-date and properly maintained. After the launch, offer technical help, make it work better, and add new features to make it more interesting.

App Development Languages

If you’re making an app, you’re using the O.S. for Linux Kernel to make a problematic product that can do many things.

Let’s look at the programming languages that the company uses to make sure they provide the right kind of development service:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  • C++/ C
  • Python
  • Android Application Development Phases
  • Back-End Development
  • API Creation
  • Front-end Development

Top Android App Development Companies

#1) ScienceSoft (McKinney, TX)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Best for designing products and making Android apps that people will want to buy.

ScienceSoft has been making Android apps since 2005, and users have always loved them (their Google Play score stays above 4.0). SciTech has finished more than 350 successful mobile projects. Viber, a messaging and VoIP app with over 1 billion daily users is the most well-known.

ScienceSoft pays extra attention to UX on mobile devices, which makes the user journey easy and natural. They believe that U.I.’s design should be elegant, but they consistently devise creative ways to make a client’s brand stand out.

ScienceSoft has a lot of experience making the following kinds of Android apps:

  • Apps for mobile banking, bills, and wallets.
  • Hospital and patient apps, as well as telehealth tools.
  • Message and voice apps
  • Apps that book and sell tickets
  • mCommerce apps
  • Augmented reality apps
  • Product and service marketplaces

The Android team at ScienceSoft comprises more than 30 workers who have worked with Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, and C# for more than five years on average. They will make an app for Android that opens quickly, works smoothly, and can be used on multiple devices.

According to Superbcompanies, ScienceSoft was named one of the best Java development companies for 2022 because it has a lot of experience making apps for Android.


  • Making UX and U.I. mobile apps.
  • Making native (Java, Kotlin) Android apps.
  • Create cross-platform compatibility (using frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and Cordova) for your apps.
  • Making back ends, web apps, and APIs.
  • Help with putting apps on Google Play and keeping them up to date.
  • Support and development of Android apps all the time.

Founded: 1989

Headquarters: McKinney, TX

Employees: 700+

Locations: U.S. (Texas, Georgia), UAE, Europe (Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland).

Clients: Rakuten Viber, T-Mobile, NASA JPL, Nestle, eBay.

Minimum Project Size: $20,000

Hourly Rate: $45–$75

Verdict: ScienceSoft is an Android app creation company that makes apps that can change businesses, boost mobile conversions, and bring web experiences to mobile devices. They work on various apps, from telehealth and mobile shops to wallets and booking apps. They are very good at adding killer features supported by A.R., IoT, AI, and blockchain technologies.

#2) Talmatic (Wexford, Ireland)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Thanks to Talmatic, which works as a go-between for clients and developers, clients can talk to specialists directly through their preferred channels.

The people who work for Talmatic won’t be in charge of the process, but if you have any problems, you can call them, and they’ll do everything they can to improve your time with hired professionals.

For example, the company can help you make live apps online. Professionals work there, and they use new tools to get better results. You should learn more about the people you want to reach to determine what kind of app you need.

Email your application, a complete list of duties and needs for the job, and information about your company and project. Talmatic always has a lot of workers that can be hired right now.

Talmatic is where you’ll find and hire the top mobile app developers. Everyone on the team is in charge of a different part of the job, and everyone must work together to complete it.

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Wexford, Ireland

Employees: 9-12

Locations: Ireland, US

Clients: DewMaker, Iinploi, SVP Engineering, Foerstel, Taradel, Alvius

Minimum Price: $5000

Hourly Rate: $30-$45

#3) Surf (Wilmington, Delaware)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Surf has been among the best Android app developers for over twelve years. Mobile app development, UI/UX design, and app testing are just some of the tasks they take on. Surf is different from other businesses because they have much knowledge and know-how.

Surf Development’s method is simple but effective: they start by understanding what their clients want and then work hard to give it to them.

The business cares a lot about how users feel and their happiness. Innowise is proud to offer high-quality apps that are easy for anyone.

Founded: 2011

Employees: 150-250

Location: Delaware, Wilmington

Clients: KFC, Burger King, Mars, SAP, Raiffaisen Bank, etc.

Minimum Price: $5,000

Hourly Rate: $25 – $100

Verdict: Surf is a company that focuses on making mobile apps, especially for Android devices, that help businesses move to digital platforms in creative ways.

#4) Innowise (Warsaw, Poland)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Founded in: 2007

Locations: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA

Employees: 1400+

Minimum Budget: $20,000

This company has been making Android apps for over fifteen years and is called Innowise Group. The company has 1400 workers working on different projects, such as making UI/UX designs, testing apps, and making mobile apps. What makes Innowise Group unique are its knowledge and years of experience.

The company’s straightforward but effective way of growing is first to understand what its customers want and then work hard to give it to them. The business cares a lot about how users feel and their happiness. When it comes to making sure its apps are easy to use and of the best quality, Innowise is very proud.

#5) Vention (New York, USA)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Teams at Vention that are committed and have a lot of experience make great Android apps. Engineers at Vention have honed their skills in making scalable and customizable apps by working on various Android app solutions for companies, from startups to large corporations. The team always knows about the newest tech trends and uses the Agile development method to ensure that the products they offer align with what their clients want.

Vention has built apps for over 30 industries, such as e-commerce and schooling, so they know how to make business-critical apps that meet your needs. Ecommerce apps use the Google Pay API to make shopping more exciting and fun. Vention makes mobile solutions for education that make it easier for students to connect and be interested.

Vention’s Android apps offer optimised, data-driven user flows that smooth the experience. You can also get software services from this business for cutting-edge web and mobile products. Contact Vention to find out about prices and take the first step towards a successful Android app option for your business.


  • Android UI/UX design
  • Q.A. and testing
  • Post-launch
  • Migration and Porting Services
  • Apps that span the Android ecosystem

Founded: 2002

Headquarters: New York, USA

Employees: 3,000+

Locations: USA, UK, Austria, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.

Clients: PayPal, SeatGeek, ClassPass, Slice, Vimeo

#6) eFlair (Bengaluru, India)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

eFlair Webtech has built a firm name as a digital technology and Android app development leader. The cutting-edge apps that the company makes and distributes show how well it combines technological know-how, creative thinking, and a deep knowledge of the Android platform.

Each app has excellent features, great usefulness, and an easy-to-use interface. These features improve the user experience and help clients reach their strategic goals.


  • Custom Android apps that meet the specific needs of businesses are being made.
  • Migration and porting services make it easy to move apps between different Android devices or from other OSes, like iOS, to Android.
  • Rigid app testing and Quality Assurance (Q.A.) steps ensure the app works well, is bug-free, and gives users a great experience.
  • Android app maintenance and update services keep apps updated with the newest features, security patches, and technological advances.
  • Apps are getting smarter and more complicated as a result of the integration of cutting-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.
  • User Interface (U.I.) and User Experience (UX) design that makes apps more straightforward to use and look better.
  • Launch and post-launch help ensure the product does well in the market and keeps improving.

Verdict: eFlair Webtech is at the top of its field because it offers complete Android app development services based on a deep knowledge of the Android ecosystem and cutting-edge technologies.

Because it is dedicated to providing customised apps with many features, it is a top choice for companies looking for solid and new Android solutions.

Services: Custom Web and Mobile Application Development

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: India

Employees: 100

Locations: India, USA, U.K.

Clients: Expedia, EY, RazorPay, American Airlines, Stanford University

Minimum Price: $5000

Hourly Rate: $25 – $40

#7) Appinventiv (Noida, UP, India)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Appinventiv changes the way mobile experiences work by using different technologies. They are the best global firm for developing new products and turning businesses digital. They use cutting-edge technology to get businesses and startups closer to bringing their products to market.


  • Android App Consultation services
  • Android UI/UX Design
  • Custom Android Application development
  • Android Software Testing
  • Multi-platform services

Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Employees: 501 – 1000

Locations: India, USA, Australia, UAE

Clients: Domino’s, Al-Futtaim, Khaleej Times, NCR

Minimum Price: $10,000+

Hourly Rate: $25 – $49

Verdict: Appinventiv is an expert in making mobile and Android apps which help companies go digital by offering creative solutions.

#8) Fueled (New York, NY)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

The best for making apps for Android and iPhone.

Fueled is one of the best digital change agencies in the world. It works with Fortune 500 companies, global brands, and unicorn startups. They plan, create, and build the technology that people use and that wins in the market.


  • Android development
  • React Native development
  • Flutter development

Founded: 2007

Headquarters: New York, NY

Employees: 51 – 200

Locations: NYC, London, Los Angeles, Chicago

Clients: MGM Resorts, Warby Parker, Ikon Pass, Wirecutter, Verizon

Minimum Price: $75,000+

Hourly Rate: $150 – $199

Verdict: Fueled specialises in making apps for Android and iPhone that make it easy for users to get to the goods, information, services, and processes they need for real-time interactions.

#9) Blue Label Labs (New York, NY)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

The best for creating and planning digital products.

For the integrated design, strategy, and engineering method to work, Blue Label works with the brands and founders side by side. Their team develops new ideas while putting the customer first and offers ways to build and change businesses.


  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Web Development
  • React Native Development
  • Clover POS

Founded: 2011

Headquarters: New York, NY

Employees: 51-200

Locations: Seattle Office, San Francisco Office

Clients: Bloomberg News, P & G Company, TIME, and Microsoft

Minimum Price: $75,000+

Hourly Rate: $100 – $149

Verdict: Blue Label Labs is an expert at developing digital product strategies to turn your ideal customers into fans.

#10) ZCo Corporation (Atlanta, GA)

Best Android App Development Companies In 2023 - Top 10

The best for making unique apps for phones.

ZCo Corporation uses tried-and-true methods to make items that look good and last long for their customers. One of the biggest app development companies in the world, it’s excited about giving excellent software development services.


  • Android App Development
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Progressive Web apps
  • Medical apps

Founded: 1989

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Employees: 201 – 500

Locations: Boston, MA and New York, NY

Clients: Issa’s Edible Adventures, Invisawear, Aliv, ASK Chemicals L.P., and Zentangle.

Minimum Price: $10,000+

Hourly Rate: $25 – $49

Verdict: ZCo Corporation is the best at making unique mobile and hybrid apps that make it easy to get new client data and give your business much room to grow.


With new changes to Android, Android apps have changed the market for mobile apps. The best companies that make apps for Android help you make apps that are fun to use and have many valuable features.

The Android app will help your business keep current customers happy, bring in new ones, and build trust in the brand. If you make a good Android app, it can be used to advertise your business. It also helps your business grow into a separate business that makes money.

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