The 8 Best Ad Blockers for Chrome (Free) in 2023

Pop-up blockers are pieces of software that stop ads on the internet. Since many websites and apps use ads to make money, ad blockers are a reasonable next step. Even though there are good and bad reasons to use pop-up blockers, they can still help people have a better time online.

What’s an ad blocker?

The term “Ad Blocker” refers to software that filters out promotional content while browsing the web. Pop-up blockers can prevent annoying advertisements from showing while playing a favored mobile game.


There are a lot of websites and apps that give away their material for free. The distributor puts up ads to make money. But sometimes, these ads can make using the website or app hard.

Ad Blockers can make these websites and apps more enjoyable to use again by keeping ads from showing up.

General Features

Because there are so many ad blockers on the market, many of them have a lot of extra features. Features to think about are ads that are acceptable and allow listing. This allows showing ads that don’t get in the way.

Consider looking into the content filtering tool. This keeps information that should be kept from doing so.

Things to keep in mind

There needs to be more competition with many different goods on the market. The price is one thing that should be thought about.

Most free versions have some okay ads, which also helps websites make money. On the other hand, if you want to block everything, you can pay a yearly fee.

Following are the Best Ad Blockers

#1. TotalAdblock

The 8 Best Pop-Up Blockers for Chrome (Free) in 2023

Price: It’s free; a paid upgrade costs $29 per year.

TotalAdblock is a tool to browse the web without seeing any ads. People know the tool instantly blocks all ads and trackers across the internet. It’s easy to find and eliminate ads on famous sites like YouTube, Facebook, CNN, etc.

With its Chrome application, blocking ads is much easier when the right amount of automation is used. TotalAdblock is excellent at finding ads and tracking servers, and stopping them. Because of this, we suggest it the most.


  • Stopping ads
  • Optimise page loading speed
  • Block trackers
  • Add-on for Chrome


  • If you have paid for the premium plan, it will only eliminate browser alerts.

Conclusion: TotalAdblock works as well as some of the best ad blockers online today.

After a simple setup, you’ll only need to click once to block all ads on any page you visit. The Chrome extension doesn’t do anything but make blocking ads easy. Besides that, TotalAdblock’s service is free of charge.

#2. AdLock

The 8 Best Pop-Up Blockers for Chrome (Free) in 2023


  • Free add-ons for Chrome and Safari.
  • $20 per year or $50 for life.
  • Desktop (Windows): $40 a year or $100 for life
  • $30 a year or $75 for life.
  • All prices exclude tax.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all paid goods.

AdLock gives web browser users a free add-on that stops all ads. But these add-ons only work with the browser where they are loaded.

AdLock also has AdLock for Windows, which you can use to stop ads on other programs. You can eliminate ads on your computer or mobile for as little as $20 a year, no matter what app you use.


  • Versions for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS are all supported.
  • Add-ons for Chrome and Safari that stop ads.
  • Software that stops ads on Skype, YouTube, games, and other apps for both Windows and Android.
  • Protect the information about you.


  • It is not one of the Ads We Accept. You can’t put any sites on your block.
  • There is no Android app on Google Play.

Conclusion: AdLock is an excellent way for people sick of ads outside the browser to eliminate them. This doesn’t come for free, but you have 30 days to try it out and decide whether it’s worth the money.

#3. AdGuard

The 8 Best Pop-Up Blockers for Chrome (Free) in 2023


  • $2.49 a month, or $79.99 for life.
  • Tax is not included in the price.
  • Free for AdGuard DNS
  • 14 days for free

AdGuard has several tools that help you block ads. You can get it as an add-on for your computer or an app.

It also has AdGuard DNS and a home solution that covers all the devices in your home. This service is free and doesn’t need any apps to be installed. Any gadget will work as long as the DNS settings are changed.


  • There are a lot of goods, like browser add-ons, AdGuard DNS, and AdGuard for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • You can stop ads, browse safely, and set rules for kids.
  • AdGuard Home protects your whole network because it blocks ads and tracking.


  • Not one of the Ads We Accept.
  • AdGuard has a lot of ways to stop ads from showing up on most devices.

Conclusion: Users can choose how to protect their information and eliminate ads. You can also use AdGuard’s parental controls to keep your kids from seeing adult material.

#4. Adblock Plus

The 8 Best Pop-Up Blockers for Chrome (Free) in 2023

Price: Downloading and using it is free for everyone.

Ads that can run:

  • For smaller groups, it’s free.
  • For Large entities, 30% of the extra money they make by putting their Acceptable Ads on an allowlist.

AdBlock Plus is one of the most famous to stop ads. It works with many desktop and mobile browsers. With AdBlock Plus.

They also let you add websites to a “whitelist,” which stops the pop-up filter from working on those sites. The Acceptable Ads tool lets ads through that don’t bother you, but it’s easy to turn it off. Companies that want to be on the listing of Acceptable Ads can fill out a form.


  • All desktop and mobile apps (Samsung Internet, Safari, and Firefox) can block ads.
  • A browser for Android and iOS that blocks ads.
  • Companies can ask to be on the listing of Acceptable Ads.


  • By default, the Acceptable Ads option is turned on.
  • Only browsers can use it.

Conclusion: AdBlock Plus lets you browse the internet more quickly and without interruption. It is open-source and free. You can only see ads that don’t bother you with the Acceptable Ads option, and companies can apply to be allowed. This is free for small businesses, but big businesses have to pay.

#5. AdBlock

The 8 Best Pop-Up Blockers for Chrome (Free) in 2023

Price: Free

AdBlock is a free, open-source program that stops pop-ups. It is one of the most popular ad blockers in the world and can be used on many browsers. 

It uses filter groups set to work for all users by default. However, you can make your list or “whitelist” the websites you want to use. AdBlock is part of the Acceptable Ads program, which only lets ads through that don’t bother you.


  • It works on most PC browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, as well as on mobile browsers like iOS and Android.
  • Blocks ads, pop-ups, viruses, YouTube and Facebook ads, and Cryptocurrency Mining.
  • Part of the program Acceptable Ads.


  • AdBlock users who don’t want to see ads must turn off Acceptable Ads.
  • Only browsers can use it.

Conclusion: 65 million people use Adblock and trust it. It’s free and open-source; you can change your filter lists’ look. It stops all ads and pop-ups, even on social media sites.

#6). Ghostery

The 8 Best Pop-Up Blockers for Chrome (Free) in 2023

Price: Free

Ghostery is a free ad blocker that uses open source. It uses innovative blocking technology that makes your browser experience better by blocking ads and stopping trackers. Their interface is easy to use and lets you choose what you want to block. It can also give you data.

Ghostery works with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Cliqz. They also have browsers for Android and iOS phones that protect privacy.


  • Personalized blocking of ads.
  • Analysis of trackers.
  • Privacy Browser for both Android and iOS.


  • Not one of the Ads We Accept.
  • Only browsers can use it.

Conclusion: Ghostery is a great, free way to stop ads from appearing on your screen. It stands out because it can stop hackers and keep your information safe. With their mobile browsers, you can surf the web on your phone better than ever.

#7. Opera Browser

The 8 Best Pop-Up Blockers for Chrome (Free) in 2023

Price: Free

Opera is a free web browser with a VPN and ad-blocking add-ons. This means that you don’t need to download any extra apps, and it’s free for everyone. The browser can be used on both computers and phones.

It not only blocks ads, but it also warns you about malware and fake pages and links. You can add more extensions if you want to change it even more.


  • Free VPN built in.
  • Built-in ad blocker.
  • Android and iOS users can also get it.


  • Only ads in the browser are blocked.
  • Not part of ads that are okay.

Conclusion: Opera is a safe browser that doesn’t have any ads. It’s probably the easiest way to stop seeing ads since all you have to do is download and run the browser.

#8) uBlock Origin

The 8 Best Pop-Up Blockers for Chrome (Free) in 2023

Price: Free

uBlock Origin is a valuable add-on for Chrome and Firefox that lets you block websites. It is small, only takes up a little memory, and has a lot of tools.

Since uBlock Origin is open-source, you can use host files to make new lists and filters. Users can also let the websites they don’t want to block work by adding them to a “whitelist.”


  • Ads and bots are blocked.
  • It uses limited memory, so it won’t make your machine run slower.
  • Allowlists and filters that can be changed.


  • Only browsers can use it.

Conclusion: uBlock Origin is the best choice for people who want to block ads but don’t want to slow down their computers. It doesn’t take up much space but is still strong enough to stop all those annoying ads.


There are many different kinds of ad blockers. There are many free and paid options, so choosing which one to use can take time. We should remember that Pop-Up Blockers exist to give people the experience they deserve.

But we also need to find a middle ground by realizing that publishers who give away material need to make money.

Overall Winner: AdGuard

Even though AdGuard is not part of the acceptable ads program, its products can help people take control of their online experience. DNS filtering gives you control over the whole network. AdGuard goes one step further by adding parental controls to keep children from seeing inappropriate material.

Best Compromise: AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is not only free, but it also has ads that are okay. AdBlock Plus doesn’t charge you, the user. Instead, it charges big companies who want to be part of its acceptable ads program. This saves you money and lets companies that rely on ad income give you free content for years.

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