Best Cyber Security Companies – Top 10

Cybersecurity is a group of methods to keep systems linked to the internet safe. Computers, networks, software, and data can all be kept safe with it.

Cyberattacks are done to get money, change or destroy data, or get entry without permission. Cyberattacks come in many forms, such as Ransomware, Malware, Social Engineering, and Phishing. Cybersecurity helps people and businesses keep their systems and data safe from people who shouldn’t have access to them.

Best Cyber Security Companies by Revenue

#1) UnderDefense (New York, US)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

UnderDefense is a tech-forward company that offers protection solutions. Its all-around security-as-a-service platform, human intelligence and cutting-edge technologies help businesses anticipate, stop, find, and react to the most complex cyberattacks.

Core cyber security services:

  • 24/7 Managed detection and response
  • Managed SIEM
  • Penetration testing
  • Compliance
  • Incident response
  • Risk reduction
  • Security-as-a-service

Revenue: $5M+

Founded: 2017

Pricing: The company’s security-as-a-service platform comes with a free version. You can get more information about prices by calling the company.

Website: UnderDefense

#2) AppTrana (Vadodara)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Indusface is a software-as-a-service business that helps protect essential web apps. It has a web application scanner, a web application firewall, a content delivery network (CDN), and a danger information engine all in one.

AppTrana is a risk-based application and API protection system that is fully managed. It keeps track of the security state of applications all the time.

Indusface AppTrana provides:

  • Comprehensive protection
  • Full security management services
  • A system that constantly checks the security of an application.
  • Web apps and APIs need to be protected.
  • Instant improvement in how well the service works.

Headquarters: Vadodara

Founded in: 2012

Employee count: 201-500 employees.

Locations: San Bruno, Bangalore, Vadodara, and Navi Mumbai.

Core Cybersecurity services: Basic safety features for computers include checking web apps, setting up firewalls for web apps, checking mobile apps, giving SSL certificates, and more.

Pricing: AppTrana has two price plans from Indusface: Premium ($399/app/month) and Advance ($99/app/month). Try Advance for 14 days for free.

Website: AppTrana

#3) ScienceSoft (McKinney, TX)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

ScienceSoft has been working in IT security since 2003. It has built a strong team of cybersecurity and compliance gurus, Certified Ethical Hackers, SIEM/SOAR/XDR experts, developers with experience making secure software, and certified cloud security experts.

You can be sure that the seller will always provide good service and keep your data safe because they have ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.

ScienceSoft gives customised managed security services, ongoing support, and one-time help to meet the unique security needs of each organisation. These services include

Testing for security holes and managing vulnerabilities. ScienceSoft checks for security holes and does penetration testing, safe code review, and social engineering testing. They are also ready to fix the security holes they find in apps and networks and teach people about hacking.

Designing a safe network. The ScienceSoft team sets up and configures security solutions like routers, IAM, SIEM, EDR, SOAR, XDR, and more. They also make sure that the networks are properly segmented.

Continuous monitoring of security and reaction to incidents. ScienceSoft experts look at what’s happening with your IT system every day, 365 days a year, to find and stop any possible threats as soon as they appear.

Help with software security. ScienceSoft has 34 years of experience developing software and is a cybersecurity expert. They help create and build cyber-resilient apps, improve code security, and use the DevSecOps approach.

Management of compliance. The seller helps keep policies, procedures, and technical controls in line with rules and standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS/SSF, GDPR, GLBA, SOC 2, NYDFS, and more.

IT security consulting, managed security services, vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, code reviews, infrastructure security audits, compliance assessments, cloud security, and secure software development are some of the core cybersecurity services that we offer.

Revenue: $32 Million

Founded: 1989

Locations: USA, UAE, KSA, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania.

Pricing: To find out how much something costs, contact ScienceSoft’s protection team.

Website: ScienceSoft

#4) SecurityHQ (London)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

SecurityHQ, a global MSSP, has 6 Security Operation Centres (SOCs) and over 400 analysts to discover, analyse, and respond to cyber threats 24/7. These SOCs use real-time log analytics, security orchestration, automation, and response tools to help with investigation, threat hunting, and response.

SecurityHQ watches for, finds, stops, and responds to threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that you can focus on your business.

Established in the year: 2003

How Does SecurityHQ Differ?

  • Detection and Response Measures: SecurityHQ is very good at this. They use endpoint detection and response and tracking of user behaviour to find problems in systems and deal with them effectively.
  • There are 6 Security Operation Centres (SOC) in the UK, the US, the Middle East, India, South Africa, and Australia.
  • To keep alerts from getting too tired, find incidents ahead of time, put them in context, and react within 15 minutes of finding them.
  • Expert Team—Dedicated Team Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the beginning of the process to the end.
  • SHQ Response App: They are the only managed security service provider that can provide their services on PC and mobile apps.
  • Only MSSP is a Main Business. The experts at SecurityHQ only work on making their internet security services better.

Core Services Provided:

  • Managed Defense: Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Defence for AWS, Managed Network Detection and Response (MNDR), and Managed Microsoft Sentinel.
  • Managed Security: Managed security includes services like managed firewalls and threat and risk intelligence.
  • Managed Risk: Vulnerability management, penetration testing, CISO as a service, and red team assessment.

Website: SecurityHQ

#5) Cipher CIS (Miami, USA)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Cypher is a protection company that lets businesses stay safe from hackers by offering complete, all-around services. Cypher is part of Prosegur’s cybersecurity section and has a lot of experience with both cyber and physical and IoT security.

There are six main types of cybersecurity services. These are managed security services, detection and response services, red team services, cyber intelligence services, integrating cyber technologies, and governance risk and compliance.

Price: Companies that qualify can try CipherBox MDR for free.

Website: Cypher

#6) Intruder (London, UK)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Intruder is a multinational cybersecurity startup that simplifies corporate protection to reduce their attack surface. The tool from Intruder is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner that checks the whole digital infrastructure for security holes.

Intruder keeps businesses of all kinds safe from hackers by providing vigorous security checks, constant monitoring, and an easy-to-use platform. Since its launch in 2015, Intruder has won many awards and was chosen for GCHQ’s Cyber Accelerator.

Some of the most critical cyber security services are vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, cloud security, network security, and more.

Website: Intruder

#7) ManageEngine (San Francisco, USA)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

When it comes to unified endpoint control and security solutions, ManageEngine is a well-known and respected brand. The company has many tools that work well together to make strong device management and endpoint protection easy to use.

Some of the products that ManageEngine sells are RMM Central, Browser Security Plus, OS Deployer, Vulnerability Manager Plus, Patch Connect Plus, and more. ManageEngine has tools to do everything, from setting up a Zero-Trust environment to handling a wide range of endpoints.

ManageEngine Provides:

  • Manage and protect your browser.
  • Imaging and deploying the OS
  • Assessment of Vulnerability
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Patch Management for Multiple OS

Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area

Founded in: 1996

Employee Count: 1001-5000

Locations: Worldwide

Pricing: Quote Based

Website: ManageEngine

#8) Andersen Inc. (New York, NY)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

Andersen is a well-known and trusted provider of IT Security Services. They provide a wide variety of services meant to safeguard businesses and organisations against the ever-increasing cyber dangers. Andersen protects important information assets with robust protection strategies and cutting-edge technologies. They have a track record of success and are dedicated to being the best.

They know a lot about safety, network security, data protection, cloud security, application security, and data security. Andersen ensures their clients have the best and most up-to-date security steps by keeping up with the latest threats and industry trends.

Clients can get a full report on the safety measures used in their iOS and Android apps, as well as any connections.

The team of certified workers is dedicated to always doing their best. They use their skills in many fields, such as Finance, Logistics, and Healthcare.

Headquarters: New York, USA

Founded: 2007

Employees: 3500+

Contact: +1 800 967 7762

Revenue: $27 Million

Prominent Clients: Some well-known clients are UNESCO, Paysera, GlobePayroll, MediaMarkt, TUI, Swiss Red Cross, Johnson & Johnson, Verivox, and BNP Paribas.

Key Features:

  • 50 or more good IT security projects
  • 20 or more security experts
  • I have 16 years of experience.
  • 98% of clients come back for more work.
  • You can get a free assessment and price quote.
  • Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Website: Andersen

#9) Kualitatem (New York, US)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

The software business is paying much attention to Kualitatem because it is a leader in Testing and Software Quality Assurance. Companies from all over the world trust us because we always provide excellent QA services. This has made us their go-to partner.

Our strategically placed offices in North America, Europe, and Asia allow us to complete projects on time and communicate clearly with all of our clients. Because Kualitatem is dedicated to quality, we are happy to have a TMMi Level 4 accreditation, which shows that we pay close attention to using efficient and effective testing methods.

Headquarters: 48 Wall St., New York, NY 10043

Founded: 2010

Employees: 50–200 employees

Locations: Pakistan, UAE, USA, UK

Core Services:

  • Testing for performance
  • Testing for integration
  • Tests of APIs
  • Testing for database and data migration
  • Test Data Management
  • Advice on testing methods, standards, tools, and setting up the testing environment
  • Consulting for DevOps
  • Setting up a Testing Centre of Excellence
  • Security for apps, code reviews, and VAPT
  • Evaluation of security, education, rules, and steps
  • Follow-up on ISO

Clients: Here are a few of the fields that Kualitatem works in, along with many others:

Financial Sector: Some of the banks in the financial sector are Riyad Bank, Arab National Bank, Samba, Bayan Credit Bureau, Banque Saudi Fransi, Apicorp, Meezan Bank, UBl, ADIB, HBL, and many more.

Healthcare: Dubai Health Authority, Whitecoat, Sidra Medicine, Higi,, and many more offer health care.

Telecom: Ufone, Wateen, Omantel, and VerticalBridge

Transport: Airlines like Airlift, Emirates, Lorryz, Sky, and many more

Oil and Gas: GASCO, ADNOC, ENOC, Qatargas, and many more work in oil and gas.

News and Media: Liquid Agency, Loadio, BBDO, Gulf News, Wurrly, and others are well-known in media.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact them for pricing

Website: Kualitatem

#10) McAfee (San Clemente, California)

Best Cyber Security Companies In 2023 - Top 10

McAfee guarantees safety for both devices and the cloud. Both individuals and businesses can use the security options. McAfee works with three types of businesses: financial, healthcare, and public.

Revenue: Around US $2 Billion.

Founded: 1987

Core Cybersecurity Services: protecting against viruses, keeping networks and servers safe, keeping databases safe, protecting endpoints, keeping websites safe, managing security, keeping data safe and encrypted, and analysing security.

Pricing: The cost of Antivirus will be $54.99 for one device, $84.99 for five devices, and $44.99 for ten devices. People can also try the goods for free. Get a quote to learn more about how much the business goods cost.

Website: McAfee


Now that we’re done, the best enterprise-level cybersecurity service companies are Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, and McAfee.

Almost all of the best companies offer protection for your network, your cloud, your emails, and your endpoints. CyberArk makes Conjur, a tool for managing secrets, and Check Point Software and IBM make Mobile Security.

People like the cloud and other services that Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon offer the most. They also offer services for protection.

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