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Smartphones continue to be on the rise. Because of this trend, the demand for mobile proxies is increasing, too. We’re sure that you’re well aware of the notion of regular proxies and their extensive use both in personal and corporate lives. But what stands behind mobile proxies? Is there any distinction between them and their computer-based counterparts? In this piece, we’ll cover the basics of mobile proxy servers, let you in on the basics of how they function, and share their major advantages.

Mobile Proxies: The Basics

Both PC and mobile proxies are similar in terms of their ultimate task: they hide your IP and thus allow you to camouflage your identity. For instance, if you’re currently in Germany, you can make the most of mobile proxies USA to visit restricted German sites or just mask your actual IP address and surf the net anonymously.

Mobile proxies are portable gadgets (smartphones or tablets) that are capable of accessing the net via mobile data. They rotate IPs and direct traffic via several mobile gadgets with a 3G or 4G connection. Mobile proxies are invariably authentic, meaning there’s an actual gadget behind every IP address.

Basically, mobile proxies are PC proxies’ brothers in terms of their capability of concealing your IP and securing your confidentiality. One of the main distinctions here is that mobile proxy servers belong to real users who utilize mobile IPs that their service provider offers. By helping you resemble someone from the required area, mobile proxy servers provide you with real, local IP thus making your activity untraceable. 

Reasons to Utilize Mobile Proxies

  1. Turning to top-level mobile proxies is a super handy choice in one of the following cases:To avoid CAPTCHA. When going online from your smartphone, you get a new dynamic IP address every time. After your session is over, another user is automatically granted your IP. Consequently, you might often end up with an IP that Google will consider suspicious. By utilizing a solid mobile proxy server, you get to choose a stable and static IP address whenever you enable your proxy. As a result, with a solid mobile proxy, you won’t come across any CAPTCHA-related limitations when surfing the net.
  2. To effectively deal with several social media accounts. The majority of SMM managers work via multiple accounts of their clients. Using separate gadgets for this multi-account operation is impractical. So, how can you avoid getting blocked by social media networks for this? That’s where mobile proxy servers come into play. By taking advantage of them, social media managers get to connect to a certain location for each of their customer’s accounts in a limitless and suspicion-proof way. The additional plus side is that using mobile proxies is handy for checking if your Facebook or Instagram ads are correctly optimized location-wise.
  3. To access location-specific/restricted websites. Unfortunately, a slew of websites is geo-restricted, majorly because of network and copyright policies. With a reliable mobile proxy server in use, you are free to limitlessly access any type of content. 

Perks & Drawbacks of Mobile Proxy Servers

Along with unblocking your favorite YouTube, Spotify, or Netflix content, mobile proxy servers come with a lot more advantages both for your personal and corporate use. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the vital perks of mobile proxy servers: 

  1. They mask your IP. Yes, that’s one of their paramount perks. It allows you to be anonymous online, without having to disclose your identity. Don’t forget that your actual IP address carries lots of sensitive data about you, something that cybercriminals can use against you. With that said, hiding your IP is something you might seriously consider.
  2. Mobile proxies allow you to visit restricted sites. They assist you in changing your IP address and thus, bypassing any possible network limitations. 
  3. Using mobile proxies contributes to a safer online experience. Naturally, mobile proxy servers don’t guarantee absolute protection from Big Brother. However, turning to them when surfing online definitely provides you with a safer Internet-browsing environment.
  4. Speedier internet connection. Mobile proxy servers utilize a swift cache storage system, which automatically boosts your Internet connection.

Since benefits and drawbacks are inseparable, let’s now focus on the drawbacks of mobile proxy servers:

  1. Big Brother may still sift through the guards that proxies provide. Alas, these things are pretty common on the online scene.
  2. The proxy you stick with might fail to establish compatibility with your local connection. In this case, you’ll have to give another, higher-quality proxy a try.

Tips for Choosing the Best Mobile Proxy Service

Now that you’ve delved a bit deeper into the notion of mobile proxies and their functioning, let’s discuss the important factors you need to take into account when choosing the right proxy provider for you. Find these factors below:

  • IP selection: the more IPs the service provides, the better mobile proxies perform — and the wider their choice of locations is;
  • affordability: the better the service, the higher the price; that’s a given. Your ultimate mission here is to find what’s right for you, both in terms of pricing and service quality;
  • speed: still thinking that proxies slow down your Internet connection? Quite the contrary! Especially if you find a proxy server that offers a speedier connection;
  • authentication: typically, authentication takes place via login details and IP. Ensure that your proxy provider offers these methods. 

To Pay or Not to Pay?

Just like with computer proxies, there are free and paid mobile proxy servers. Both options come with a variety of benefits to the users. With regard to free mobile proxies, they are widely available. However, the level of anonymity they offer is only partial. Paid mobile proxies come with a higher level of security and protection, that’s a fact. Furthermore, paid mobile proxies are ad-free, speedy, and as anonymous as they can be. The choice is obvious, but it’s solely up to you to decide.

To Wrap Up: Aim for Maximum Protection 

These days, we use smartphones and tablets more frequently in comparison with PCs. Smartphones are portable and easily accessible anytime, anywhere right from the palm of your hand. No doubt, the idea of working (and playing) on the go is just too appealing for this tendency to slow down in any foreseeable future. The growing importance and popularity of mobile gadgets in our daily lives call for the need to protect these gadgets and the information that is stored and exchanged throughout them.

Mobile proxies bring an excellent data-security and hacking-proof solution to the table. Their numerous benefits should not be underestimated. With all that said, if you’re looking to install protective guards between your actual identity and the rest of the net, using mobile proxies on a regular basis is your best bet.

Now that you’ve explored mobile proxies, their perks, drawbacks, reasons to utilize them, as well as how to effectively choose the best mobile proxy service for you, you’re free to take action. Start using mobile proxies at home and work to finally make sure that they’re worth a try. Have anything to add on the topic? Leave a reply in the comments box below to share your two cents with us. Your opinion is highly appreciated here.

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