Best Mangaowl Alternatives 2024 [Top 10]

Mangaowl is an online site where you can find all manga comics. All kinds of comics, from the oldest to the most recent, can be read for free on this site. Also, no ads get in the way of your reading. It doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of manga or if you want to try it out for the first time. Mangaowl is the best place for it, no doubt.

Is Mangaowl gone, or does it still work in 2024?

Even as we write this, the Mangaowl website is running smoothly. But there have been times when the site wasn’t working because of maintenance or something else. Also, it’s web address has been changed more than once. We know how frustrating it is to miss out on the latest manga comic, Hence, we’ve rounded up the top manga websites for your perusal.

Best Mangaowl Alternatives

#1. MangaTown

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

One of the best alternatives to man growl and one of the most complete, with over 15,000 manga/manhwa series. You don’t have to sign up to use the website, and you don’t even have to pay anything to use it. The great content is separated into categories like “Hot Manga Releases,” “New Manga Releases,” “Romance Manga Releases,” and so on to make it easier for readers to find what they want.

#2. MangaPlus

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

MangaPlus is more than just a place to find manga comics to read. It’s a whole manga universe in and of itself, and everyone in the world can read it except people in Japan, China, and South Korea.

MangaPlus gives you access to some of the most popular manga titles. You can also get it as an app for your phone. You can easily find your favorite book by searching by the author’s name. One can also look at new artists.

#3. MangaFox

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

When we talk about new creators, MangaFox is an excellent alternative to owl manga that will always have something new for you to read. If you look at the MangaFox website, you’ll see that it has tens of categories, each with hundreds or thousands of titles. You can find everything here, from action to sci-fi to yuri to mature to supernatural. The page is simple but does what it needs to do.

#4. Lezhin Comics

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

If you want to read the newest manga as soon as it comes out, Lezhin Comics is the best place to go. The database changes daily, so you can always find the newest releases here. Even better, you don’t even have to check every day. You’ll hear about it from Lezhin Comics. Lastly, it would help to think about Lezhin Comics because you can read them even when you’re not online.

#5. MangaPanda

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

MangaPanda also comes with a vast collection of manga books. On top of that, the site lets you read manga on any device you want. MangaPanda has all the significant types of manga, such as action, comedy, thriller, etc., but fans hate one big thing about the site. On this Mangaowl alternative, there are a lot of pop-up ads that make it hard to read.

Some people say that the MangaPanda website is no longer available. It won’t be surprising if it doesn’t appear through a new domain.

#6. MangaToon

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

The best technology is easy to use. The website perfectly shows this idea for MangaToon. It’s easy to find the manga title you’re looking for on MangaToon. The manga reader app is to die for in terms of the user-friendly interface. The database is often updated, making it the perfect alternative to the Mangaowl app.

#7. Webtoon

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

If you love to explore manga from all over the world and are not restricted to any particular type of manga content, then is a site you must check out. You can find manga from many countries, like Japan and Korea. The site has 23 different types of stories, such as romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and horror. People can also see what’s new by clicking on the Popular tag.

#8. MangaDex

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

There are so many Mangaowl alternatives that sometimes it takes effort to distinguish between them. MangaDex stands out among all these other options because fans can not only read manga for free, but they can also talk about theories. Anyone who knows anything about manga will know how important it is for manga fans to talk about series theories. MangaDex is a must-try for this reason alone.

#9. Kissmanga

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

Undoubtedly, Kissmanga is one of the largest manga libraries online, with over a hundred thousand titles. On Kissmanga, reading manga comics with high-level graphics is easy too. Kissmanga lets users keep track of their favorite books and share them with friends and family. One other reason which makes Kissmanga so popular is that it is responsive to its readers. Kissmanga is where you can find any manga title you are looking for. Kissmanga has manga titles from all genres, despite what its name might suggest.

#10. MangaStream

Mangaowl Alternatives top 10 in 2023

Most manga sites try to meet the growing demand for manga content by adding more titles to their portals. MangaStream, on the other hand, has chosen a different path. MangaStream has a way of choosing which manga comics they want to translate and put on their website. MangaStream is known for having stories and characters with lots of depth. But you will still be able to find action, comedy, and thriller on MangaStream.


What Happened to Mangaowl?

The official website is up and running smoothly. Mangaowl’s domain name has been changed multiple times. Because of this, many people who enjoy manga look for substitutes.

Is Mangaowl Legal?

It’s important to point out that infringements on intellectual property rights commonly cause website removal. This is in a better position than services that rely on illegal downloading because it offers a legal alternative.

Is Mangaowl Safe?

Two factors make Mangaowl a secure website. To begin with, the website is entirely virus and malware free. Second, it does not require any financial data entry.

Which VPN should I use for Mangaowl?

When surfing the web, you should use a VPN service, and two of the best are VPNArea and PrivateVPN. ExpressVPN is only one of many alternatives available.

Are there any other sites like Mangaowl?

These kinds of websites abound in the manga world, for sure. Check out mangaeden, mangatown, mangastream, webtoon, and webcoming, to mention a few!

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