17 Best Spotify Alternatives 2023

You’ve undoubtedly heard of an app like Spotify if you enjoy listening to music constantly, looking for new music, and doing all of this on your smartphone.

One of the world’s most famous and biggest streaming platforms, it features practically all musicians and artists across all genres and tastes. However, despite having so many different music business representatives in it, this program is not offered in many nations.

This severely restricts people’s access to their favorite music. Additionally, there is a cost to use the full capability. Additionally, the persistent display of intrusive adverts in the free edition restricts the amount of music that can be listened to and confuses many users.

What Is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most famous music streaming services today, with a sizable user base of 299 million and about 138 million paid customers. Over the past several years, it has created a name for itself in the music industry, establishing itself as the biggest hub for music consumption and drawing attention from music companies and musicians.

What is the Free Version of Spotify?

Only when you purchase a Premium subscription to Spotify, which costs $9.99 per month per user, can you take advantage of its most outstanding features? You cannot free download offline tracks and use the service without advertisements with the free version. It cannot be enjoyable not to have access to an infinite variety of songs. According to user evaluations, it abruptly interrupts the song and displays obtrusive pop-up adverts. When it continues, the music begins at the beginning.

Best Spotify Alternatives

1: Google Play Music

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Google Play Music is a service for storing, streaming, and buying music. Google Play Music is quite capable of capturing the interest of even those users who are unwilling to spend their money, in contrast to the majority of competitors, which are primarily profit-oriented and therefore have highly meager features when utilized for free.

On the company’s servers, 20,000 tracks are allotted to you for storage. In this instance, only the quantity is counted, not the songs’ size.

2: Apple Music

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Apple Music

For those who are devoted to the Apple ecosystem, there is Apple Music. Having an intuitive app, the ability to listen to the radio, download music offline, and follow artists. If you visit the album page, you can share it with friends or add it to your music collection. You can play the radio, download an album offline, view it on the iTunes Store, or add it to a playlist using a separate menu.

The playback interface has undergone a minor adjustment. The substrate has now been painted the album’s color. Additionally, clicking the button at the top may minimize the player, see the playlist, and add a song to Favourites. Alternatively, you can minimize it by merely swiping downward from the top.

3: Amazon Prime Music

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Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is the finest Spotify Alternative. In the modern live audio and video streaming world, it is uncommon to come across an Amazon Prime member. And since you won’t incur any further costs if you are a Prime member, this is unquestionably the greatest and free Best app like Spotify. You will enjoy free, ad-free access to millions of music, countless stations, and playlists.

Thanks to your Prime subscription, you can skip as many tracks as you want and have unlimited offline access. All Alexa-enabled devices, including FireTV, FireTablets, mobile devices, and Amazon Echo devices, support Amazon Music.

4: Pandora

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Pandora is one of the first streaming services and most widely used. Despite being a streaming industry pioneer, it has existed since 2002 and today has about 80 million active users.

Although it still has one of the biggest music libraries, it makes it accessible via radio stations, which is fantastic. Its recommendation system is quite effective since I would not have discovered many talented rappers without the Mac Miller station.

5: YouTube Music

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Best YouTube Download Websites

Our lives would not be complete without music, and the Youtube Music service makes listening to music more enjoyable. Simply download the app on your smartphone and add your favorite musicians. You can then enjoy listening to your favorite songs for a long time.

Additionally, the developers included a lot of helpful minor details. You can set up your band and music collection so that only your favorite songs are played and that you enjoy the material.

The software suggests that you choose the musicians whose work you enjoy to get started. It’s important to note that you have various similar options when you choose your favorite artist.

6: Deezer

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A recognized streaming music provider is Deezer. You must register to utilize the service. You can register your original account using your email address and password, a Facebook or Google account, or both. You will land on the Home tab once you log in to the program.

The system will ask you to choose your preferred musical genres and playlists. By clicking on the heart next to the song you like, you may add it right away and use the app to download it for offline listening.

7: SoundHound

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SoundHound is the only Spotify alternative you need if you want superior music discovery. It is, without a doubt, the finest app for finding music that is playing nearby. Additionally, you can sing or hum the song to discover the tune that keeps playing in your head.

You can view and listen to song lyrics using the app’s integrated YouTube player. The personalization offered by SoundHound is adequate. It enables you to make customized playlists that you can share on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

8: SoundCloud

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Try the SoundCloud app if you’re sick of changing radio stations for decent music and your favorite playlist is being overheard to the point of annoyance in the player. You can be guaranteed to find a brand-new, unquestionably enjoyable musical experience here.

Initially, SoundCloud was designed as a website for independent musicians. Here, they could share stories with their colleagues, publish their works, and interact with their followers.

9: JioSaavn

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Gaana originally asserted that it was India’s top music streaming service. However, Reliance Jio has already supplanted Gaana as the market leader. Recently, Saavn and Jio Music were combined to form JioSaavn, the largest streaming service in India.

I often use Spotify, but I transitioned to JioSaavn for a week. The UI is refreshing, and the recommendations are excellent.

10: Gaana

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Gaana isn’t far behind JioSaavn regarding functionality and usability, so let’s move on. More than 45 million Bollywood and English songs are available on the streaming service.

Millions of regional tracks in Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Malayalam, and other languages are added. For users without access to a radio app, Gaana is also jam-packed with selected playlists and radio stations, 20 of which are Radio Mirchi stations.

11: HUDL Music

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HUDL Music

Thanks to some cool features, another site like Spotify that stands out is HUDL Music. It serves as a gathering spot for independent bands and artists. The focus of its iOS app is on artists. They are given a stage by HUDL Music where they can perform and showcase their skills, bringing attention to their name.

HUDL Music provides free music promotion, unlike Spotify, where artists must pay a fee to contribute their music. Therefore, there is no cost for the artists. They only need to sign up for an artist account on the website to post their songs and other content for free.

12: TIDAL Music

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The well-known rapper Jay-Z owns the Tidal music streaming service with a paid membership model. It combines editorial content that has been carefully chosen with lossless audio and top-notch music videos.

The company takes pride in providing customers with the highest-quality music while paying musicians and composers a bigger income than its rivals. Then there is Tidal X, allowing fans to relate with their favorite performers and bands closely.

13: Musique

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If you’re looking for a beautifully designed music player, Musique is a website similar to this with a fantastic, user-friendly UI. Musique, an application similar to Spotify for iOS, macOS, Windows, Ubuntu, and Debian, is renowned for its minimalist design. Using the artist’s photographs, album covers, etc., you may find songs and keep track of the album of your favorite singer.

Its interface is distinctive since it just displays the information you require. For instance, you can discover the lyrics in the Info View, which only displays the information you are interested in and hides the rest. On the right, the play queue may be shown.

14: Mixcloud

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You can use the free Spotify alternative music streaming service, which is well-known for its audio culture worldwide. With Mixcloud, you can access podcasts, DJ mixes, and radio programs all for free. Local musicians, community radio stations, and the best DJs in the world are all part of the music scene.

You may create your station, curate your channel, add as many albums and audio files as you like, and share it with the rest of the world. Increase your fan base and participate in the audio scene. You will need to subscribe to each channel separately to support it.

15: Wynk Music

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Wynk Music

You can use the free alternative music streaming service, which is well-known for its audio culture worldwide. With Mixcloud, you can access podcasts, DJ mixes, and radio programs for free. Local musicians, community radio stations, and the best DJs in the world are all part of the music scene.

You may create your station, curate your channel, add as many albums and audio files as you like, and share it with the rest of the world. Increase your fan base and participate in the audio scene. You will need to subscribe to each channel separately to support it.

16: Saavn

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Saavn is a fantastic free or paid Spotify Alternative accessible on the web, iOS, and Android if you live in India. Other Indian-only music streaming services like Gaana and Wynk pale compared to Saavn.

Even if the app’s editors carefully select numerous playlists, it still falls short. Playlist construction is a labor-intensive process that takes a lot of time.

17: Bandcamp

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Because it combines a social network for sharing music with a shopping cart for selling goods, it’s an excellent app like Spotify for solo artists. Unlike Spotify, Bandcamp allows customers to purchase or download your entire catalog for a 10-15% fee.

Musicians can send direct messages to their fans, track the locations of people who buy their music, add videos to their tracks and merchandise, share VIP songs with special links, set up a custom domain, integrate their profiles with Google Analytics, and disable songs they don’t like using the premium version of the service.

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